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LiLo Flaunted Fur -- Did She Pilfer the Pelt?

5/6/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a New York woman demanded $100,000 -- a ridiculous amount of money -- to get a fur coat back that Lindsay Lohan may have mistakenly taken from a New York club in January.

We're also told that LiLo's position is that she has a "number of similar coats" and that as soon as she was told it wasn't hers, she immediately made plans to return it to its rightful owner. We're also told that the notion that the coat reeked of booze and cigs is "absurd."

LiLo picked up the coat in the wee hours of the morning at 1 Oak -- and TMZ caught one of her guy friends carrying the coat out of the club. Later that day, we also saw her wearing it from day until night, in some of the most pap-infested places in NYC. The owner, Masha Markova, got it back a couple weeks later.


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Just the fact that she owns a fur coat is LAME!! Figure it out.

2326 days ago

Mama Says    

She stole the coat, no question about it. She's proven over and over again her delusional sense of entitlement. anything she could say is a bunch of baloney. Maybe she was so stoned she couldn't remember what coat she was wearing that night? Talk about short term memory loss.

2326 days ago


You know good and well she was going to pawn it then snort .

2326 days ago


You cannot smoke in California clubs or bars. So it is ridiculous to say that her being in clubs and bars contributed to the smell of cigerettes. There is no chain smoking in those establishments.

2326 days ago


Actually, the owner requested $10K, not $100K, for Lohoe's unauthorized 3-week "rental" of her coat. Considering that the coat was STOLEN, then returned without apology with the lining ripped and the fur reeking of liquor and smoke, ten grand is a small price to pay. Lohoe puts more than that up her nose in a week.

2326 days ago


What I don't get do you just take a coat...did she not realize she didn't come in with a fur coat? Or did she leave her fur coat there? Makes no sense....

2326 days ago

Holli Nance    

This seems to be a pattern for this skank. She stole $10k from Lauren Hastings when she was out of town, used the same MO to steal $5k from some other chick. Steve-O says skank-o stole his bag of coke! lol Now the COAT with photos and everything. Why isn't this wench in jail?

2326 days ago


why ?

why woul;d you?

rather change your underwear
[if you know what we mean]

ug fur? you could try to be mk, but thats a totally different thing

2326 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Steals $11,000 Fur Coat

She done this before (Lauren Hastings):

2325 days ago

I call bullshit    

This was not the first time she has stolen clothing, she accidently 'borrowed' $10k worth of clothes from a womens house she was staying at a few years back. Still in her 20's Lindsay is nothing but a rusty old hag.

2325 days ago

She Never Learns    

Lohan is still on PROBATION for her DWI/drug possession charges. If the owner of the coat pressed criminal charges, and the evidence is all there t convict, Lohan may be put in jail. Paris Hilton's violation of probation is what landed her in the county lockup last year.

So sad.....not just the theft, but that after being in nightclubs 3-4 nights a week after being in rehab THREE times in one year. Her career, as she knew it, is over. Enjoy low-budget independent films that gross 1 million.

2325 days ago

Fur is murder!    

Anyone wearing a fur should be anally electrocuted, then skinned alive as they lay there incapacitated. Fur is a disgusting waste of animal life and should be illegal!

2324 days ago


If Lohan can't discern between the black coat she came in with, and the blond fur she left with...she should go back into rehab ASAP.
Why do these 'celebrities' think they are above the law? Did she honestly think that nobody would notice their fur coat was missing?
It does look good on her, though.

2324 days ago


OK..She didn't take the fur coat, one of her "guy friends" was seen leaving the club with it. She is a famous person with several assistants and they usually do minor tasks such as picking up a garment from the coat check room. Maybe she had one like it, maybe not, but would you walk around town wearing something you know is stolen? AND be photographed with the item? I think not. Also New York clubs are "smoke free" these day by law.

2324 days ago
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