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ABC Suffers From Promophobia

5/8/2008 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ABC had no problem throwing Isaiah Washington under the bus when "Grey's Anatomy" was doing big ratings -- and they have no problem using him in promos now that the show is in a ratings freefall.

Promos for this week's episode feature Isaiah's mug -- and his character is even part of the storyline this week. One problem -- he ain't in it! Isaiah is actually down in New Orleans shooting a new movie with Forest Whitaker.

We're told Isaiah is pissed at the show for using his pic, after they 86'd him from the show because of that whole despicable "faggot" thing.

Isaiah's rep, Howard Bragman, tells TMZ, "Isaiah has no plans to go back to 'Grey's Anatomy' ... That being said, we were more than a little surprised that ABC used his likeness in a promo for the show, and indeed advanced his character's storyline. Mr. Washington's attorney has contacted the Screen Actors Guild and ABC as to the appropriateness of that action."

A rep for ABC could not be reached for comment.


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Isaiah helped make the show big time. This is what happens when the world starts supporting someone like that little gay dude and his little feelings that were hurt because someone called him something he didn't like. Men with men? Women with women? God ain't gonna have it. The world will never succeed where the Lord is not king. Isaiah should be a lil vexed but not too much, now he can watch the (fake) morality ship burn and sink.

2356 days ago


I hope their ratings keep falling, even though I never missed a show before, I refuse to watch it this year. I am so sick of hearing about people being sued or punished for speaking their mind. What he said in a moment of anger should not have left the building anyway. And besides that, last time I checked he was accurate. I use to love the show, but they lost a viewer in me. I do wathc private practive though.

2356 days ago


I am not for anything that has to do with hate. Be it color or lifestyle. My understanding was he would make a public
commerical about hating other groups. He did that. I saw that. He was really sorry about what he said. But, to go and
fire him after he made that clear is just wrong! There is no excuse for name calling but if a person is sincere in their
apology then why fire them? Look at Imus in the morning he got his job back bigger and better. Why? Because he
atoned for what he said! So did Washington. Now GA has to suck! I thought Burke and Christine were the stronger couple.
Her acting last night was the best! It was a great show. Because of Burke! They should not have used his likeness just
his character's name in the paper. Remember he was fired. I bet that will be the highest rating they have this season.

That show was once the best cast on TV. Just sayin,...

2356 days ago


I still watch Grey''s and think it's a great show. Washington's problem was that he got the big head and thought he was a real world-renowned heart surgeon. His actions were just stupid and he deserved to be fired.

Love the show!

2356 days ago

Jackie C    

Oh please, Isaiah Washington got exactly what was coming to him. For years, there have been reports of anger, flirting, arguing on sets he's been working on. And think about it, if he said nothing to T.R. Knight, then why go to the trouble at the Golden Globes of reacting at such an inappropriate moment? What point could that serve? Unlike many other African American starts like Denzel Washington, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and Eriq La Salle, Isaiah has consistently driven the stake into his own career. Why hasn't he had more movie offers? If he's a good actor, it must be something else. TMZ reports that he's shooting a film in Louisiana, but it's a small independent film and he's hardly the lead.
This guy has a host of problems that are not going to be solved by others saying it's a race thing or saying he's being picked up. Look at TMZ, stars do dumb things everyday, Isaiah just seems to do more than his share. And finally, if he wants to put Grey's Anatomy in the rearview mirror, why keep talking about it. Who cares what they do with an old photo? Honestly, if he'd keep his trip shut and just worked, he'd still be there, making a fortune.

2355 days ago


If they did wrong, they'll pay. Hopefully it will keep Isaiah Washington quiet. I don't really think he needs to speak further. Period. Go back to being a journey man actor, and not a celebutard.

2355 days ago


HOW DARE THEM!! i saw this episode and i was like Happy thinking ISIAH was coming BACK!! but that is how ABC planned it.. And then they have two men Kissing in this same Episode!!! i WIll never watch this show again they got rid of the wrong person the other guy i wont say his name but he DOES NOTHIN for this SHOW at all.... ABC is having alot of Shows now with same sex sceens...? WHY SO MUCH? WHY? i watch more Dvds now instead of tv.

2355 days ago
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