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Hulk's Son Will Cop a Plea

5/8/2008 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick HoganLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Nick Hogan will cop to a criminal charge in court tomorrow.

We're told Hogan will not fight the charge of felony reckless driving involving serious bodily injury. He will plead either guilty or no contest. Sources say no deal has been struck with prosecutors. Hogan will enter an "open plea," meaning the judge will have complete leeway in his sentencing and the victim and his family will have an opportunity to testify at a sentencing hearing on how the crime has affected their lives. The maximum penalty is five years in prison.

On August 26, 2007, Nick was driving a suped-up Toyota with passenger John Graziano when he crashed, severely injuring John.

We're told Hulk and the rest of Nick's family will be in Pinellas County court (Florida) tomorrow.


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Just Concerned    

I totally and completely agree with comment #99. The kid made a mistake and for that so many of you want him in prison and raped. My God what does that say about yourself? Since when is it a crime to be rich in this country? I think what happened to John was a shame but two lives do not have to be lost to this terrible accident. The poor Hogan's family is being ripped to it's core right along with John's family. Try to have some empathy folks. I am quite sure that if the tables were turned and it was your child facing either John's fate or Nick's you would feel differently and you would not want your son in prison with the hopes of being raped.

2298 days ago

Gary Vincent    

Nick is a punk, with a bigger punk for his seriod infested father, he cops a 8 month sentence for nearly killing some and his father a bandana to court Hulk or Terry has no respect for the law or his wife, espically his family, buying his 17 year son a 40k supra with a 100k engine in it. People get real his whole falimy is fake, Linda with 100k fake boobs (TMZ. Com) his poor daughter with a horrible singing voice and Hulk that testfify had he was drug free "what a joke, when refused at urine test" and a drunk killer sone whata a Family! I hope rthe family gets more than 10million dollars for their war heor son. Nick your a Punk !

2298 days ago

Gary Vincent    

#99 I live near the Hogan's they are all Bastard's. Read the court finding's file against Brooke for underage drinking and her punk brothe has 12 spedding tickets 5 of which are drag racing one with his Mom linda so #99 you do know the Hogan or you are the bigesst liar in the universe. I live 5 blocks for these rich Bastard, no neighbors like them, again look at the previous court filing'a get your facts straight!

2298 days ago

BJ Rocks    

this family is nothing but a bunch of nut jobs! This guy needs to pay for putting his best buddy in a vegetated state for the rest of his life... 5yrs thats unreal!

2322 days ago


Blame needs to be placed on Terri and Linda. The failed as parents.

2322 days ago


Give him the 5 years and set the example.
Oh wait he's the son of a celebrity so that means he will walk away with probation.

2322 days ago


5 YEARS?? THAT"S ALL??? Anyone heard how John's doing?

2322 days ago


The little bastard needs to spend some hard time and Hulk should go to jail too since he bought the alcohol.

2322 days ago

just wondering    

money talks, nothing going to happen to him, except probation, fine, and some driving classes, license suspension.

2322 days ago



2322 days ago


Both the boys were partying and having a good time. Both are responsible for their own injuries...... Crime if they had injured innocent by standers.......

2322 days ago


This kid needs prison not jail plus pay for all the medical bills for his former friend. That's medical bills and living expenses for the rest of his friends life!

2322 days ago


This kid needs to do at least 6 months in jail. There he can think about the PERMANENT DAMAGE he has done to his friend! There are too many people pleading No Contest and going home and kicking back like it was nothing. He needs to learn from this mistake, and he won't unless he is given a punishment other than probation or community service.

2322 days ago


#7, you are wrong! The person behind the wheel is responsible. My guess he will get off with no time served. What a shame. Anyone not from hollywood or money would be locked up.

2322 days ago


Sam you're an IDIOT!!!!

"THEY" were not driving - NICK was doing the reckless driving!!! He IS responsible! I hope they throw the friggen book at him at 100+ MPH !!!!!!!!

2322 days ago
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