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Got Indy Whipped

5/26/2008 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Grandpa Jones cheered from the sidelines as his spring chicken GF Calista and her son Liam ran in a fun run in Brentwood on Sunday.

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Our spies tell us Harrison waited for the little tyke to cross the finish line, then he and Calista watched as her son bounced around in a bounce house. Then she changed both their diapers.


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2339 days ago


As I've said at least a thousand times before - You're an idiot!!! So what - he's a normal guy! Good for him!

2339 days ago


I won't see the new movie because I believe in,
"let sleeping old dead dogs die"
or is it lie?
or is it just go away

2339 days ago


He may be old but he has got more going on than most men in their twenties. He's hot.

2339 days ago


Why can't you just let people be happy??? If Harrison Ford was in his 30's or 40's you wouldn't say a thing. But because he is in his 60's you have to mean and make snide remarks. He and Calista Flockhardt appear to be happy. Just leave them alone already. He is there supporting her and her son. What is wrong with that?

2338 days ago


TMZ is getting really lame. I used to read it for celebrity news but now they are just being mean to people for no reason and they have less and less new content.

2338 days ago


please, harrison is smokin hot even at his age, and callista is so emaciated its nasty...he is way out of her league!

2338 days ago


TMZ sucks, their comments are so rude. They make nasty comments because they are nasty people. Ever see TMZ on TV? Exactly, the director guy looks like a perv and his stringy hair employee's try to impress him with rude remarks that they post. Lets see who can be the meanest of them today. Ohhh diaper jokes and fart jokes are soooo funny keep it up TMZ

2338 days ago

love them    

o.k. this is funny!!! watching all of these people get angry when you talk negative about someone they like, but put someone on here that they don't like and their the first ones to comment negatively. (me included), TMZ you are not, (sometimes) as funny as the people on here getting mad and posting you about it, i say it's all fun and good, until you talk about someone i like then it's not so funny, all of you at TMZ keep up the good work , i love it.

2338 days ago

Concerned my country is slipping away because of the like of Harvey Levin    

I keep forgetting that HARVEY LEVIN the BONEHEAD and the TMZ Zombies
HAVE TO Hold Everyone ACCOUNTABLE to know EVERYTHING at all times about EVERYTHING

And celebrities and anyone else they decide to FOCUS ON are NEVER ALLOWED to be normal AND if they drink ALCOHOL while out at a restaurant they must be DRUNKS. Even though it's legal to drink and be HAPPY.

I keeping forgetting that these are the NEW RULES and THE LAW that TMZ has CREATED.
It is written and SHALL BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES as we are all living in FEAR FROM HARVEY

I am SORRY HARVEY...Please FORGIVE ME and do not come after MY CHILDREN as they do not know what they do since the TV and INTERNET was taken away

2338 days ago

Rosmary Albright    

I am totally offended by your comments about Harrison Ford. What is wrong with you people? Maybe it's time for your writers to learn some manners and respect.

2338 days ago


I don't know about the bottom end, but he needs his head examined for being with some ghoulish looking thing like Calista Flockhart. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2338 days ago


OMG! What the heck is your problem? I cannot believe the comments TMZ makes on this page anymore. You guys have some serious issues here, you need therapy or at least get out of this business you're so nasty to everyone. These people are your bread and butter and you can't say anything nice about them. Any of them, but especially the icons of our past generation.
I think my time reading your online mag is better spent elsewhere now. I just want news and goings on, not sarcastic comments and headlines.

2338 days ago

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