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England's Loss, Prince's Rogaine

5/8/2008 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought that shot of poor Prince William's bald spot TMZ posted earlier today was just one bad frame -- wait'll you see the video!

The Hair Club for Men has a President already ... doesn't mean they can't also use a Prince.


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Spell Check.    

And just as he's losing his hair, those ears will begin to grow.

2323 days ago


Don't care if he's losing his hair, I'm only 5' tall, only thing I'd be able to gaze at if we were together would be those gorgeous blue eyes of his . In response to those who are skeptical about Prince Harry's paternity , all one needs to do is take a look at Diana's brother , he has ginger hair and the same features as Harry. That would explain why Harry doesn't favor his father much (thankfully). Genetics are strange, you can have two children who share the same DNA from both parents and each child can come out looking much different ,if not completely opposite from the other . Happens to all families. Actually, my brother and I look nothing alike,same parents, different looks altogether. I'm short ,curvy,with brown wavy hair,and chocolate brown almond eyes and am also extremely pale.My brother on the other hand, is tall , dark and handsome , with black hair ,nearly black eyes,lean, muscular, and has a now mediium -brown-red color from being out in the sun. It's like we're Danny Devito and Ahnold from the movie "Twins". Guess which one I am.Actually, I think I could pass for a pasty Samoan girl and my brother could easily be mistaken for Italian, instead of Hispanic/Indian/and Spanish,which is our ethnic background.

2323 days ago


Go after those hot Lesbian Swedish Princesses, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeline. Their brother, although seemingly deaf and mute, is rather hot, too.(He's is very confused sexually)

2323 days ago



2323 days ago

German Duckie    

Who needs HAIR? He s hot! *g*

2323 days ago


His grandfather is apparently a nazi sympathizer who dislikes people of color.

2323 days ago


so what. nothing he can do about it and it doesn't make him any less attractive. my boyfriend started going bald when he was 18, he still looks sexy.

2323 days ago


Oh my goodness, the man is only human! He cannot help going bald. One can only deal with what they are given in life. Get a life!

2323 days ago


As usual, TMZ has all the class of a farting water buffalo.

Just sayin'!

2323 days ago


Has anyone one ever noticed the uncanny similarities between The Princes and Austin Powers and Dr.Evil??I mean, of course subtle characteristics.Prince Harry reminds me of Austin Powers,same hair/eye color,attitude,party/lady lover,just as smooth with them too.. for a Brit Royal.Wills, naturally, is Dr. Evil,(No Baldness Pun Intended...well maybe a small one), same eye color,taller,same nose almost.Probably same sense of humor.They really struck me as similar to those movie characters when I saw footage of them at the benefit for their mother,when the rap music started,I think I almost passed out laughing. I immediatley though of Prince William as Dr, Evil covering Jay Z's "Hard Knock Life".I wonder where Mini-Me was during that performance??

2322 days ago
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