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Is Suri Too Old to Hit the Bottle?

5/7/2008 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe it's what LRH prescribes, but Suri Cruise is too old to be drinking from a bottle, say doctors – medical doctors.

Suri was spotted yesterday slurping a bottle as she and Scientolomom Katie Holmes strolled Madison Avenue, but talked to some pediatricians who say that the two-year-old should've been drinking from a sippy cup already. Most babies are weaned off a bottle by 18 months.

Given her parents' insistence on keeping her under the stairs – this could explain a lot.

Babwa Covered Star's Fat Ass

Star Jones thought everyone would believe that her rapid weight-loss back when was the result of good habits – and she made Barbara Walters and the rest of "The View" girls lie for her.

Baba Wawa tells Oprah Winfrey that she "had to lie on the set everyday ... She was our colleague and she really did not want us to out her. We cared about her, and we thought we owed her." And here comes the bitch-zinger: "Well, we knew it wasn't portion control and Pilates."

Rihanna and Chris B. Finally Just Saying So

Rihanna at least is finally acknowledging that she and Chris Brown are an item, after months of playing annoyingly and needlessly coy.

"We've always been friends," she tells Elle. "But we're very close now." The pair have been spotted making out in a Jamaica pool and TMZ caught up with them getting tattoos together in NYC. As for that other persistent rumor about Rihanna – that she hooked up with her boss Jay-Z – she says, "I get asked about it all the time and I'm like, 'You're asking, but you know the answer.'"

Party Favors: Spitzer Can Find Mo' Hos to Swallow – in Private ... Rich Kids Get Kanye to Help Them Do Something Worthwhile ... Playboy Mag Hot for Bikini Teacher

Ah, technology. Disgraced guv'nor Eliot Spitzer is getting the chance to get all his girls in one online place. is offering Client No. 9 the opportunity to create his own private social networking site for all of his, ahem, pals -- all for the same amount he paid for Kristen. ... A bunch of kids in Boca Raton enlisted Kanye West, Rihanna, and N.E.R.D. to raise money for For Darfur, their charity that is helping alleviate the suffering of refugees in Sudan. They held their big benefit show last night in Miami, reports the Miami Herald. ... Playboy is angling for Tiffany Shepherd, the Port St. Lucie teacher who got fired for working on a charter fishing boat that offers trips with topless and bikini-clad women, reports the Palm Beach Post.


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Just Cruzin Thru    

Time out a second folks!! There is no 'cookie cutter' age that a child reaches certain milstones. Keep in mind this is the childs mileston NOT the adult's. Sure, Tom & Katie should prbably have Suri off the bottle by now, but seriously, she's two years and a couple of weeks? As for Leah's baby not being potty trained, I'm no expert, but some kids just take longer than others. (I don't read evrery gossip site or magazine, so I have not heard this) We don't know if the child has some medical condition or whatever. Taking cheap shots at a child is just cruel.

As far as the Star Jones , Barbara covering for her BS, and outing whom ever Barbara had her affair with....Don't buy the book, turn the channel when she's on TV you DO have choices.

2362 days ago

Papa Bear    

So you mean to tell me that pediatricians are going to say stop the bottle at 12 months...BUT WHY DO THEY SAY BREAST FEED AS LONG AS POSSIBLE???? Le Leche teaches that it's Ok to breast feed well into the 3 erd year. So what ever! PACIFIERS are BOGUS! I had 4 children and NONE of them used a pacifier. It teaches a child to rely on something else for comfort. At least with a bottle they are getting nutrition.

You are bragging that your kids were off the "PACIFIER" at 18 months! LOL I think that's ridiculous!!! It's wimpy to me when I see a kid sucking on a pacifier, because really, is the kid too stupid to know that he's not getting anything from it??? lol Nope, PACIFIERS were for the weak minded and my kids I'm happy to say NEVER had one in their mouth. BTW...My pediatrician thinks pacifiers are one of the worst inventions for babies and he would like to see them done away with. He said kids tend to suck on pacifiers constantly throughout the day increasing the risk of mouth deformities in prolonged cases, where as a bottle is in the mouth approx 5 to 10 minutes, until the milk is gone, then they don't want another for several hours (in older children), but a kid who sucks a pacifier, wants it all the time.

2362 days ago


My two kids stayed on the bottle way past three years old and now my grandson is 3 and still on the bottle... no orthodontic problems...they had a bottle at nap and bedtime... some kids are very attached to their bottles and I think it is cruel to take it away until THEY are ready.....suck away Suri.......

2362 days ago


Please get Suri off of that bottle!! Both of my kids were off of the bottle when they turned a year old...when they were off formula, they went straight to the cup. Katie and Tom might have to deal with a little fusiness, but hey, they can afford a nanny to listen to the crying of they don't want to hear it.

2362 days ago


thank you! I've been saying the same thing (about Suri & the bottle) for almost a year now. My son is a month older than her & he's been off the bottle since he turned 1.

as for the breast milk in the bottle. yes, they look like the bags you store breast milk in, but they are actually Playtex Drop In's that you can use for anything (formula, juice, breast milk, etc). That's what my son used. So, it's not necessarily breast milk.

2362 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Barbara Walters and Joy Behar might've kept quiet, but Rosie O'Donnell spoke the truth, as one phat gal to another. The former prosecutor, Star Jones, played fast and loose with the truth and presumed to lecture the American public on diet and exercise. Walters was not acting as a journalist, but as a co-conspirator.

Rihanna and boyfriend may as well announce their coupling. Jay-Z is married.

2362 days ago


My daughter will be 2 in August - Suri was 2 in April & my baby hasnt looked at the bottle since Chirstmas!! And she uses straws!! Now i know Im a proud mama - but Tom! Katie! Give it a break - let her grow up!

2362 days ago


My 3 year old still drinks from a bottle - but she is autistic. I wonder if Suri has a developmental issue.

2362 days ago



2362 days ago


They can afford to get Suri's teeth fixed if they come in funny. If the bottle gives her comfort then who cares. One of my son had his bottle for two years and then he gave it up with no complaints or consequences. With the other son I took his bottle away from him when he was about 14 months old and for the next four years he looked like Linus, the kid in Peanuts, with a blanket and two fingers in his mouth. Suck, suck, sucking for dear life on those fingers.....I should have let him have his bottle longer.

2362 days ago


I'm a firm believer that kids need that bottle for sucking until they cut their three year molars. It shouldn't be all day long but the bottle does ease the discomfort on their gums. Some kids suffer from more pain from cutting teeth than others.

Suri is a beautiful child. And I imagine, like all little ones, is intent on getting her way. It's very easy to say "ditch the botttle" and much harder to actually do it. Even non-famous parents go through this.

Cut them all some slack. She's a kid, her parents love her. She's not going to be ruined by sucking on a bottle.

2362 days ago


ONE a sippy cup is just as bad as a bottle. In order to not have any added damage a childs teeth you would have to have them drink soley from a regular cup or a cup with a straw. Who's crazy enough to give a one or two year old a regular cup. Not me I don't plan on cleaning spills all day. The only harm from abottle is if you allow them to continue sucking on it one they are already asleep and the milk or juice sits on thier teeth. Just cause a person drank out of a bottle till older than 18 months does not mean they will have problems with thier teeth as adults. Learn your facts before criticising someone's parenting skills. I bet half or you don't even have kids

2362 days ago


Am I the only one who is sad to see all these parents slamming one another in here, as well as slamming some celebrity couple they've never met? We all don't have to agree on parenting, but that doesn't mean there is only one way to parent every single child. Children are individuals and vary greatly. They grow at different rates and reach milestones when they're ready. Who cares if she is on the bottle? She'll give it up when she's ready, all children do.

Someone else mentioned that she'd probably never been immunized, like that was a sure sign of parental negligence. It's a parent's choice whether or not they want to immunize their child because if their child suffers an adverse reaction or dies, they alone will deal with the consequences of that for the rest of their lives. That scenario is unlikely, but it can and has happened. Many people who opt out of immunizing their children have been researching that topic for years. How do you know she isn't medically exempted? We don't know and it's none of our business. Many folks are all for mandatory immunization policies until it is their own child that is the sacrificial lamb, permanently brain damaged.

Don't judge and teach your children to judge without knowing the full story. It's our responsibility to teach our kids to be the best people they can be and productive members of society, not judgmental jerks who pretend to know everything and tell everyone else they're parenting wrong.

2362 days ago


Some children are comforted by having a bottle. Why don't you all mind your own business

2362 days ago


To: Posted at 5:12PM on May 7th 2008 by Suri can have her bottle

I totally agree with you about the Sippy Cup trend. Many kids transition to these cups and suck on them much like a bottle taking them to bed etc., not much different from a bottle.

2362 days ago
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