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"Idol" Honcho -- Free David from Dad!

5/14/2008 7:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ first told you how David Archuleta's dad was banished from backstage on "American Idol" for being a total nightmare. Now, "AI" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is selling his side of the story, and it sounds a lot like what we said.

Lythgoe tells that while "'banished' is a terrible word," he and the other "Idol" bigs wants David "to be able to be free like everybody else" to do his thing. As for the whole "Stand by Me" lyric-gate, Nigel says it was "a total misunderstanding" that led producer to say, "Okay, this is what we want to happen from now on."

Last night, our spies noted that Jeff Archuleta was "shooting daggers" at Lythgoe and co.

Castro – Stoner? I Don't Even Know Mary Jane!

Dreadlocks, heavily lidded eyes, the whole short-term memory lapse problem: Wasn't Jason Castro just blazed the whole time?

Hell no, dude, he tells OK! magazine. And here's the shocker: He says he's never been stoned in his life. "I think that, especially with things like ["AI"], people like to stereotype so easily," says Castro. "People have always said that. I don't worry about what people say."

Of course, when TMZ caught up with him yesterday, he didn't have very much to say at all, despite a barrage of qs.

"Work Out's" Warner Worked Over Boob Barb

Fitness guru and reality cult-heroine Jackie Warner is getting thrown on the rack after remarks about a client's enhanced bosom –- that Jackie says wasn't her doing –- rubbed viewers and a big sponsor the wrong way.

Propel Water told TMZ in a statement that it's pulling its sponsorship of Bravo's "Work Out" after Warner and her office manager's remarks about Jamie Eason, a breast cancer survivor, aired. Warner's camp says the offending remarks didn't come from her, but from her staff.

Eason tells TMZ, "It saddens me that Jackie continues to blame the others around her."

Party Favors: Al Reynolds Says He Loved Star, Once ... Mariah Tops Madonna

Al Reynolds – ex-Mr. Star Jones -- tells the world on his MySpace blog that he wants everyone to "walk in my shoes for a few hours ... It feels like 'Dump on Al Month.'" The world weeps. ... Mariah just crept past Madonna to claim the #4 spot on the music charts, even though her album's been out a lot longer. Madonna's album dropped like a rock from week one to week two of release.


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2320 days ago

Lenn K.    

Jeff is just another one of those parents that hold on to their childs fame. Dude, go get a job!

2320 days ago


If Jackie Warner wasn't guilty of saying anything then why did they not show that portion of the tape? Also, when Brian went to discuss his client with her, she should have handled it way better.

2320 days ago

Standing by the edge    

I like Jackie Warner's show, Work Out, but she is a hard a*s and and has a huge ego. I saw the episode in question and she did giggle when her office girl made the snide comments. She didn't set the office girl straight and instead got ticked off when the trainer got mad about the ridicule. Not saying something when you know it's wrong and you set the standards is just as bad as saying it yourself. You're allowing it. I wonder what they might say about some of their other clients behind their backs. Hmmm....

2320 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Jackie has a good thing going but she'd better watch it. She's getting a big head and becoming a bi*ch a little too often and too quickly. Now she's lost her biggest sponser. The way she keeps coming up with things to put her name on I expect she'll come up with her own brand of water. Her show is becoming an infomercial. She owes viewers and breast cancer survivors a big apology and not one that puts the blame or onus on "her staff". She's head of the staff, the buck stops with her.

2320 days ago


Who cares? Jackie didn't say anything about her breasts. Why is she being punished for it? I do think she could have spoken with Peeler about the situation but he went into her office on the attack and would not have listened to her no matter what she said to ease his mind. However, she should not have to appologize for what someone else said.

2320 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Hey Jackie ~ Haven't you ever heard that the fish rots from the head on down? You're the head of your gym and company, it's up to you to have standards that aren't crossed. You're the head of the fish, so to speak.

2320 days ago

not a homophobe    


2320 days ago


Ms. Warner made a huge mistake in firing Brian and not her assistant. Brian had every right to confront Ms. Warner since it was the client's husband that came to him. In firing Brian, she basically told the husband to go to hell and that their feelings didn't matter. Ms. Warner has allowed her fame to go to her head and her love life to rule her.
If anyone should have been let go over this event it was Warner's assistant, she was dead wrong and very unprofessional.

2320 days ago


I'm not as big of a fan of Work Out as I was. This season Jackie has just really turned into self-centered B*&^h with a huge ego! It's her way or it's the wrong way and by having an affair with one of her employees is unprofessional, cruel and again selfsih! After I heard Jackie laughing at the womens breast with her assistant who did make the comment it pissed me off. No, she didn't say it but she may as well have because she didn't tell her assistant to stop it, she just laughed. Brian Peeler did the right thing and I think the Propel pulling there support for Jackie was a great move on their part and shows they are a stand up company with morals and a heart! Maybe Propel will show support for Brian Peeler and help him get his own gym started!
I'm done with this show, Jackie OUT! She blew it if you ask me!

2320 days ago


I used to watch the show as well……..but no more! I was beyond disgusted by Jackie’s behaviour. Sure would love to know why that “portion” of the comment was not aired? Jackie was also nasty on another show when she wouldn’t allow peeler(?) in the room regarding his friend, even if it was about the “business”, I’m sure it would have made him feel good.
I don’t even want to hear about “editing”

2320 days ago


I am a huge fan of the show. I love Jackie and her crew. However, her assistant has not been a good addition to the team. She may do a good job paperwork wise however, she does nothing for the morale of the team. She is a tattle-tale and a snob. Women have it hard enough fighting against assumptions that we are all b!tches and when they show a woman being "catty" and saying degrading things about another woman it makes it even harder. Jackie has worked very hard to get where she is and she has had to fight her way to the top. She needs to address the issue w/ her assistant and w/ Brian.

2320 days ago


Jackie has changed this season. It's like she decided to let the 'real' her come out and its not pretty. Message to Jackie:

If you turn into lesbian super b!tch, I'm too pretty for t.v. people are going to stop watching your show. It's not cute. BTW...Brian has some anger management issues but then again, so do you.

2320 days ago


I have watched Work Out once this season and stopped because Jackie's ego has gotten entirely to large! I have always been a big fan of the show but, not this season!

2320 days ago

Granny Pants    

I'm buying me a case of Propel Water y'all! Say goodby Jackie.

2320 days ago
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