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Day-Day Don't Like Gay Gay

5/13/2008 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Epps went on an unprovoked attack at LAX -- getting into a nearly physical argument with a photographer and screaming "you're a fag, homosexual!" before cops had to come and break it up.

Epps, who played Day-Day next to Ice Cube in the "Friday" movies, has a history of violence -- earlier this month a police report was filed by a process server claiming the comedian attacked him, leaving him with an abrasion to the right side of his head and a swollen left eye.


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Hey..... clay is gay... I meant the Paps

2356 days ago


what a LOSER!

2356 days ago

not a homophobe    

QueenNYCMike---this is for you........I live in rural missouri. .....a place where ignorance reigns supreme. I am teaching my 5 yr old son by example. He will never hear his mother or father utter a homophobic or racist slur. As for some extended family, they don't know when to shut the hell up. I speak up, people know how I feel-don't say it in front of my son, don't say it at all. My heart aches for the kids who know they are gay and because of their upbringing are depressed and hopeless. What is the suicide rate for gay teenagers? Probably horrifying. And I do agree that those who are most vocal with their hate are the ones who are most confused with their own sexuality. YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY QUEENNYCMIKE

2356 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

When will bounties on paps be legal? They can shoot their cameras while we shoot our guns.

2356 days ago


LMAO Shouldn't have been talkin' sh*t and trying to take his pic. I guess just because he's a funny man/comedian paps thought they'd get a wink from him. He's one cool and down to earth person and not welcoming any fame. Paps should study their prey before they get all up on someone. Some celebs like the attention and others dont. Pick your battles!

2356 days ago


leave day day alone!!!!!!!!!!1

2356 days ago


26. UNPROVOKED?? Be serious! Mike Epps even told the dude don't be disrepectful but he kept on. The pap. was way to close to Mike Epps and the tone in his voice and his arms moving everyone ... I agree with #8 Bart ((I commend Mike on not laying him out! You guys got off lucky!))

Posted at 10:45AM on May 13th 2008 by Tee

NEWSFLASH: When someone says something that annoys you, you are not justified in committing violence against them. The former is called free speech, the latter is called assault. You lot are as bad as the idiots who defend men hitting women with "she shouldn't have provoked me" or rape with "she shouldn't have worn that." Others are not responsible for "provoking: the rage of violent idiots. The violent idiots are responsible FOR THEIR OWN VIOLENT ACTIONS. People who cannot control themselves and jump to violence in response to words or perceived slights and "disrespect" are insecure animals and should be caged accordingly. Grow up. Respect is earned, not demanded with a fist.

2356 days ago

Mr. Obvious    


lucky he is black!! OR HIS CAREER WOULD BE OVER.....

2356 days ago


not a homophobe? You are one classy and rare individual. You are the kind of spirit and thinking we need in this country right now. God bless and thank you for your wonderful comment.

2356 days ago


Bravo, Toni. Bravo.

2356 days ago


To Toni (#36)
Hold up! In no way do i defend wife beaters (am a woman myself) nor
do i defend rapists, child molesters, murders, thieves, etc. They
are responsible for their actions, no one else. Do not make an idiot
out of yourself and assume things about someone you know nothing
about. Reread my post - I was saying that Mike Epps did a great job
in not hitting the man. Maybe you got lost on the word, commend!! And
I agree we all have freedom of speech - thank you for letting me voice
mine....Now moving on!

2356 days ago

Todd Lee    

maybe he doesnt like jerk off photographers shoving cameras in his face, ID BE PISSED TOO!!! you people are pathetic.

2356 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I agree with the person who posted comment 15. If someone uses a racial epithet toward another person, particularly if they happen to be black, their career is basically over and they spend the next six weeks apologizing on every media outlet. I'm black and I am not gay, but I feel that it's just as wrong to use the "F" word toward someone, particularly when you use it as if you are saying they are less than you (as Day-Day is doing in this case). I'm sure the paps drive the stars nuts, but when someone uses a word like that in anger, it shows how they really feel about someone else who is different. Racism is wrong and so is homophobia. Use can find any rationalization you want to try to justify your hatred and ignorance, but at the end of the day, you are hating someone and judging someone you don't know. That's wrong. Period.

2356 days ago


Funny how it gets turned around on the celebrity. As a gay man, I didn't see anything news worthy about his comments. He got mad, which anyone would have with someone bothering you while you are conducting your daily activities. No wonder he didn't want to be filmed or talk to TMZ. You guys can be pathetic sometimes.

2356 days ago


It cracks me up when I see these pretty much nobodies act like they're some huge star being bugged. He's lucky anyone even recognized the this bigot. Is he really that stupid to not know that HUGE amount of Gay's and liberals? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. We have no room for ignorant bigots in the world.
Kiss your career goodbye dumb dumb. A little ironic, that fugly wouldn't get laid unless he paid if he were gay.

2356 days ago
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