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Nick to Hulk: Call the Judge, STAT!

5/24/2008 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan asks his dad to pull a Paris Hilton -- pleading with him to "call the judge" to ask if Nick can be sprung from the joint and placed under house arrest.
Nick Hogan: Click to watch!
In a taped conversation between Nick and Hulk Hogan, the lil' inmate is freaking out because he's in the maximum security area and isolated from other people. He then asks his dad, "If you can call the judge or something, please ask him to put me on house arrest, just so I can get out of here." Hulk responds, "Ok, bubba, I'm trying."

Pretty amazing.


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Grow up, Nick, you freaking little creep!

2312 days ago


hulk please get him out this whole situation has been blown up he didnt crash on purpose and he has been punished by seeing his friend in a comalike state thats enough punishment for nick i think i would change 2 if i saw that judge place him on house arrest

2312 days ago


The whole family are a joke.......... white trash 100%.

2312 days ago


Well, absolutely, anyone who does not like jail should certainly be allowed to serve their sentence in the comfort of their own home. In fact, lets close ALL the jails and not subject these poor criminals to the discomfort of leaving their homes. Especially a wonderful guy like this; he's a real gem...unspoiled, giving, all MEANS, bring the poor tyke home and end the suffering!

2312 days ago



2312 days ago


Shawn are you serious?This little puke ended someones life and you wanna let him walk because you grew up watching his pop wrestle that is soooo f'n lame. TO hear this kid belly ache and cry about being isolated is classic.Jail isnt supposed to be fun believe it or not its PUNISHMENT. I sure hope they let him rot there for a long long time.If it was your kid that was in a vegetative state you would demand the same thing

2312 days ago

This kid doesn't give a crap or feel any remorse for John, lying in bed with a hole the size of an orange, in his head. Unable to do anything. Hulk blames John and says God is punishing him. Nick is a useless piece of chit, just like his parents. I hope John's family takes every dollar the Hogan's ever made.

The Hogan's are a disgrace to the human race. Nick is a ignorant punk.

2312 days ago


His friend's accident was just that. An accident. Sure, there was some recklessness involved. But they're kids, and if anything the parents should have been held accountable. The parents on both sides of this horrible event. I can understand that he's afraid. I know people want Nick's blood --- why, I don't know. Yes, he was drag racing, but again, I believe the punishment should fit the crime. the family of the victim should win monetary damages for the loss of their son. I see no need in making this a tragedy on all sides, in sending the hogan kid to jail. But such is the case when people live empty vapid lives, believing "accidents" don't happen to them because they're "special". It's a hard lesson to learn. The other kid got into the car, with someone who was drag racing of his own free will, and paid with his life. Definitely a tragedy.

2312 days ago

Tired of Lies    

Clearly these people are trying to corrupt the flow of justice being meted out - can't the sentence be increased for that?

Boo bloody hoo, baby face doesn't like being held accountable for his actions.


2312 days ago


Murdering pile of runny crap

2312 days ago


Shawn we know you must rally be some kind of Hogan lovin mole. Come on, what about John?????!!!!!

2312 days ago


He needs to man up, how dare they think they should get special treatment. Man up you wimp. You should have thought about that when you were driving reckless.

2312 days ago


He is not bubba, but his butt wil meet bubba.

2312 days ago

Jane Doe    

Forget the Hogans - we know what they are. I want to know how has TMZ obtained these taped conversations from the prison? Is this not illegal?

2312 days ago

Baby Killa    

Shawn scroll down TMZ's main page and look at the story "Hulk to victim: you pissed off God"

2312 days ago
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