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Is Suri Too Old to Hit the Bottle?

5/7/2008 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe it's what LRH prescribes, but Suri Cruise is too old to be drinking from a bottle, say doctors – medical doctors.

Suri was spotted yesterday slurping a bottle as she and Scientolomom Katie Holmes strolled Madison Avenue, but talked to some pediatricians who say that the two-year-old should've been drinking from a sippy cup already. Most babies are weaned off a bottle by 18 months.

Given her parents' insistence on keeping her under the stairs – this could explain a lot.

Babwa Covered Star's Fat Ass

Star Jones thought everyone would believe that her rapid weight-loss back when was the result of good habits – and she made Barbara Walters and the rest of "The View" girls lie for her.

Baba Wawa tells Oprah Winfrey that she "had to lie on the set everyday ... She was our colleague and she really did not want us to out her. We cared about her, and we thought we owed her." And here comes the bitch-zinger: "Well, we knew it wasn't portion control and Pilates."

Rihanna and Chris B. Finally Just Saying So

Rihanna at least is finally acknowledging that she and Chris Brown are an item, after months of playing annoyingly and needlessly coy.

"We've always been friends," she tells Elle. "But we're very close now." The pair have been spotted making out in a Jamaica pool and TMZ caught up with them getting tattoos together in NYC. As for that other persistent rumor about Rihanna – that she hooked up with her boss Jay-Z – she says, "I get asked about it all the time and I'm like, 'You're asking, but you know the answer.'"

Party Favors: Spitzer Can Find Mo' Hos to Swallow – in Private ... Rich Kids Get Kanye to Help Them Do Something Worthwhile ... Playboy Mag Hot for Bikini Teacher

Ah, technology. Disgraced guv'nor Eliot Spitzer is getting the chance to get all his girls in one online place. is offering Client No. 9 the opportunity to create his own private social networking site for all of his, ahem, pals -- all for the same amount he paid for Kristen. ... A bunch of kids in Boca Raton enlisted Kanye West, Rihanna, and N.E.R.D. to raise money for For Darfur, their charity that is helping alleviate the suffering of refugees in Sudan. They held their big benefit show last night in Miami, reports the Miami Herald. ... Playboy is angling for Tiffany Shepherd, the Port St. Lucie teacher who got fired for working on a charter fishing boat that offers trips with topless and bikini-clad women, reports the Palm Beach Post.


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:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Suri is to old to be sucking on a bottle. But it's better than seeing a child her age with a friggin pacifer in it's mouth.

2339 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Hey fans! I am posting again after a brief trip to Bali with my adoring husband and co owner of Sutton's Pharmacy...

I want to know why TMZ and other gossip sites never have posted on the Dina/Stedman thing? there is a lot of drama there... dina's cat fight with Tara which Heidi Montag broke up and Star's crazy stalking of Stedman....

one other comment... who cares how Star lost the weight she was a fat PIG and needed to slim down...

2339 days ago

Lenn K.    

Star Jones, we all knew even though you lied your ass off, you never looked the portion and pilates type. Tom and Katie, your baby your business.

2339 days ago


That is the first thing I said when I saw that picture yesterday... Suri is entirely too old for a bottle. It could damage her teeth and cause her to need extensive orthodontic treatment beyond what she may need genetically. Katie-get rid of the bottle and the pacifiers- or you'll regret it later!

2339 days ago

hot snot    

im not a parent...but maybe if they are teaching her to drink from a sippy cup, that may not be the wisest choice for "out and about" and a bottle wouldn't open or spill?

2339 days ago


your baby your business?? Does that notion apply to Britney?? I mean, it's her kids, she can lock them in a bathroom with her crazy ass if she wants too, right? Get the kid off the bottle already, it's pathetic! It's like they don't want to deal with a fussy baby learning how to use a sippy cup because they're too busy traveling!

2339 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Maybe Katie and Leah Remini go to the same parenting classes. Leah's porky kid drinks over 8 bottles during the night, and Suri can't be seen without a bottle in her hand. Seems she can't walk either as she's always carried. Maybe it's because the bots don't want people to realize how TALL she really is, for a supposedly 2 year old! lmfao!

No one's buying this crap. They are all as fake as can be. Nothing about them is real.

2339 days ago

Anti Cruise    

If Katie and Tom would get their heads out of their asses and read a parenting book, they would know that 2 year olds do not drink from bottles. Their "religion" is the real culprit here. My guess is Suri has never received an immunization. If they would spend more time parenting and less time globe trotting and dining out, perhaps they would have a clue. They completely suck at parenting. Tom, especially since he has 2 other children, is rarely seen with them. He totally ditched them when Suri came along. Not only is Tom a complete jerk, Katie is completely clueless.

2339 days ago


I "tivod" Oprah yesterday and watched the interview with Barbara last night. Star had her reasons I guess for doing what she did however, it was wrong!!!! The "audience" and viewers are not stupid as I guess she thought. No one was falling for "portion control and pilates"! Even if she had been starving herself, weight does not fall off that fast..................when you are that large.

Jean dear, that was a fast trip to Bali seeing how you were on this site ALL weekend!

2339 days ago


I sucked on a bottle till i was 5. I even remember lying on the floor with my brother and waiting for my mom to just bring it on.

2339 days ago

hot snot crack me up. good eye

2339 days ago


Hit that bottle Suri, hit is hard! lol

2339 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Dallas - one can only assume that the only reason you "know" that weight doesn't fall off "that fast" with portion control & pilates is that you have tried neither in your futile attempt to lose weight. I lost a large (well for me - 40 pounds) amount of weight in less than 3 months by doing just that. So go suck on a doughnut.

Lenn - why, you're almost civil today! Kudos! I thought for sure you'd either be attacking TC & Katie, oogling Suri, or making something out of the "suck" on a bottle comment. And I am even more shocked to say that today I agree with you - TC's baby, TC's business. Suri looks happy & healthy and Katie looks great now that she's dropped a few after the baby. So go Cruises!!

Star will say anything to remain "relevant" and in the spotlight. She's even resorted to chasing Stedman Graham around in the sad attempt to weasel her way into his bed and shove Dina out. Never gonna happen! Body may be better - but that face - YECH!!!! And horrible weave as well.


2339 days ago

Funny Answers    

Why is Barbara telling all now. Is it she is old, as am I, and wants people to think she was once sexy. She looks good for her age, but what I dont' understand is why she had to tell about her affair? That poor guy, his family has had to live through this crap already, now to boost her own ego and make money, (as if she does not have enough of that), , she tells about it again. Sad, I thought it was just men who when getting old, and feeling unsexy or unloved tell of who they screwed. Class my ass. This woman did not only lie about Star, she tells lots of lies, covers up things for her friends, etc. We know she is not a saint. She became fake when she started interviewing stars, and began believing herself one of them. In her day, she was a good reporter. Now, she is a gossip! And of course she went to Oprah and her zombies. Shame on you Barbara if you cause that guy pain and his family. He has been on the news. Don't you feel anything but the profits coming in??? Yuk, Star has more class than you!!!

2339 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Carolyn, dear - the other Baba is spilling the beans b/c:

It is making her filthy rich
No one wants to read a snoozefest with stories about her hard work
She wants one last hurrah before she dies

And damn, she does look good for her age!

2339 days ago
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