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Did R. Kelly Pay to Piss on Possible Fire?

5/9/2008 7:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the R. Kelly kiddie-porn trial about to begin, a new bombshell has dropped – an aide for Kells may have paid off a woman for the return of a potentially incriminating tape. Only problem is: the woman in question is still going to testify against him.

The Chicago Sun-Times says that the Atlanta woman was paid by an aide to give back a tape of herself and the alleged victim in a three-way with R. This witness is extremely important to the prosecution because the alleged victim is expected to testify that she isn't the underage girl in another videotape.

The trial starts later this morning.

Mischa –- Pics Smell Cottage Cheesey

Mischa Barton, or her rep anyway, is claiming that those shots – you know the ones – were aggressively Photoshopped and made her look more Babwa than Barton.

Though she was mum when we caught up with her, Mischa's rep Lisa Perkins tells Rush & Molloy that the snaps were "doctored" and though Mischa's "not perfect," the culprit has "given a 22-year-old woman the legs and bottom of an 80-year-old." There are definitely hotter 80-year-olds.

Perkins lays the blame on notorious Aussie snapster Jamie Fawcett, whom Barton blamed for taking the topless shots of her. Fawcett has denied any wrongdoing.

Uma and Cosmetics Giant Won't Make Up

Lancome – the big French makeup firm – is suing Uma Thurman back, saying that she can't sue them for using old Lancome ads on Asian web sites and Canadian billboards.

Uma was pissed that Lancome was using her face on their ads long after she stopped being a spokesface. "Look at the huge free benefit Lancome gets from using her," says her lawyer Bert Fields. And she wanted to sue – but Lancome says it didn't "knowingly or intentionally" use Uma's face.

Uma wanted $1 million for Lancome's eff-up.

Party Favors: Nick Hogan's Open Plea: Risky ... Jess Alba's Got a New Way to Punk the Paps ... Marie Osmond Says Billy Ray's to Blame for Miley Mess

As TMZ first reported yesterday, Nick Hogan's throwing himself on the mercy of the court today, a strategy that legal experts are calling unusual and "extremely risky." We'll be there to see what happens. ... We hear that Jessica Alba got a chocolat-colored nursing cover from L.A.'s Bebe Au Lait at her baby shower. Yeah, cute. But she could end up using it for something very dear to her heart indeed – as a shield from the paparazzi. ... Marie Osmond – who knows about being a young starlet – tells People that MIley Cyrus' dad should've known better than to leave MiCy alone on a photo shoot.


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he preys on the daughters of welfare mothers. That way its eaiser to pay them off.

2323 days ago

Lenn K.    

Where do I start, Marie shutup, your kid in rehab. R Kelly, just drop a brick on his male part and then throw salt on the wound. Nick Hogan, five years in prison and pay for his healthcare the rest of his life, plus 500K for damages. Mischa, saw the pictures, not sure if there were doctored, but if there not girlfriend that some cottage cheese on those legs. Also, R. Kelly that doesn't mean you shouldn't do about 10 years in the hole.

2323 days ago


Not only is R. Kelly a monster, the most shocking part is he STILL enjoys monster record sales. I guess some people really "don't see nothing wrong with a little bump n grind" (and worse) on underage children.

2323 days ago


It’s unreal that Marie Osmond has lashed out this way against the Cyrus family. She is not a perfect parent herself, nor is she beyond having made mistakes as a mom. She's been divorced twice, had a teenage son just come out of rehab for drug abuse last year. OMG who is she to judge Billy Ray Cyrus as a father?

What about her daughter Jessica Blosil and her current public my space page?

Hey Marie, I thought you got your teenage daughters to clean up their vulgar my space pages a couple years ago when they were both found to have vulgar my space pages?

Try looking at your own parenting skills before criticizing others mistakes.

Miley is a sweet girl and that’s more than I can say for your daughter based on her my space page.

2323 days ago


R. Kelly can hang it up.................or, let them hang him up by the balls! On the other hand, I don't think he has any!!! Uma should be compensated for the Lancome ads. Lancome did not "knowingly or intentionally" use her face well, oops they did. I can't imagine how Mischa Barton feels having her rear end plastered all over the internet. I am sure she has learned a VERY valuable lesson and will try to stay out of the view of the papz while sunbathing!!!! How the hell are you suppose to do that? The papz are ruthless!!!

2323 days ago


Hey don't pic kon Marie, she's been there and is right on that Billy Ray who by the way claims to be a friend to his daughter first before a father and lets her mother do all the dirty work. They all knew what these photos would be, they want an older sexier image for Miley. These celebrities will do anything to further their careers at any price. As for Maries daughters the one your showing the myspace on is 20 years old and she can't control what a 20 year old does. The son in rehab has had issues with being adopted and she's been getting him the help he needs. I'm sure she's not proud of her divorces either she's always been very honest about her personal life.Take advise from someone whose been there. Miley is on the fast track to Britneyville.

2323 days ago


Guess Marie Osmond forgets she wrote she was abused as a teenager. Surely her parents must of left her alone with someone then. Then using Marie's logic, her own parents should have known better than to leave their teenage daughter alone time and time again when she was actually abused.

And was Marie with her teenage son Michael when he was abusing whatever substances he was in rehab for last year. Doubt it. Drugs are illegal and her son is out there doing drugs and all she does is stick him in rehab? Talk about a slap on the hand. Where was SHE when he was doing drugs?

What about when her two daughter were putting smut on their myspace page two years ago. Now I see one of them is a lesbian and still has a crude myspace. Yech, Marie you raised a daughter to be like this? To think I own the Jessica doll ... that's going in the trash I tell ya.

Even good parents make mistakes Marie, and you should know that before you attack others at their weakest and lowest points. Billy Ray said he wouldn’t have let those pictures be taken if he had been there but his daughter wasn't left alone, her grandma was with her. The kid apologized and feels terrible, as do her family. Leave them alone. Don’t be a part of the atrtacks on her or her family Marie. You are hurting a young girl when you do and making yourself look like a big hypocrite!!

2323 days ago


I'm tired of Mischa Barton's bum - both looking at it and her defending it. And I doubt very much that she is as "happy with her body" as she claims. Cover the darned thing up, already!

2323 days ago


Marie Osmond has alot of nerve talking about someone elses kid when her son was in rehab. People who live in glass houses should throw stones. Her life isnt all that. She should concentrate on her sagging career than talking crap about someone who is successful. BRC is doing the best he can

2323 days ago


If Mischa wants to prove that those weren't here cottage cheese legs, all she has to do is duplicate the same pose and have the shots taken again and posted asap. Of course she would have to do this right now so she doesn't have time to work herself into shape.

2323 days ago


A number of years ago, Marie Osmond was on a TV interview show talking about growing up in show business. I'll always remeber seeing and hearing her say, "I've seen everything- and I mean, everything." I was surprised by this admission- not because I thought that being a Mormon made you a saint, but because she was so blase about it all. Her family has been in show business for around a million years, and her parents were very much the "pushy" Hollywood parents. Remember the endless rehearsals (a la the Jacksons) that Donny had to do? How he cried all the time because he was so tired? Now, where were all of these "family/gurdians" protecting these wee Mormons? I also remember a morning TV show where the grown-up Donny and Marie were surprised by the show doing a family reunion for the pair. A good idea for this loving family, right? Donny looked shocked when some family members showed up, and said he hadn't seen them in twenty years. At least he tried to act normally. Marie just kept walking in circles on the set- round and round, as if in a daze. she never spoke to anyone- just kept walking in circles with her mouth open. The hosts didn't know what to do and Donny tried to reach out to her but she just kept on walking! Or how about the time I watched her freak out on QVC- the home shopping giant? Marie just started crying and shaking wildly...while showing her doll collection. QVC is live TV, mind you. They were finally able to calm her down...and then she went on talking about those stupid dolls. Donny and Marie just got a gig in Las Vegas- is she really this desperate for attention- or just an old hypocrite?

2323 days ago


HA! I almost bought that exact nursing thing yesterday for a friend. same print too. its adorable.

2323 days ago


I also feel Marie Osmond has no room to judge. I can't stand the Cyrus family but at least Miley hasn't entered rehab yet.

2323 days ago


These Osmond idiots can't mind their own buisness. They are sooooo desperate for any publicity. Marie's life is a train wreck and she has the nerve to criticize someone else??? Get a life Bitch!

2323 days ago


I love how tmz decided NOT to run the rest of mischa's rep's statement that said to go take a look at photos of her on the beach in L.A. from a couple of weeks earlier to prove that the pictures were doctored.
I looked and they CLEARLY were.
That's despicable on the photographer's part and irresponsible on tmz's part... you guys pride yourself on not running BS.. but you ran those photographs and then didn't bother to rectify the situation.

2323 days ago
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