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Would You Give This Woman Back Her Kids?

5/6/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears


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Mr. Hat    

No, I definitely would not.

PS Pocahontas doesn't know what logic is.

2363 days ago


I'd slam her into next week

2363 days ago

too bad    

The hair is so much better, Ladies, never scr*w with your hairline, lesson learned!!! It is harder for me to bash her now after this whole Miley thing...The former Mrs. K-Fed is a product of her f88ked- up, totally weird childhood. On a interest scale for me, she is not smart, funny or even a good singer so I don't see why she is still so relevant...isn't hating her the same as blaming slavery on the slaves?

2363 days ago


She looks like Paris Hilton - spray tan, extensions, the whole bit, eating disorder?

2363 days ago

it takes a molester    

Great Miley shows her back what a sin. If Britney is the way she is because of her childhood then she shouldn't be blaming others who didn't recognize it or know about it. She isn't hated but disliked because she didn't fight for her kids like she did for her money.

2363 days ago


Her Music Career is doing fantastic, take a look at wotld charts and you will see. In ireland she has had two singles in top twenty since november. And Blackout is in the top ten still since october. Not all people believe tabloid speculation AND I THINK PEOPLE ARE MORE HUMAN IN OTHER CONTINENTS. britney is the best ever ever, and always will be. Go Britney, I think you are a great mum, and i'm not alone. You always look better than 99.99% of women in the world

2363 days ago

pink lady    

Isn't it amazing what the right pills can do for a person verses having the wrong pills that make you do all kinds of crazy things.........she is being controlled right now and that is what she is use to and as soon as her parent's leave she will be right back to doing all that crazy crap that she use to do and having the wrong people in her life again.......someone who is all ill as she is can not just change just like that i mean hell even if it is the "new medication" certain pills take 6 to 8 weeks to take full effect, and you don't change just like i have said her parents are there right now making all the decisions for her and for her to stay out of another 51/50 hold she has to do what her parent's are telling her to do, but once they are gone you will see her doing her same ole crazy crap.............

2363 days ago

Mike S    

I'm not a Brit fan by any means but for some reason want her to be successful in life both as a mother and as an artist. She just needs to keep her feet on the ground and her legs closed...the rest will probably take care of itself. Good luck girl...when you really make an effort good things happen.


2362 days ago


Looks like she finally washed her hair....extensions.

2362 days ago


i want to beleive that Brit is doing good, lets face it shes is one of the greatest entertainers of all time, even though I really dont care about her music, maybe she has reached a moment of clarity, everybody can change for the better. I wish her well!

2362 days ago


I have to say I am happy for Britney. Her erratic behavior was driven by a mental illness. To go through something like that in general is harder than the average person can ever imagine. The fact that she has to experience such a condition in the public eye and be able to gain her composure is unbelievable. Keep it up Britney I hope you get your family back and your career back on track. Everyone deserves a second chance, and as long as Britney continues to take her meds and therapy, she should be very successful with managing bi-polar disorder...

2362 days ago

Just Me    

I think TMZ as well as the rest of those gossip magazines don't want Britney to get better because then they won't have anything or anyone to talk trash about. LEAVE HER ALONE. Those boys need their mom! They have been "punished" enough.

2362 days ago
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