ABC Suffers From Promophobia

5/8/2008 4:05 PM PDT

ABC Suffers From Promophobia

ABC had no problem throwing Isaiah Washington under the bus when "Grey's Anatomy" was doing big ratings -- and they have no problem using him in promos now that the show is in a ratings freefall.

Promos for this week's episode feature Isaiah's mug -- and his character is even part of the storyline this week. One problem -- he ain't in it! Isaiah is actually down in New Orleans shooting a new movie with Forest Whitaker.

We're told Isaiah is pissed at the show for using his pic, after they 86'd him from the show because of that whole despicable "faggot" thing.

Isaiah's rep, Howard Bragman, tells TMZ, "Isaiah has no plans to go back to 'Grey's Anatomy' ... That being said, we were more than a little surprised that ABC used his likeness in a promo for the show, and indeed advanced his character's storyline. Mr. Washington's attorney has contacted the Screen Actors Guild and ABC as to the appropriateness of that action."

A rep for ABC could not be reached for comment.