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David Archuleta: Welcome to the Losers' Circle

5/22/2008 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that little Davey has been crowned runner-up, he joins Justin Guarini, Diana DeGarmo, Bo Bice, Katharine McPhee and Blake Lewis in the long list of names you'll immediately forget about after reading this post.

His one shining hope -- turning out like Clay Aiken. That's dim.


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larry ward    

the top ten all had great voices,BUt thye best by far is Syesha Mercado. Wonderful stage presence good voice great alaround talent. Guess a sorry look and rock voice is what Idol fan look for. Keep going Syesha I'm sure we will hear from you for years ahead. Great talent.

larry ward South Dakota

2308 days ago


Once again the American public shows it's confusion over voting and it's complete lack of taste. David Cook will just be another Reuben Studdard or Taylor Hicks. He has NOTHING that makes him stand out from a crowd. Copying Chris Cornell's "Billie Jean" is NOT original. David A is technically one of the best voices that has ever been on AI. Cook is trying to ride on the success of Chris Daughtry by mimicking him with a totally unbelievable rock posture.

2308 days ago


I would love to see Daughtry and Cook perform together! Archie and Elmo would be great together too!

2308 days ago


What was up with Jordins dress.. horrible! Skunk girl shouldnt have been there she sang like crap and didnt smile or dance with the rest of them

2308 days ago

Melissa Sue Anderson    

Clay Aiken has a great career going for him. I don't like him much but saw him in spamalot and he was impressed. Very funny. I think David C. probably did not wanna win, but oh well. He should do ok. I like David A. ok, but he seems odd to me. I think he will fade away by next year and be forgotten.

2308 days ago


Much has been said about David Archuleta's father. I'm sure you can find many fathers like him, if you ever attended a little league ballgame. He's been there for each step his son has taken in his quest for fame, and he's more than likely had to deal with all kinds of wolves too. You can't fault him for simply wanting the best for his son. It's certainly not the first time a stage parent was involved in controversy.

Like the pops do at those little league games, he merely went a little too far with those running the Idol arena. At least his son wasn't thrown off due to the actions of his Dad.

It's clear from the comments offered by David himself, that he loves and respects his father, and that's a great deal more than some of the youth of today offer to their parents.

If you ask me, it's another good reason that David Archuleta will go far in life, be it as a performer...or whever else comes his way in life.

2308 days ago


You guys are some HATERS.
Jennifer Hudson didn't even make the top four, and has an Oscar, She's also in the Sex And the City movie. Clay Aiken didn't win, and he is a success. Chris Daughtry has sold millions, he didn't win Idol either. Daughtry actually outsold that year's winner, Taylor Hicks. Get your facts in order, TMZ. Tamyra Gray has done Broadway, so has La Kisha from last year's Idol.
This kid has talent, and his future is bright. Stop writing this bitter crap about talented people. Your writers write like they are mad that they are stuck in a cubicle. Again, stop hating.

2308 days ago



Little Sparrow, Hello, Always Be My Baby... ALL ORIGINAL..

Know your facts before writing nonsense

2308 days ago

D Gibson    

David Archuleta and David Cook are both wonderful vocal artist, however I feel David Archuleta should of won last night. They are both winners though and have a great future for the both of them. I think they will both go far. Congradulations to both of you.

2308 days ago



Original? Please. Letting your stubble grow out and not combing your hair doesn't make you a rocker. The guy has a decent voice, but I can hear singers that good in my local bar on open mike night. Once again, the Idol voters got it wrong and no one will remember this guy in a year.

2308 days ago


That should be "won'. Well stated Kiki.

2308 days ago

Melissa Sue Anderson    

re post #68...I meant he was impressive, not impressed, lol.

2308 days ago


Losing American Idol is MUCH better than winning! Your not locked into Idol's rigid contract and obligated to do everything representing the show. Just ask Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson how 'bad' it feels to lose. How many of the winners have sued to either be released or have their contracts negotiated and failed. We'll see after David Cook sells millions of CDs and discovers that due to his lousy contract, the only one he truly gets paid is Simon Cowell.

2308 days ago


62. Jennifer Hudson was an Academy Award! Come on now..

Posted at 4:10PM on May 22nd 2008 by Linda


2308 days ago


I think someone should give David Archuletta's dad a good kick in the ... he should be proud of what is son has accomplished. It's not winning the game - it's how you play the game. I will definitely by David's cd's when they come out.

2308 days ago
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