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Brit Rear Ends It ... Again!

5/13/2008 6:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears just rear-ended a car on Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills.

Brit hit a red Ford Explorer, driven by a lady. No injuries, as far as we know -- Britney didn't even get out of the car. Her bodyguard got out and talked to the other woman.

The red Explorer Brit hit is now following her back to Britney's home.

Britney was stopped at a light and, for some reason, accelerated when the light was still red, hitting the Explorer stopped in front of her, causing minor damage.

Story developing...


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LOLOLOL Good 1!    

Driving school LOL! Thats a good 1!

2317 days ago

pattie in cali    

BRIT STOP DRIVING, this is so old, girl you have to stop, grow up,

2317 days ago


After returning from a trip to LA, I feel sad for Brit. Take a trip down Mulholland and you will understand why. The roads are not easy to negotiate and there is a lot of traffic and the paparazzi only add to the problem.

2317 days ago


You know, I love Britney and wish her the best, but good grief don't let her drive anymore! Go back to driving school or something, this is ridiculous!

2317 days ago


Why the heck does she still have a liscense? Isn't there a three strikes your out law? This is the second fender-bender she's been in, in a month! Come on folks! Wake up! Just cause she's a celeb doesn't mean she would get away with this crap!

2317 days ago

Big Bear    

The accident was not Britneys fault!!! One of the multiple personalities in her head did the driving and not Britney. Might have been the British person we have heard speak from time to time.

2317 days ago


Not a good driver okay. Can't sing, that's a matter of opinon. The other stuff people have said matter of opinon and I'll
respect that. Not a great mother, okay she's made mistakes like many other mothers who had to have their children taken
from them. But to play up a ding yes, it's a ding. Minor damage maybe a dent in her bumber true she's done alot of minor
accidents. No one has been hurt. True, we like to think ahead or be worried and think she might cause this major accident one
day but she might not. Look at Nick Hogan, we never hear about his driving till he almost kills his best friend! I pray that he
turns around and learns from this mistake. Like I pray for Britney. With her I pray alot.

2316 days ago



2316 days ago


To DeS (currently message number 134): what you have written is well-thought-out, clear-headed, intelligent, erudite, decent, and fair. Are you sure that you went to the correct blog to post it? This is TMZ, the land of back-stabbing, innuendo, anonymous personal attacks, character assassination, falsehoods, and functional illiteracy.

2316 days ago

michelle brit fan    

I bet the paps have and had everything to do with her accidents. Have you seen the way they all swarm over her?? Come on people... This poor girl just wants to live (like nobody else gets into accidents, right?) and have some privacy. She is a great entertainer (my daughter loves her) and she is very pretty and talented. Everyone needs to start talking a little more postivly about this girl and let her focus on producing the goods.... ENTERTAINMENT!!

__ Brittany is still great and she will always have made a imprint in everyone's minds.. STOP THE NEGATIVITY.. AND GET A LIFE PEOPLE.

2316 days ago

Big Bear    

How many accidents would you Britney lovers allow her before some action be taken to end her driving for a time?? Britney has dodged the bullet so far but what if she has a major accident?? The poor lady has paps all over her and she has the voices in her head. I will admit those things would make it hard to drive an automobile.

2315 days ago

I'm better than you    

Why the bloody hell can't I view this video? All I know is she needs a frickin driver. She has the money for it!

2315 days ago

captain obvious    

101. Poor Britney, here we go again....I don't think I can go through this again with her..somebody take the car keys before she looses custody of her kids!

Posted at 12:05AM on May 14th 2008 by EGGO

NEWSFLASH!!!! - She already lsot custody of her kids!!!!

2315 days ago

captain obvious    

130. What a twit!!! She can't sing, she can't dance, she can't act, she can't be a responsible mother, or adult. She can't drive, she can't handle her own life, she can't be trusted to promote her own album. Is there anything this waste of a human being CAN do???

Unfortunately, there is one thing she has proven she is capable of...BREEDING!!

2315 days ago

captain obvious    

Why do so many of you blame the paps?? Like it was said in an earlier post, if you cant' take the attention, get out of the business. You don't hear about other stars and celebs getting into accidents because of the paps. What makes this bimbo any differant. She should not be allowed on the road at all. It was her foot on the gas that rear ended this guy, it was her foot on the gas that ran over a pap's foot, and then a sheriff's foot. She's hardly capabale of using a cell phone or driving , one thing at a time. Why is she tempting fate by trying to do both at once?
This little piece of work is going to kill somebody. But then, I'm sure all you little posers will immediately blame the victim for being in Brit's way. It may be on the sick side, but if she does hurt or kill someone, at least there's no way she could avoid serious jail time. Let's see the comeback album recorded in jail!! A world tour of C-Block!!
LOCK HER UP BEFORE SOMEBODY GETS HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2315 days ago
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