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China Shows Sharon What Karma Really Is

5/28/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the Chinese will have to live without Sharon Stone's "Sliver" for a while: The biggest movie chain in China says it's banning her flicks from its screens after she called the horrific earthquakes there "karma" for past abuses.

Ng See-Yuen, head of the UME Cineplex chain, tells the Hollywood Reporter that Stone's ridiculous remarks were "inappropriate" and that actors should not bring personal politics to such a disaster that's killed tens of thousands and left 5 million homeless.

No word on whether the absence of "Last Action Hero" will cause widespread rioting in the streets of Beijing.


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Chinese people deny Sharon Stone's apologise for this nonsense and we know it is not a law that anything can be canceled by a sorry. She has speared the heart of Chinese people so deeply that no any space of reconciliation will remain, although Chinese people is largehearted. Sharon Stone, you have lost any chance to make any relation with China for ever!

2347 days ago


Sharon Stone's comment was perfectly appropriate, and China sucks ass. God I hate that stupid fricking country so much. I wish the earth would open up and swallow the whole abortion-eating cesspool that is China.

2347 days ago


No.85 Brahman is a anencephalus because he is the result of his mother funked by a anencephalic donkey! No 85 Brahman is on the way to HELL! God will never forgive you!

2347 days ago


So, according to all-knowing, all-loving, all-wise Sharon, the earthquake that killed 80,000 innocent Chinese citizens was "karma" in the form of vengence against the brutal actions of the Chinese government toward Tibet.

I wrongly thought earthquakes were caused by shifting layers of land deep inside the earth's core. If I understand Sharon correctly, apparently earthquakes aren't natural events at all, and instead are tools of revenge used by karma or god to punish people.

I am, however, having trouble understanding how killing 80,000 Chinese men, women and children and wiping the landscape clean of every humble home and object they worked all their lives to obtain, would trigger an epiphany in the Chinese government and make them reverse their policy of war and oppression against Tibet.

It makes as much sense as the fundamentalist Christian leaders who said 9/11 was god's vengence for the sins of U.S. citizens.

It makes as much sense as the fundamentalist Christian leaders who said hurricane Katrina was god's vengence against a sinful city.

It makes as much sense as the fundamentalist Christian leaders who said AIDS is god's vegence against homosexuals.

Her opinion was completely thoughtless, embarassingly ignorant, profoundly insensitive and deeply hurtful to the survivors and the country as a whole. Statements like hers only help to confirm the world's impression of Americans as sarrogant, selfish and stupid.

Well done, Sharon. I'm sure the devastated survivors, who are grieving the loss of everyone and every thing they ever loved, are relieved to finally know the real reason for the earthquake.

2347 days ago


Definitely boycott Sharon Stone

2347 days ago


sharon stone, you even cant be considered as human. i hate you, i will boycott everything about you. i'm a girl from China, no chinese would watch your movie. you just go to hell!

2347 days ago

Kid Karma is a retard    

Kid karma is clearly a retard. Yes, China is an enemy of the US, but are Chinese people the enemy of the US or is the Chinese communist government the enemy? I think you clearly don't distinguish the political institution and the people it rules. So if does the fact that the US gov. is hated around the most part of the world justify the innocent people who died in 911? Civilians should not and are not obligated to take responsibilities for what their government does, especially when such a government is authoritarian in nature.

2347 days ago


What does she know about DaLai? What does she know about China? What does she know about Chinese?
Can you just listen to Dalai and believe what he says is true and never doubt ,without coming to China and without living here to understand the people? The conflict between Dalai and Chinese government is mainly political. But look what good policies the Tibet people enjoy, look how big changes Chinese government bring to them, and look what the crazy terrorist following Dalai did to the people.
Most westerns don't know these, because they don't come to China or learn the history and could only listen to what DaLai claims.
Yes, there are bad sides of the Chinese society, but don't other countries have? Peoples' views towards Stone is so different, not to mention the varieties in such a big country.
China is at a developing stage and is changing for the better. Chinese people are nice to people in other countries. I think it's just that information of the world is really intransparent. And people sometimes wear the glasses of bias. Like I was really angry to watch the CNN news reports about Chinese parents sadness when lost their children in the earthquake. The report focused on the one child policy, as if that's the cause for the sadness. That is really ironic since every parent will be heart broken to lose whichever child he has. And I'm sure this kind of report is misleading some Americans. And the Times, too, really make me disappointed to read its artical about "Chinese Madness" on foreigners. Instead of dig out the real reason deeply and make fair comments, the reporter wrote a biased article to criticize Chinese people's patriotism. I swear if he take off the biased glasses first, interview several Chinese around them, or at least spend some time on the Chinese web-site, get a view of "most" people think, it will be a completely different story. I know lots of foreigners since at school and currently working with many of them. Chinese are really nice to them as much as I do. It's a pity that there are so deep misunderstandings among people living on the planet.....

2347 days ago


it sucks,Sharon, you're really sick to say that. i feel sorry to you, you used to be my fan. but since you said that "karma" to the Chinese earthquake, i started to change my mind.

2347 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

MiChElLe, there is no "allowed" about it. China did not "allow" itself to be oppressed anymore than the US allowed the invasion of Iraq. Whether you agree with a government's actions or not, individual people never have complete control over what their government does. At least in the US, if we agree or disagree with the government we can say something about it and even do something about it at election time. In China, individual people who object to the government and speak out get thrown in jail and tortured. Is this right? H#11 no, but that's the government's fault, not the people's. All of you people who are claiming it's karma seem to be unable to separate the people of China from the government of China. And for the umpteenth time, Karma does not punish one oerson for the misdeeds of another. The earthquake cannot possibly be karma. Please learn about karma before you write about it again. Or your karma is to start catching up with you.

Go Sox

2346 days ago


To all the people who said Sharon Stone is right:
You all who agreed with her is becasue you guys think China is the country which has no human rights, What you care about human right? if you do care about human right, why don't you even care about their lives. They died! Some of you criticized Chinese people because they eat dogs. Do you know how many of them eat dogs? I never, and most of us don't! Don't generalize . Some of you guys care about dogs so much, but never try to respect the elderdly, the poor, etc. In my country, we respect the elderly so much and we won't ask our parents pay if we buy some grocery for them. But I understand. That's culture difference. But if I don't use my brain, I will say Americans are cruel, they even ask money for buying something for their parents. But I still like America and most of Americans because I know a lot of you are great. Some part is bad, some part is good, that's human, that's culture, that's different countries.

2346 days ago


BOYCOTT AGAINST CHRISTIAN DIOR for groveling to a bunch of thugs! Sharon Stone you did the right thing! Someone has to start standing up to that bully! China you are in for a surprise!

2346 days ago


I have thrown away all the Sharon Stone's CDs and sweared never watch her movies! I will not accept her hypocritically applogise and I hate all the people who supported her sayings about China earthquake. One have to be responsible and pay for what he/she said or did. Sharon Stone's words revealed the beastly side of her thought. She has not been evolved to human being. Where the human right is placed in her mind?

2346 days ago

Don't believe in karma    

Hey Michelle, -your parents didn't do a very good job raising you, did they. Didn't they teach you to have compassion and empathy for other people. So I see that you like to pick and choose what you want to say is karma to suit your own biased viewpoint. If you want to say that the earthquake in China was karma, then you have to also believe that 911 was karma, Katrina was karma, Burma was karma, the tsunami was karma and every other diaster that was heaped upon innocent human beings was karma. YOU CAN'T PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY IS KARMA. Using your same STUPID logic, other countries can easily say that 911 was karma and so was katrina - but if you live in the U.S you probably think your perfect ass and your government' are too good to have any karma. USE THE BRAIN YOU WERE BORN WITH AND THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. What happens if you are hit with a natural diaster, are you going to run around saying it was YOUR karma? OH NO - couldn't happen to you, now could it? Stop judging other people and take a good hard look at your own ass! IT IS PEOPLE LIKE THIS IDIOT THAT GIVES THE REST OF US A BAD NAME.

2345 days ago

Don't believe in karma    

Oh don't worry Michelle - Christian Dior will be boycotted, but not for the reasons you think.

2345 days ago
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