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Evil Harry Potter Smites God-Fearing Librarian

5/28/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you think "Harry Potter," you think of an evil, Occultist, pagan, heathen devil, don't you?

Well, in this lawsuit, a Missouri librarian refused to push the Potter books on kids because she was afraid that The Boss -- the Almighty One -- would bring his fury on her and cast her out if she did. Unfortunately, she ended up incurring the wrath of the boss -- the one who pays her rent -- and got herself canned as a result.

So now Deborah Smith has invoked the help of the highly secular ACLU, which is helping her sue the Poplar Bluff Library for money. You know, the earthly kind. Amen.


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TMZ............................... I NEED MY PRINCE FIX !

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2336 days ago


Good for her! Guess religious freedom is for everyone EXCEPT Christians. Ridiculous. I hope she wins her suit.

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2336 days ago

Outlaw Star    

HEH, a book about wizards and fightng battles against evil is considered evil?? That was as funny as some idiot posting posters saying that poke mon was evil because the trainer uses a wand to control the poke mon in his care!! Time for that librarian to get a life and quit raping other people with her religious beliefs!!

2336 days ago


Ha ha...I don't think she has a case. Even IF Harry was actually promoting wichtcraft, she would still have no grounds for not wanting to lent out the book. If the job has duties that are a direct affront to her "religion" she could always get another one.

2336 days ago


another loser who wanted to push her views onto others...good for her...i would have fired her too. this is a country where you are free to chose what and if any religion you want. she got her just desserts......if she was that adamant about it, why work in a library. did she say the same thing to huckleberry finn & tom sawyer....the book uses the n word throughout. she was not afraid of god...she was palying god!

2336 days ago


I can't believe that Poplar Bluff is on here for something other than a drug bust!!! That's all that is in the news down here usually...

2336 days ago


Too stupid and literal to work in a United States Library. It is not the Pentecostal or Southern Baptist Library. She thinks "wizards" are witches and warlocks and devil worshipers. Hellllllooooooo.........She is almost as bad as the kindegarten teacher in New Port Lucie, FL who asked the kids to vote a student with a Learning Disability (Asberger's Syndrome- a form of Autism) out of the class ! No wonder people are Home Schooling. What kind of FREAKS are teaching and coming in contact with our kids ?? Most are fine, but come on......get the wierdos ( uninformed teachers and librarians) off the campus and playground.

2336 days ago


Good. I'm glad she lost her job. She SHOULD lose her job. How dare a public servant push her views on other people. I'm a teacher who WANTS her kids to read, and Potter books are popular with even the most reluctant readers. She deserved to be fired. This woman has a master's degree in library science and doesn't understand Rowling isn't anti God or Pro Devil. Rowling just wants to tell a good story. She, unlike this librarian, doesn't have an agenda.

2336 days ago


WOW. The ACLU must not have anything better to do than support some dumb nut bag that doesn't understand that having a job means you have to work some special events. If this truely was based on her religion then why would she work in a library that promotes Harry Potter? Sounds like she just wants a pay check, and the ACLU is like Gloria Allred, ALWAYS WILLING TO HELP SOME DUMBASS GET A PAYCHECK!

2336 days ago


I HATE the ACLU. They take up every wing-nut cause they can get their hands on! Suppose the rest of us want pagan reading? Ms. Bible thumper gets her way?!

Also, isn't the ACLU responsible for getting "In God We Trust" off of every American institution they can? The ACLU is conflicted as hell. There needs to be an Anti-ACLU.

2336 days ago


Too bad it's a public library and she can't bring her personal views on to the job and try to push those views onto others. If SHE CAN'T DO HER JOB WITHOUT BIAS THEN SHE DESERVES TO BE FIRED. That lawsuit doesn't have legs to stand on.

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2336 days ago


I got family who live in that area and I am NOT surprised there is someone that stupid to sue the library.

2336 days ago
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