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Is Suri Too Old to Hit the Bottle?

5/7/2008 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe it's what LRH prescribes, but Suri Cruise is too old to be drinking from a bottle, say doctors – medical doctors.

Suri was spotted yesterday slurping a bottle as she and Scientolomom Katie Holmes strolled Madison Avenue, but talked to some pediatricians who say that the two-year-old should've been drinking from a sippy cup already. Most babies are weaned off a bottle by 18 months.

Given her parents' insistence on keeping her under the stairs – this could explain a lot.

Babwa Covered Star's Fat Ass

Star Jones thought everyone would believe that her rapid weight-loss back when was the result of good habits – and she made Barbara Walters and the rest of "The View" girls lie for her.

Baba Wawa tells Oprah Winfrey that she "had to lie on the set everyday ... She was our colleague and she really did not want us to out her. We cared about her, and we thought we owed her." And here comes the bitch-zinger: "Well, we knew it wasn't portion control and Pilates."

Rihanna and Chris B. Finally Just Saying So

Rihanna at least is finally acknowledging that she and Chris Brown are an item, after months of playing annoyingly and needlessly coy.

"We've always been friends," she tells Elle. "But we're very close now." The pair have been spotted making out in a Jamaica pool and TMZ caught up with them getting tattoos together in NYC. As for that other persistent rumor about Rihanna – that she hooked up with her boss Jay-Z – she says, "I get asked about it all the time and I'm like, 'You're asking, but you know the answer.'"

Party Favors: Spitzer Can Find Mo' Hos to Swallow – in Private ... Rich Kids Get Kanye to Help Them Do Something Worthwhile ... Playboy Mag Hot for Bikini Teacher

Ah, technology. Disgraced guv'nor Eliot Spitzer is getting the chance to get all his girls in one online place. is offering Client No. 9 the opportunity to create his own private social networking site for all of his, ahem, pals -- all for the same amount he paid for Kristen. ... A bunch of kids in Boca Raton enlisted Kanye West, Rihanna, and N.E.R.D. to raise money for For Darfur, their charity that is helping alleviate the suffering of refugees in Sudan. They held their big benefit show last night in Miami, reports the Miami Herald. ... Playboy is angling for Tiffany Shepherd, the Port St. Lucie teacher who got fired for working on a charter fishing boat that offers trips with topless and bikini-clad women, reports the Palm Beach Post.


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Papa Bear    

Just like you are slamming Tom and Katie for NOT getting Suri off the bottle there are many out there (Doctors included) that would be slamming you for giving your kid FORMULA! I am a pediatric nurse, and drinking a bottle of milk causes NO HARM to a child's teeth or oral development!!!! You people that keep saying that are really showing your ignorance! It causes about as much harm as if she were to be drinking it from a cup. I don't agree with putting juices and sugar filled liquids in bottles, but milk is just fine! Jazzy had it right when she/he said that doctors promote breast feeding as long as possible, it's true, a new study that just came out yesterday shows that breast fed children are significantly more intelligent than formula fed babies. So like I said why give your child formula when breast milk is better in so many ways. I personally think that giving your baby, formula, is more harmful and negligent than letting a child drink from a bottle past the age of 1. NO baby's oral development was EVER compromised due to drinking a bottle. THUMBSUCKING yes, BUT NOT BOTTLE DRINKING. Whoever it was that said a physician would rather see a pacifier in a child's mouth than a bottle is out of their mind! Kids that take a pacifier usually have it in their mouths constantly,causing problems, except when they are drinking/eating/sleeping. When bottles are used the milk is drank and then it's over. Nothing harmful can come out of sucking on a bottle for 8 minutes 3 to 4 times a day. COMEON people, some of you are not even thinking right!

2303 days ago


Thank you Heidi! You said it perfectly!

2303 days ago

Frank Olivo    

#2...are you some sort of character from SNL that I am not aware of? I don't know what or who you are...Umm, if you are for real, can you get me one of them there tranportation machines that zip you around the world so fast!

2303 days ago

Shame on you    

Poor Suri...she doesn't have a coat on, isn't wearing shoes and is sucking on a bottle! Isn't that called...Neglect?

2303 days ago



First of all I made a comment I did not slam Katie and Tom. Quite a few people are saying a lot of worse things then I did. milk never came in so what was I suppose to do - starve my children?

2303 days ago

Papa Bear    

No, it's not called neglect, it's called allowing a child to be a child. It was NOT cold there so why should she have been bundled up like she was in the north pole? Yesterday in New York the high was 80 degrees, IT WOULD BE NEGLECT IF he did put a coat on her and have her stifled in the heat! What is wrong with you people???? If you are such good parents, then why the he-l are you online blogging on a gossip blog? Shouldn't you be like, I don't know, TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN???? NEGLECT I SAY!!!!! Thank God you're not Suri's mother!

Ps..I don't have any children so I can be on here all day if I want :)

2303 days ago

Papa Bear    

a lot of mothers "think" their milk doesnt come in because it's not dripping or they can't express it with a milk pump. It is VERY rare for a mother not to produce milk. I mean VERY RARE! The reason is because when you give birth, the hormones released after the baby is born, triggers milk production. So every mother releases these hormones because,. well, the hormones that were being released while the mother was pregnant is not being produced any more and the other ones take over. The only women who have problems are women who have had their nerves or milk glands damaged in some way, usually surgery, like I said is VERY rare. Nothing extracts milk better than a baby's mouth, not a breast pump, not sqweezing them, nothing works better! Many mothers claim they didn't produce milk when they really did, they just didn't want to breast feed or didn't know that they were really producing when they actually were.

2303 days ago

Media whores    

Rachel, after reading Tatum's reply to you, I feel the need to say something. Every mother who has breastfed a baby, for some unknown reason, thinks they are an expert. But they are not. Only a blooming idiot would not know if their milk did not come in (and since you can spell, I'll assume you aren't an idiot). Many, many women do not produce milk and usually the cause is unknown. You were one of them. But for some reason, many women who were able to breast feed want to insinuate that those who don't breastfeed are "inadequate" in some way (which is utter nonsense). I think this is a way for them to feel "superior" in some weird way. Her reply was condescending and I just needed to point that out to you (which I'm sure you already figured out for yourself.

2303 days ago

Sandy Williams    

What is the big deal with the bottle. All families are different and have different rules Leave them alone ther e are more important issues in the world to worry about. The only issue I have with the Star thing is She was all about honesty so I would say she is a hypocrit, Also she is critizing Barbaras affair well she is out and about with lots of men and she is still merried so what about that Miss Jones

2303 days ago


Why doesn't everyone who seems to think that they know parenting better than the childs own parents just mind their own business. My oldest daughter was off the bottle at 10 months because some over eager nurse claimed that "every baby needs to wein that early".... FUNNY because my pediatrician says otherwise. If you got every pediatrician in the USA in a line and asked them, they would all have their own OPINIONS! My younger daughter is 2 (a month older than Suri) and she still uses a bottle every now and then at bed time and in the morning, she's starting to refuse it though. One thing that people are forgetting here, like potty training, it's not up to the parents when it's going to happen. These children need to be MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY ready to cross that milestone. Try as you may, if they're not, they're going to let you know about it. Every child is different, I've got 4 and every single one of them has hit their milestones at different paces... and wouldn't you know, even though I got my kids pacifiers and pacifiers past the "expiration date", I've got 2 honor roll students and 1 merit roll student and a 2 year old that can count higher than most 6 year olds... doesn't sound like it caused any "defects" as many of you might want others (who are naive enough) to think. Let parenting be a "to each his own" type thing. Unless they're being abused or something, mind your business! Again, where's that "Parent of the Year Award" that some of you people apparently won? Oh, you didn't did you!!!

2302 days ago


Actually not la leche league person, you're information is incorrect. Less than 2 % of mothers are unable to produce milk according to the World Health Organization, not the many, many women that you claim. If that were even remotely accurate, there would have been no way civilization and people would have survived through the ages. It makes no sense.

It's your choice as a parent to decide whether or not you want to breastfeed or bottle feed. But don't bring up lameass excuses and untruths to support your claim. Otherwise, you're the only one who ends up looking like a flaming idiot.

2302 days ago



Hey I'm a poster mommy for breastfeeding, I literally have magnets, posters, etc, encouraging it. However I suffer from low hormone production- that means many forms of birth control pills don't work for me, because instead of tricking my body into thinking its pregnant, it tricks it into thinking it can become pregnant. Therefore, in the past 5 years, I've had 4 pregnancies, lost my first, have had two healthy sons, and am on my 4th month with the 3rd. I've spent a total of 39 weeks on bed rest trying to ensure I have a healthy children. I've taken hormones to keep a pregnancy that have such high side effects, I cannot do anything but lay still, I lose weight due to nausea, vomiting, severe dizziness and headaches. I'm 27 and when I have this baby, I will have surgery to make sure I cannot become pregnant again- complete menopause at 27, exactly what all other 27 yr olds go through. Know what else that means? Although I try my best to breastfeed my children and give them the best start, after a few weeks, my body doesn't make milk anymore, regardless of how much "milk" producing vitamins I take, how much I try and breastfeed and how much I pump, it just doesn't happen. I research and buy the "best" formula I can that is closest to breast milk, but I know that it isn't as good. I think yes every mother should try to breastfeed, speak to a nursing consultant if you are having problems, but I also know that some mothers can't, they biologically can't. And people like you who feel the need to slam mothers who are formula feeding are part of the reason I hated going out in public and bottle feeding my child, I had random strangers feel the need to inform me that breast feeding would be better for me and my sons, I get so tired of people "encouraging" me to choose to breastfeed when they find out I'm pregnant. Yup at 27, going to have 3 toddlers, while going through menopause that is exactly what I need to hear, a stranger slamming me for something my body can't do- maybe after you can come and slam my husband for not keeping our house up to your standards while working 60 hours a week and trying to be both mommy and daddy to my boys while I was on bed rest.

2302 days ago


Yes Suri is too old for the bottle but that is my opinion and I was lucky because my kids were off the bottle at 1 yrs old.

2302 days ago


That's exactly why babies didn't make it back in the day but now there is a thing called "formula" which they did not have back in the "ages".

2301 days ago

Studying hard    

I have a two year old and she is also still on the bottle. If Katie or I were breast feeding moms, no one would be pushing us to ween. Children in other countries feed some times 4 years. A bottle is a substitute nipple, whether for medical reasons or personal and it should be treated the same. Children don't go to kindergarten on a bottle. I see no problem with a 2 year old using it, if it comforts them. By the way, most sippy cups spill way more than bottles do. It is also about being clean.

2301 days ago
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