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Daughter of Christian Singer Chapman Killed

5/22/2008 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The five-year-old daughter of Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman was killed last night when a car apparently driven by one of her older brothers hit her in the Chapman family's driveway.

In what local police are calling a "terrible accident," Maria Chapman was playing in the driveway when she was struck by a Toyota Land Cruiser driven by one of Chapman's teenage sons. The police did not identify the driver, according to The Tennessean.

A statement on Chapman's website says, "Maria was rushed to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, transported by LifeFlight, but died of her injuries there." Maria was the youngest of the Chapman's six children.


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How fast was the teenager going when only in a driveway,I bet he feels like a total idiot,poor kid.Christian music sucks

2313 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

154. another example that GOD is fake..

Posted at 11:58AM on May 22nd 2008 by muni02


No. It is an example that life happens. The world is not perfect and was never meant to be. Why it happened I do not know but the family is suffering a lot of pain right now and we feel their pain and wish we could lessen it. We can't, only time and faith will do that but still, as human beings we wish we could help.
What I want to know is why you and the others who are posting such nasty, negative comments feel the need to do so. Are you trying to repay all the people who have tried to force their faith on you by forcing your lack of faith on them? That makes you no better than they.
You are not required to believe. That is part and parcel of free will. I believe in a divine spirit though I am not a Christian and I find it to be a useful beginning to my understanding of the world. I know I do not know everything. It may even be that you are right though I find that idea incredibly depressing. But I once heard a very wise man say "It is wrong to try to take someone's faith away if you do not have something better to replace it." That is what you are doing and I think you are wrong.

2313 days ago



2313 days ago


I've had the privilege to meet Steven a few times. I was the initial web-developer for his adoption foundation's site in the name of their first adopted child Shaohannah. Years ago Steven wrote a song named Maria after talking with his young kids about a neighborhood kid who nobody seemed to love. "Who's gonna love Maria" is a line in the song. After they had adopted Shaohannah, they were in China visiting their partner organizations/orphanages and there was a girl in the corner not playing with any kids and just watching from the sides. Mary Beth asked for her name, it was Maria. So they decided to start the process of adopting her.

2313 days ago


that's what you get for being a dirty jesus lover

2313 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Guys, I don't know SCC that well, but I know him and his character well enough to know that he would not want you guys cursing and saying horrible things to each other, even to those who make fun of his own tragic situation. You cannot expect people who don't know God to act according to His teachings. SCC would want you to treat those who post things on here that make fun of him and his tragedy, or who place blame, or who question his faith or his ministry, with love and understanding. If you are a Christian, there has to be something that sets you apart. They will know we are Christians by our love, not by our condemnation. We mix that up an awful lot. If you want to honor SCC and his family in their present tragedy, treat those who don't understand our faith with love and kindness, even as they express their unkind or anti-Christian views. Don't condemn them. Love them. As for the Chapman family, that is how you honor them, and the Lord.

2313 days ago


Basic human decency is not the sole property of Christians. However you find your way to God, Spirit, Creator is to find some sense of peace and unity with the universe is your business. It is the faithful abidance to your beliefs and the tenants of those beliefs that brings the sense of order and comfort to life.

The concept of "Free Will" or the concept of "Karma" all relate to the concept of choice and there are always consequences to each choice we make. That choice could be driving down a country driveway at a particular time and just not seeing what is in the road or it could be writing a hateful posting about a little girl dying. "Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind...what we sow is what we reap." That might sound like a Christian sermon, but it is not. It is Deepak Chopra.

The real difference is that people of faith understand the universe is in order and have the strength to accept what at a very human level is totally unacceptable - like the death of a small child.

When we chose actions that bring pain and anguish to others like posting nasty messages about another's beliefs or tragedy, the fruit of our Karma is pain and anguish. No happy person deliberately seeks to hurt others. So let these people go and don't bother feeding their need for pain.

For the record, I am a Christian who has had the pleasure of studying other religions and the beauty of finding their way to the light. It is bright no matter how you get there. Let's focus on sending some of that brightness to a family where darkness has interceded!

2313 days ago


Worst thing ever. I hope that the family in China (clearly adopted) that gave up there child in love are also in your prayers.

2313 days ago

Baby Killa    

lmao wow what a guilt trip. Imagine Christmas family dinner when they're like "oh, why haven't you quit smoking?" or "get a better job" you can always rebut with "at least I didn't kill our sister"

How the hell do you back up into your sister? And how fast was he backing up? LMAO

2313 days ago

Pedro Koreatown    

First of all My Deepest Condolences goes out to the Chapman Family! I have been a fan of his when I was once a strong believer, his music would always give me a sense of hope and now I am sad that he has lost one of his own GOD BLESS:(

2313 days ago


Where were parents or the baby sitter before the accident? Noone watched her?? how come allow teenage to drive? Does he have a driver license? It is terrible accident, but someone should be blamed and we all should learn from this lesson. I have 3 and 1 year old children. My heart is bleeding..... We are adult, we should have common sense... I cry for her...

2313 days ago


Joan...that was beautiful...and i couldn't agree with you more!!!!

2313 days ago


What a tragedy, to loose a child is unreal. Sincere and deep prayers go out for the Chapman family, may God comfort you in your time of grief and sorrow.

2313 days ago


This is a tragic accident, I pray for the family but especially the young man who was driving. That must be a big burden to carry on his young shoulders. He needs loving support from everyone right now.

2313 days ago


Just wondering, sounds like you have a lot of anger built up, perhaps the best thing would have been to let the brain cancer
run it's course and, just get it over with.

2313 days ago
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