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Hogans Off The Heezy Fa Sheezy

5/25/2008 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Where's Snoop Dogg when you need him? In the ongoing audiotaped phone conversations, you hear Hulk and Nick speaking, but this time it's in secret code that sounds a lot like Snoop Dizzle's slang.

Click to hear audio!
The Pinellas County Jail advises inmates that their conversations may be recorded -- the genius pair must have finally caught on.


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Man, I hope the Grazianos wipe these pieces of trash out in civil court.

2344 days ago


Make sure all the houses are clean??? I can't wait till the ex-con TMZ'ers come on to translate this Jizz!!

Come on TMZ!!! We need a translater!!

2344 days ago

I call Shotgun    

You said it BROTHER! White Trash, no matter what fake-ass language they speak.

2344 days ago


Ban all the Hogans, Simpsons, Trailor trash Dog and all Hiltons at all costs. May they all rot in hell. Satan and I are gonna have fun when they all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2344 days ago


just another example of how classless they are

don't know abut all of you but I've about had enough of these people!

hope we don't have daily updates like we used to get on Britney Spears
there is hope for her future

these people...not so much

2344 days ago


This is one sick, twisted, messed up family. Totally devoid of ethics and morals. I predict this won't be the only time this punk is in prison. When a kid has no remorse or conscience, and mommy and daddy keep treating him like he is the vicitim, the future looks like more of the same for this degenerate.

The code words in the tape are pathetic and as stupid as these trashy people are.

2344 days ago


TMZ is just giving us the audio's in dribs and drabs huh? What is the date of this tape? The other tapes were obviously soon after Nick was convicted and Mother's day. I want details!!!

2344 days ago

Standing by the edge    

They talk like they both have a mangina.
I think I would come up with different code words for some of the stuff. Saying Mommy has a 'double buzz blue jay' at the 'jizz' tomorrow. Then 'whiz on drizzel' 'kiz'? 'hot friz' for me? "I don't know about that" Then they end up talking about getting all the windows washed at all of their houses.
It's nuts, I tell ya.

2344 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Thank You TMZ for making this a fun Memorial Day Weekend! These tapes are priceless. Stuck at home because gas costs too much to go out of town and here's all this entertainment right in front of me. Some of the comments are hysterical too.
Too bad Nick can't come to the cookout, it's a beautiful weekend. Oh well, his dad has promised him a big party with like "20 ho's" there for him when he gets out. (barf)

2344 days ago


It's kinda comical hearing Nicky trying to sound like Da Man, now that he know's how we all heard him whine like a b^tch!!

2344 days ago


Nick is heard saying to "call mom, you know, double blue J." Is this code for a double BJ. - The Hogans sound like an incest family.

2344 days ago

darkwing duck    

Hey hogan did you know that wrestling is fake?

"This is real"

too many hits on the head?

Vince Russo was right about remember bash of the beach 2000
that what i think about you and your family.

Maybe Nick would rather trade places with John

2344 days ago


So he's got sucked-off twice so far??? Mannnn!!! His Jizzle be Dribbling!

2344 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

So the idiots have caught on? It's not like they haven't already taken a machine gun to their feet with the other tapes. About as useful as standing in the ocean and thinking yo can block the waves with your boogie board! The damage is already out there and done! Now they are back to covering their tracks because they obviously have something to hide. Lovely.

2344 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

The two of them couldn't have concocted any secret code after Nick was put in the slammer, and you can bet that Nick and Hulk never talked to each other like that in the past.

This is just total BS. They are purposely babbling and saying nothing, and they're doing so because they finally caught on to the fact that their recorded words are being broadcast all over the world.

2344 days ago
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