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TMZ Hits Al Roker Like a Hurricane

5/11/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So if you ask Al Roker one question, what would it be? The prob for our camera guy when he ran into Al at Union Station in D.C. for National Train Day, was with one real big word -- meteorologist. But then he unloaded a can of whoopass.


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Concerned NOT    

Where is the can of whompass? GOD how stupid this guys sounds, can't even pronounce meteorologist? LOL You guys need to stop trying to be news people, you are far too stupid to pull it off. Get a REAL job.

2334 days ago

Buck Ofama    


2334 days ago


u have to get new reporters that was madd gay

2334 days ago


Quit embarrassing yourself TMZ. Can't you chase down crazy Britney or crackhead Lindsay? You make THEM sound intelligent. What idiots you are.

2334 days ago


That was quite embarrassing on behalf of TMZ. You need to get another cameraman to handle the DC work for you guys... that same black guy is everywhere in Washington and asks the most stupidest questions ever. He can't even really speak either.

2334 days ago


90% of meteorologists can actually pronounce "meteorologist" which is more than this half-bred low rent retard can say. And he's questioning someone's job? A pap? Holy crap this is surreal.

2334 days ago


Is the cameraman retarded?

serious question

2334 days ago

Go Away    

Enunciation...have him look it up, and practice.

2334 days ago


"So if you ask Al Roker one question, what would it be? The prob for our camera guy when he ran into Al at Union Station in D.C. for National Train Day, was with one real big word -- meteorologist. But then he unloaded a can of whoopass."

What TMZ staffer wrote this? Harvey can't you pay enough to get staff that actually can complete full sentences that make sense? Stoopid people.

2334 days ago


THAT was a can of whoopass? Are you KIDDING me? Why on earth would you even post something so incredibly stupid?

2334 days ago


I cou'en' eeeeven understand the Ebonic Reporter that axed Al the quers'tion...and I don't think Al did either. He sounded like that guy from Fat Albert that couldn't talk..remember??? Anywhooo...people like Al Roker...LOVE being who they are. He would LOVE to be on air more than he is. I have seen him when he didn't know the camera was on him, and was an a-hole. My Father was on air...was a bubbly fun loving guy..everyone adored him..but at home and behind the a-hole...sorry..but true. People used to say to me, Oh I'll bet it was sooo fun to live with your Dad. I thought...uh yeah..right. Because he was mean at home. I too was in broadcasting, and a friend of mine in broadcasting knew Willard Scott and said he was a straight up a-hole in person, but when camera's were on him he was Mr. Charming. BUT, one morning, a long time ago, Willard was doing the weather for Katie and Matt, I think he was at the Cherry Blossom Festival, anywho Willard thought the camera was off, and he started raisin' ha'yell at the camera guy for something he did, then he realized the camera was still on and was like...oh crap...a'ha'ha'ha' chuckle. Too late though, we saw the Sybil side of I, personally saw that happen with Al Roker. He was on camera, Mr. Charming, he thought camera was off, he turned off his chuckly smile and went straight to this irritable, aggitated guy. I thought...ah hah...another Willard. Truth be known, I would bet money that Al Roker would LOVE to be more than he is. In other words be a mega star with far more air time. You have no idea how big the egos in broadcasting are. And, deep down Al Roker knows he'll never be more than what he is right now.

2334 days ago


Hey! Lay off the TMZ staff. We really enjoy the TV (TMZ) pgm. Where else can you listen to a spiked-hair kid announce he got a pic of a celebrity butt crack, followed by a yuk-yuk-yuk. But although he is entertaining, the other kid, the one with girlishly blond hair is the star of the show. We will watch the whole show just to hear him talk. I have never heard someone so ignorant. One episode he was trying to pronounce "Charles de Gaulle" (he had no idea who this person was). He got mad and said he wasn't born in France so how was he supposed to know. It's amazing to think he can dress himself....maybe he has Harvey help him. I bet Harvey would love to help him. Ever notice how all the girls on the staff are bow-wows, and all the males are young and stupid. Yup, I bet Harvey is treated like a king (prince?) by one and all.

2334 days ago


looks like Hooked on Phoncs did NOT work for this idiot- is he legally retarded or a product of a Mississippi school system? and where exactly is the whoop-ass? looks like Al's really shakin in his boots- TMZ= The Moron Zone

2334 days ago


TMZ continually amazes me on the poor quality and intelligence of the people they hire. What sort of standards do you require? Or is obnoxious, rude and pushy it?

2334 days ago


The "mild" mannered tmz guy must have been "thunderstruck" by such celebrity of note in such a "tornadic" "haze" of the hustle and bustle of Union Station. You guys "reign" supreme and it is "clear" to see why tmz thinks it is "fair" to report on all sorts of celebritites. Don't let such critics "cloud" your ability to report such "warm" and fuzzy stories. Y'all are "hot".

2334 days ago
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