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LeBron James Makes an Ass of His Mom

5/13/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mother's Day was Sunday, so what better way for LeBron James to follow it up then scream "Sit your ass down!" to his mama last night on national television.

After a Celtic player fouled King James into the courtside seats where his mother was sitting, Mama James got a little hot. Good thing her little boy was there to keep her in check.

BTW, Lebron's team won.

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She still works crack alley from what i hear...she loves her job...heard she hangs by the dumpster behind taco bell on main street..

2264 days ago


Interesting..................White men do NOT talk to their mother's like that!

Yeah....they usually just shoot them in their sleep.

2264 days ago


Let's be real people...the are a dozen people in that clip, how do you come away with the idea that it was meant for his mother. Get a life stop trying to make problems where there may not be any.

2264 days ago


According to ESPN this was not his mom, but a fan. As a mom, I'm very disappointed in the comments typed leading up to mine. There is no reason for anyone to type things dealing with race. No parent is perfect, nor is a child perfect. I have never met a parent, who didn't want their children to quiet down at the grocery store or other public venue, nor have I met a child who respected their parents every minute, of everyday. The color of your skin has nothing to do with respect. Unless you live in the home of the person you are critisizing you are not capable of making a statement. Last time I checked, unless you are God you don't have the right to judge. It's sad but the only people who carry on racism are those who continue to feed racial comments or speak them. There is a lesson I teach my children. When you use hateful words, cuse, or break people down it is a sign of your own self value, and education. An educated person can think of better words to use. A confident person doesn't need to break people down, judge people or stand on other peoples platforms. Another words, If someone is rude enough to waste their time typing a comment and fill it with racial comments, they are looking for attention and not educated enough to realize how inappropriate those comments were. For those who took the time to comment back, Why feed a starving wolf? Don't keep it going, What are you proving?

2264 days ago


Please. His mama didn't even raise him. He was raised by other family, because mama was so young. I understand a mother's instict to protect your child, but come on. This is the NBA. I think Lebron can handle himself!

2264 days ago


firstly for the record, it the game was NOT on
mother's day; it was played last night. ( monday )

secondly, what a surprise that lebron's daddy jimmy mc clelland was
in prison most of his life and his mama dated only convicts thereafter.

that's what she knows; ghetto from the word go.

nevertheless, he went off to live and be raised by a caring
white family that nurtured his athletic abilities and talent.

( hence, the dennis rodman story )

so when his mama stands up and acts the ONLY way she knows
best, GHETTO, lebron, as a father and a man, it doesn't even
take an expert lip reader to see it was more than we interpreted;

" woman, sit your black ass down. "

the most interesting thing about the whole exchange was the
quietness and looks upon the celtic players standing there;

in their minds it was more like, " no you didn't "

2264 days ago


even further, during his after game interviews, in lebron's
actually words, " no, i KNOW my mama, we good. "

which really means, he understands, loves and
accepts who and what is mother is; GHETTO.

he only spoke to her in a voice
and demeanor she understood.

in a tone that's right from the streets......

there's no harm or foul here;

as far as his relationship with his
mama, as he said, " no, no, we good "

2264 days ago


As an African American woman, I recommend that all indivisuals that think America has come a long way as far as race is concerned should get on these web sites. Some of the views are amazing. Since the comments are posted covertly, it just makes you wonder who is saying these disparging remarks. I would love to think that it is the sterotypical toothless trailer park dweller but something tells me that is not who it is. Is it my neighbor who waves at me every morning. Maybe it's the person who works across the hall from me. Sighhhhhhhh. Depressing.

2264 days ago


I was at that game, three rows behind his mom, and that is exactly what he said. In his defense though, she got in the middle of a bunch of NBA players spouting off about hurting her baby. Somebody needed to tell her to sit down! He publicly apologized for using an explative and apologized to his mom. Hey, If I had just gotten man handled the way he did, my temper would be a little sparked too.

2264 days ago


Lebron is an idiot, but If you think whitemen don't talk to their mother like that then you're a bigger IDIOT!

2264 days ago


What ever...........................................................

2264 days ago


That's an improper word use. It should be: "THAN scream..." not "then scream..." Brad grammar, errr.

2263 days ago


"I told her to sit down, in some language I shouldn't have used," James said. "Thank God today wasn't Mother's Day. All I could think about is her. ... I know my mother. It's fine, we're good."

2263 days ago

Tee Tee    

sit your ass down [??] WTF!!!?? this is what happens when there isn't a HEAD/man IN THE FAMILY and the boy is supposed to play daddy and everything! he knows he's feeding her and she is supposed to take it [?] wow! i have no words - these single mothers are raising these boys this way [all ways, including feminine] so, that's just her skills [or lack of] on display - i'm surprised because usually black mamas don't play that - he would have caught a good foot sandwich if he was my no good trifling son talking to me like that!

2264 days ago


I guess he has forgotten that she brought him into this world and she can take him out of this world!

2264 days ago
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