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Nick to Hulk: Call the Judge, STAT!

5/24/2008 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan asks his dad to pull a Paris Hilton -- pleading with him to "call the judge" to ask if Nick can be sprung from the joint and placed under house arrest.
Nick Hogan: Click to watch!
In a taped conversation between Nick and Hulk Hogan, the lil' inmate is freaking out because he's in the maximum security area and isolated from other people. He then asks his dad, "If you can call the judge or something, please ask him to put me on house arrest, just so I can get out of here." Hulk responds, "Ok, bubba, I'm trying."

Pretty amazing.


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Poor little Nicky.. Sorry chump, this is reality! I guess you think you are above the law. Lets see, how many tickets did you have clocked at 100 mph. And all in the same year. Each of those should be reckless driving charges. So that makes you a three time loser. You had no business racing on the street. With your record, you should not even have a license!!! Don't expect mommy and daddy to fix this. What does daddy know about reality anyway, from the WWE(can we all say PHONY)!
How many people should you be able to maim with your disregard for law and good sense? YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL! You did the crime, now do the time, and be glad is it not longer, which, going by your record, it should be.

2309 days ago


So Nick is upset because he is in a little dark room, and can't see out. John is locked for the rest of his life in his own body, having the crap wiped off his butt by his family members, fed baby food, can't ready, talk, in a living hell for the rest of his life which might be 40 years, but Nick is the one suffering.
Nick you are in jail to LEARN. If you are scare, are you even capable of realizing how scared your best friend is, every second? How sick is this??? If you want a true jail, switch places with John!!!!

2309 days ago


I think it's sad. People make mistakes and YES it just so happens that Nick made a very bad one but there is no need to throw out the term "murderer" at him. His friend got into the car on his own will knowing that Nick was going to be fooling around. Was he actually drunk? What was his blood alcohol level? What if the roles had been reversed and Nick was the passenger? People are so quick to judge this family based on the fact that they are in the media but in reality everyone involved is suffering.

2309 days ago


Man up baby boy!!! I felt sorry for your punishment for your mistake until I heard about the reality show. You have shown no remorse. You and your family think only of yourselves. As for recordings being released it is the Freedom Of Information Act.

2309 days ago


What a big crybaby Nick turned out to be, Just to think of all the pain and suffering he has caused Johns family should make him cry. Instead he is crying about being in jail for eight months ? What a selfish spoiled punk he is. Hogans , thanks to your reality show, we now understand why the Hulk was voted " FATHER of the YEAR ". Your son is a pilar of society and the pride of your community. Now that your reality show has been cancelled isn't there a intervention reality show you can be on ?

2309 days ago


MARK MY WORD! He'll wind up in the "medical" facility JUST LIKE PARIS HILTON!!!


2309 days ago


Mr. Nick better get himself a real-ality (please) show so his "celebrity" ass can have his future wages garnished when the Graziano family sues him and his family and INCLUDES future earnings in the complaint! God, how old is this kid? Sad, very sad.

2309 days ago


If only they would put the little whiny piece of s**t with the other prisoners. Maybe he'd think a little more about what he did to get in there in the first place than think about what his new reality show will be called when he gets out.

2309 days ago


A celebrity who doesn't voluntarily remove his do-rag upon entering a judge's courtroom is that same type of guy that will be clueless in realizing that he isn't above the law and his son isn't above the law. It just goes right over their heads.

Let's hope both father and son come to realize that life isn't what's portrayed on their supposed reality show...and actually learn how to deal with what's been meted out.

2309 days ago


HOW do you guys get these calls? I can't believe this doesn't at least BEND some sort of privacy law.

2309 days ago


If Hulk can call the judge, so can we! Someone post a contact number. Call the judge and voice your opinion that this is not enough of a punishment as it is and demand that Nick Bollea stay incarcerated!!!

2309 days ago


If the tables were turned this family would be all over TV talking about the injustice!! These people talk as if Johns mother
has no right or reason to feel the way she does!! Who gives anyone the right to judge her or her relationship with her son who she will never be able to have hug her, or kiss her AGAIN!!! SHAME on the Hogans!! You should be glad your son is alive instead of whinning about the trouble HE caused!!
You should be doing all you can to comfort the other family!! THANKING GOD you still have your son!!

2309 days ago


Who are these people who are defending the Hogans????? Are you serious???? These people are heartless. Nick took a man's life away, now they are trashing the victim and his family, as I'm sure they have done all along. Now you are defending them???

Have you SEEN the photos of Graziano lying in a coma with a huge dent in his head? It's hard to find the words to describe it, but it's tragic.

As far as the seatbelt goes, Nick should have told his friend to buckle up. Nick obviously knew by how he was driving erratically, he could crash his car, that's why he had his own seatbelt on. Nobody should drive like a maniac, but when you have a passenger who is not buckled up, you HAVE to drive carefully. It's common sense.

I blame Nick and his family 100% for what happened to John.

2309 days ago


He should be glad he's in solitary so he doesn't get raped daily.

2309 days ago


He should be glad he's in solitary so he doesn't get r@ped daily.

2309 days ago
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