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Ray J Speaks in Tongues

5/24/2008 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spotted Brandy's lil' bro aka Ray J, at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., and the singer keeps chanting "Shawty got gifts!" We worked on translating his slang. Shawty: A cute lady. Gifts: A bangin' body.

That explains what he meant -- and "Gifts" is a name of one of his songs -- but who's he talking about? Isn't he dating Whitney Houston?


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What language is he trying to speak? Thanks for translating!

2322 days ago

tired of cry baby    

what a little tool!

2322 days ago


he is an idiot and his sister is a murderer.

2322 days ago



2322 days ago


He's on drugs!

2322 days ago

Ray J    

2 and 4, your mothers are whores and I have the sex tape to prove it.

2322 days ago


Uhh its called slang idiots!! Do I have to define that too!!! Shawty got gifts... that means whoever he was talking about is hot. And I'm sorry to tell you but everyone smokes weed!! #6 maybe if you did you wouldn't be such a hater and try to call him out. And furthermore you are all saying that he is on drugs and his sister is a murderer. NO ONE said how gross it is that he's dating Whitney Houston. She is such a lame ass!

2322 days ago


I hate this dude so much. He ain't ghetto. He ain't from the hood. Why is he famous? Can he please just go away?! Phony ass....

2322 days ago


Good try at translating got the shawty part right. But "got gifts" means that whomever he is talking about is talented in the bedroom. So, who is it....Kim K, Lil Kim, or Whitney H? What about "superh**d" aka Karinne Steffans....TMZ forgot about that one!

2322 days ago


I think he's such a loser. No talent.

2322 days ago


Shawty = Ray-J
Gifts = crooked penis

Shawty got gifts.

2322 days ago

He's Boring now    

Nicker Talk. No wonder 50% drop out rate for this Race. With heroes like this goof, half of em must be as dumb as they come.

Middle Class Blacks are OK but those who follow this idiot deserve everything they get. 70% out of wedlock births...all because of looking up to jerks like this guy.

He doesnt care about his "people" just himself. When will this Race take ownership instead of blame and getting lost in self gratification?

No more Juan Williams the Black author says in his book "Enough" You're telling me Black people are proud of this individual? Shame on all of you. No Excuses for your plight when being dumb and not learning correct English is viewed as the cool way to be.

Stop Snitching...that work for you all too? Idiots, no wonder Black on Black Crime is about ready to wipe out a whole segment of youth. Shame on the Parents.

NOne of you wants a Real dialouge on Race---just your view that keeps idiots like this nut as role models. Have Fun and Good Luck with all that.

2322 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Why do young black men spend their time coming up with stupid slang that no one can understand? Do they think it makes them sound cool or smart? When in fact it makes them sound even more illiterate and stupid. There are so many fine young black people coming up in the world, going to college and having bright futures ahead of themselves but the ones that get the attention are the rappers, thugs and drop outs. I'm sad for their community but they must stand up and make the losers eventually become the minority in their neighborhoods and not make fun of the successful ones. They must take some ownership and responsibility. There are opportunities for those who have ambition.

2322 days ago


is he really dating his grandmother whitney houston?. and what does his mother say about that.? cant believe it but since his family are so very ambitious am not surprised.. he does come off as being a bit of a prick anyway so i dont care a damn about him or his "singing career"

2322 days ago

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