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Celebrity But-Her-Face

5/27/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some celebs are good from far, but far from good. Check out which stars have everything goin' on ... but their face.
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2310 days ago


I agree "everclear", nothing worse than people with no sense of humor visiting this site. This is funny stuff, plain and simple. I think they should all go visit

2310 days ago


YESSS!!! Sarah Jessica is the ugliest women in Hollywood!!! I thought I was the only one who noticed!

2310 days ago


I have no idea who Robin Antin is, I've never heard of her before, but when I saw her face here I've exclaimed loudly "Oh Jesus!". She looks so much like that famous Cat-Woman Wildensten. Goodness gracious, what are these women doing to themselves???

2310 days ago

and back again    

You forgot Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank! Oh.. right... Julia used
body doubles so she wouldn't be in the great body category. My mistake

2310 days ago

love them    

you forgot Sarah j Parker, Jennifer Aniston,everything else is dead on.

2310 days ago


Harvey can only hope to look so good.

2310 days ago


Lisa Rinna is still very pretty, and she doesn't belong on that list. Her lips are a bit plumped up, but she had puffy lips from the early 90s. You are rude TMZ.

2310 days ago

not a dumbass    

maybe this is sad and mean. on the other hand, no one asked these people to be celebrities. it's a choice. rumer willis doesn't have to whore herself out and ride on her parents fame. haylie duff is just another example of a celebusibling being thrust upon us. was ali lohan in there, too? she looks like she could cut down trees with her chin. if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. that's why so many celebuwannabees have to get plastic surgery (jessica simpson, ashlee simpson, angelina jolie, etc ...) BECAUSE of the scrutiny. i am not famous or a millionaire, but i have my privacy. nothing in life is free.

2310 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

That 1st picture is hot...until you show who's face it belongs to. Rumer "Tater Head" Willis. Tater head is not only god awfully ugly, but is an example of a pampered poodle hollywood kid.

She's arrogant, and has NOTHING to be arrogant about. She actually said "I like being famous; it's like a 24 hour a day job". Uh, tater head, you're not famous. You've done nothing with your life so far, with the possible exception of trying to be famous for doing nothing (just like pearass smellton and kim kardwhoreian). Typical arrogant, entitled attitude from a hollywood kid that's not only ugly but has no talent...

2310 days ago


But how can Rumer Willis be on here? Afterall, People Magazine has her as one of the most "beautiful people". Of course in the picture they have her hiding her enormous jaw.,,20193583_20196426_4,00.html

2310 days ago


I, too, think this post is extremely mean-spirited and hurtful. Why would you want to damage people's self-esteem (especially young women who have enough problems living in this society). It's one thing to be edgy but to be overtly cruel is just not funny, nor is it entertaining.
And the other posters are very correct: We've seen TMZ Staff. They don't even have bods to back up the fugliness in that room. Freakin' hippocrates.

2310 days ago


While some are these are dead on, some of them confuse me. Lisa Rinna is NOT ugly. Granted, the fish lip thing is a bit much, but she is NOT ugly by any means. Neither is that one chick with Lisa Rinna lookin' lips too - oh crap, what's her name.............Nikki Cox.............she just needs to lay off the lip injections!

2310 days ago


We've all had bad pictures taken of us. I know some beautiful people, but in pictures that beauty does not come through. A person can be technically "beautiful" but if what is in their soul is not, for instance if they talk negatively about people, they lose their beauty, because that negativity is ugly. However, sometimes a person who at first does not appear even attractive can become beautiful to others if their soul has beauty. I once saw a man on an airplane waiting for the bathroom, at first glace he was not typically attractive. The next time I saw him, he was holding his baby in his arms and talking in a very sweet way to his child. That man then radiated beauty. True inner beauty does not show up in pictures, it can only be discerned by watching a person and seeing what is in their heart. Besides, for all of us the exterior beauty will one day fade, but the beauty inside us can keep growing.

2310 days ago


Fergie is gorgeous. Are you idiots at TMZ blind? And why this silly idea at all? Your site is turning into something that is eventually only going to appeal to the dregs of society.

2310 days ago
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