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Hulk to Victim: You Pissed Off God

5/23/2008 8:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unbelievable. While crash victim John Graziano lies in a permanent vegetative state in a hospital with a hole in his head, Hulk Hogan says that God laid some "heavy s**t"on him because of things that he was "into." Nick agrees, saying John was a "negative person."
Nick Hogan: Click to watch
Nice. Blame the victim, not the person who had been drinking and was driving crazy.


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ok then    

So if Hulk's logic is correct and the victim somehow deserved this, shouldn't he be worried about what's coming to him? No possible way this kid could be worse than him and his buttclown family. If he's right and God is handing out punishment then he and his clan of talking weasels are completely screwed.

2342 days ago


WOW that's raelly class

2342 days ago



2342 days ago


After the oily ass-rubbin' he gave his daughter in public, does this surprise anyone?

2342 days ago


You gotta' love it...first they have the nerve to blame the victim then Nick quickly changes the subject to how he can make the most money out of this by having a reality show that will highlight "how he's changed" after jail. He wants to know a good title for his should be "How I'm trying to make millions while an innocent person rots away in their hospital bed". TMZ, thanks for posting these calls. People need to hear what is really going through their heads. No one feels sorry for you, Nick!

2342 days ago


I hope Baby face Nick drops the soap, and becomes someones bitch. Because his a-hole father is a lil bitch. own up like a man you stupid Idiot.

2342 days ago



2342 days ago


Welli do have to say i get Hulks point. His son is not innocent but neither is the victim. They were both drinking and both got into the car fully aware they were intoixcated and were going to be street racing. The victim may have been a bad kid who peer pressured Nick. Just because he was in a coma doesnt erase that perhaps he was a bad influence. That said and done nothing excuses Nick from drinking and driving - nothing. He is now learning his lesson in the worst of ways.

2342 days ago


Can't wait for the jury in the civil trial to hear this! LOL!

2342 days ago


Nick deserves life in prison. Can't believe how sleazy the Hulk is. Team Linda!!!

2342 days ago


OMG! No remorse at all?! Talk about blame the victim. They were publically saying how wonderful John was, that he was a part of the family and they cry every day over what happened to him. But in court it was said that Nick was playing around in the hallway of the hospital and didn't even want to be there. NOW they have the absolute nerve to blame him for what God did to him and say that he was a negative and aggressive person?

I don't care WHAT kind of person John is, he served our country and was supposed to be a friend of theirs, and he doesn't deserve to be spoken about like that when he is permanently disabled. And then to skip right on and talk about doing another reality show and come up with calculated names to rebuild his image and make him as much money as he can get? Tacky, tacky, tacky. I used to love the Hogans. Now I just hate these people. Completely without any sense of decency at all.

The Graziano family must feel like everything they said in court, everything that Brooke disputed on her MySpace, is vindicated when they hear this kind of tacky, trashy, disloyal, disrespectful garbage.

2342 days ago


I just about lost it when I heard this tape. Hogans are a bunch of white trash losers. I am with you all; lets Boycott anything to do with the trash. I just can't believe this tape. What a horrible thing.

2342 days ago


I can't believe that he said that, but I can't imagine the release of this phone call being legal.

2342 days ago

bmg 111    

I am so pissed off at this family. They are white trash. Pieces of $%#@. Basically, they are letting themselves off the hook and and blaming him - They are saying that he was a "negaitve person" so he deserves this. GUess what, Hogans, You should be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking about a reality show. The only reality here is that someone is lying in a coma that can't speak out........Hey, what goes around comes arond....GET SOME MORALS....

2342 days ago


Nick is going to be living at Daddy's for a loooong time.

2342 days ago
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