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Bush Flips for Israel

5/15/2008 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dubya -- who still has 249 days in office -- took some time away from Presidentin' to enjoy a bike ride in Israel today ... and flash his middle finger to the international press!

He's either desperately trying to stop the bike ... or sending a strong message to all the terrorists. Hard to tell with G-Dub!


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TO ANY of you on this comment page that are protecting Bu$h you should be ashamed of yourselves. For one thing you aren't smart enough to know what is going on in this country or you wouldn't be defending this retard of a president. He deserves prison time along with his cronies and if you bothered to pay attention to what is going on in this country you would know what I am talking about. You are the "problem" in this country. You neither want to hear the truth or too stupid to care. You know more about Britney Spears than the war in Iraq. Shame, shame.

2250 days ago



2250 days ago

b. posey    

TMZ you suck printing this about our President! If we had supported him and the congress had done so also I don't think we would be in this mess!

2250 days ago


Wow ok so you have nothing better to do than to make up crap and read into stuff the President does? Get a better job

2250 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Hey! TMZ just revealed lsreal's super mega top secret rocket launcher!! Delete the pic NOW!!

2250 days ago

BOEING 787    

People who still defend George W. Bush to this day lack mental integrity.

For all of you defend your vote for Bush, you have fault in the fact that we
are less secure because of the war in Iraq and so many had to sacrifice for ideological
hyperbole. The only thing President Bush sacrifices is his golf game.

And now he goes to Israel and calls Obama an appeaser, a new low for Bush.

2250 days ago


What happened to the morals of our country? How is it and why is it that we can and do disrespect our Commander in Chief like people do? At least he brought dignity back to the Oval Office unlike the previous President who took advantage of such a historical place. Why not bash on Carter who is meeting with enemies of our country? History wrote the book on Carter being one of our worst Presidents...not everyone is perfect. Give Bush a break...what would you have done being in office how many months and getting attacked on our own soil? We all don't agree with the war BUT I'd rather be in this position than fearing for my life everyday, constantly wondering if another attack is going to happen. Yes, we are not 'safe' from all attacks but I commend those who are trying, the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom; the Armed Services last month hit a record number of recruits; volunteer recruits at that. Our country is falling apart all around...democrats and republicans at that. Where's the unity? It's definitely not a world of morals I'm proud to be bringing my children up in. I was taught to respect our elders, leaders and support our country...not defy and give enemies ammunition. Whether I agree or not with the 'war' or the State of the Union, I will never disrespect our Commander in Chief for it shows weakness and for all of you who insult his intelligence, what are your credentials? Did you graduate from Yale? What about getting your MBA from Harvard Business School? It's a sad, sad day when you read the comments of those who choose to 'blast' the most powerful leader in the world. I'm sure I'll receive some back lash, but would or should I expect something more or better??? I think not. "Hail to the Chief"...a brave wartime President who has overcome many nasty, disrespectful critics.

2250 days ago


I thought he already fu..'d us,

2250 days ago


If it werent for President Bush none of us would have the freedom we have. He has guts.
How anyone can think you can talk to terrorists is idiotic.
If you were on a plane or anywhere near a terrorist,think you could beg not to be bombed or not beheaded?
Sean Penn abused all his Women- think telling him - pretty please dont beat women would stop him?
Think begging Alec Baldwin (pretty please dont degrade your own daughter ) will stop him from his tirades?
Baldwin and Penn are looking for some calling and good luck to whoever wants to follow them.
Just before you get on the Bush bashing jag - look at the people who are bashing him.
Dictators and tyrants cannot be dealt with in words

2250 days ago


Hes got his finger on the break lever.. jesus people whats the big damn deal..

2250 days ago


Pity he didn't fall off, break his neck, and die.

2250 days ago

jerry doremus    

right back at ya bush fu

2250 days ago


He's been flipping off the world for the last seven years.

2250 days ago


Remember he said he was going to restore "honor" to the White House?

Well, there it is. Anyone feel a sense of honor when they see this?

Maybe Bill O'Reilly and Limbaugh, but no one else.

2250 days ago

wv gal    

Now he is NOT flipping the bird & YOU know it!! If you look closely, he is changing gears. Of course, the bird thing makes a better story. Shame on you!!!!!!!

2250 days ago
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