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Loves a Man in Uniform

5/22/2008 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hundreds of seamen are flooding the streets of New York for Fleet Week ... and Neil Patrick Harris just happened to stop by.


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those are not seaman those are MARINES!!!!!!!!

2281 days ago


Get it right TMZ, they are Marines. And who doesn't love that uniform??!!

2281 days ago


Can ya blame him? WOOF!

2281 days ago


For the record I am a retired 30 year Marine. I was appauled at your may 22 , 2008 show. Your reporter talks about NEIL PATRICK HARRIS Coming out of the REGIS and walking through Some SAILORS that were waling on the sidewalk. Well, your INTEL SUCKS! Get your FACTS correct! THey are UNITED STATES MARINES!!!!! Sailors have an all white unfiorm that they wear while on Liberty! For a show that protrays themselves as being accurate and factual? I can't believ that idiot reported thought they were sailors? And than to air the show without correcting that? Come on! You owe me and all the of the Marine Corps an opology! Nothing wrong with the Navy, just don't want to be mistaken for them! You guys need to make this right!

2281 days ago


You IDIOTS!!! Those are United States MARINES!!! You would think you could get your facts straight!!! You guys looked like idiots NOT Neil Patrick Harris....

2281 days ago


Just goes to show how sad and stupid reporters are these days that they can't tell the difference between a Marine and a Sailor.

2281 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

No wonder why america is becoming Rome number 2!! Its own people dont know the difference between a MARINE uniform and The Navy????? Well, I'm sure everyone at TMZ is voting for Obama than.... I would like to applaud all our men and woman in uniform!!! You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2281 days ago


I was really appalled by the lack or respect of your reporter!!! Learn your uniforms, those are UNITED STATES MARINES!!!!!! If you can't tell the difference in a simple uniform, then get a clue!!! Don't ever insult the MARINES again by calling them sailors!!! OH-RAH!!!!!!! SEMPER FI (mof)!!!!!

2281 days ago



The only reason I logged onto the site is because of the horrible glaring error on the show. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The men walking across the camera are USMC (United States Marine Corp).

Get it right you berks.

2281 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

Thats what you get from a bunch of money hungrey liberal - - - -!!!!! I'll let you guys figure out what word should be there!! They dont care about america or its troops, they only care about how much of our american dollars they can make. These men and women put their lives on the line for us everyday and this is the thanks they get from the american people!! Do you at tmz even know our flags colors??? Or are you like many other ignorant AHOLES to busy waving around a flag from another country????? This is a disgrace... To the Marines and all the troops... thankyou!!! For keeping us free and safe!! THere still are some of us REAL AMERICANS who appriciate what you do for us!!!! God bless our troops and THE USA

2281 days ago



2281 days ago


Those were Marines not sailors that passed in front of the camera. Have enough respect for our military and do your research before airing something again. They do care when they are called something other than the branch they are in. So disrespectful. They have a long history of fighting for our freedom and your right to chase stars around for mundane pics.

2281 days ago


plenty of others have said it, but you need to hear it again!

those are marines.

the saying is "once a marine always a marine" and i'm one of them

though most won't brag about it. i would bet most of the people who have had to point out your incompatance are/were/ or have faimly that are marines.

in war or peace the marines are the first on the presidents mind when something important needs done quickly.


2281 days ago


man TMZ, what moron's you are, but I have to lmao at the NPH joke, you may be stupid and totally disrespected the military but hilarious when it comes to making fun of Doogie.

2281 days ago


I wont post because TMZ wont post my post.

just saying

2281 days ago

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