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Gary Dourdan: Guilty, But No Jail

5/28/2008 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Dourdan pleaded guilty to two of the felony possession charges against him and won't have to serve any jail time.

The first charged against him, for having heroin, was dropped. He pleaded guilty to the possession of coke and ecstasy charges.

Dourdan's mega-lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ he will enter a treatment program -- but it isn't rehab -- that consists of 30 hours of classes which usually meet once a week. He needs to enroll in the classes by June 11 and the charges will be dismissed when he completes the program.

UPDATE 2:10 PM PT: TMZ has learned Dourdan has already enrolled in a treatment program. Talk about not wasting any time!


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Ya, like you didn't see that one coming. Any of the rest of us would be doing jail time. Only good thing to come of it is he's lost his part on CSI...shot in the head!

2338 days ago


what younger brother got harsher punishment for have paraphanalia(an empty bowl) in his car. This guy has the grandslam of drugs on him and gets a treatment program. I wonder if his celebrity status had anything to do with the slap on the wrist.

2338 days ago


All of you people complaining about his sentence must not live in California. In 2004 we had Prop. 36 on the ballot to mandate drug programs instead of jail. It overwhelmingly passed. It has since had a success rate of less than 10%. Anyone would get a drug program in this case, regardless of celebrity status. And, you can violate your program 3 times. It is a joke, but California voted for it, ignoring all evidence that shows that it doesn't work.

2338 days ago


still fine as h*#! come home with me i'll get you help

2338 days ago


well there's always next time right!!!

2338 days ago


I wish him the best and hopefully he can get some anger management classes in at the same time. Everyone can change for the better...well everyone but TMZ, that is.

2338 days ago


I just listened again to one of the most idiotic questions asked, "Gary, why did you have TOO MANY DRUGS in your car?" I mean seriously, couldn't the guy think of a better way to ask the questions about the drugs. It's not like he hadn't been standing out there waiting for him to leave the courthouse for hours. Please, if you are going to try and trick someone into talking think of something more intelligent to ask. Hey, at least I got a good laugh.

2338 days ago


Not so fast! I think they hired him back. Grant i don't approve of drugs. The man has demons. His brother's death! But,
no excuse for so much drugs. He is a good actor. Hell, any show with a cast like that and can spin 2 more good shows
that speaks volumes about his talent! Not drug use. He was part of CSI from day one. He helped build that show that
brought on a lot of actors who were out of work. You know Red from CSI Miami. CSI has a great cast. I hate he put
himself in this position. i hope he gets the help he needs. But, the decision to leave CSI was his own! Only after he
was arrested did they re-think. If they did. So, the question is have they re-hired him or not? Oh, with the actress
leaving last year. I don't want to see the show change. Let him get his life together. Hey, talk about charges being dropped
what about Gummi Bear and his stuff???

I hope he beats his demons for his sake.

2338 days ago


I HOPE THEY CAN BRING HIM BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2338 days ago


I hope they bring him back too. Maybe he will stay clean. Good luck Gary!

2338 days ago

matt seems he got off good, but in reality, he's worse off. By that I mean if he would have been in prison, he would have been forced to withdraw from heroin, coke, etc.....which basically would have been his "treatment". Instead, he's out on his own and has to attend ONE meeting a week, which will do nothing....and he will continue to do heroin, coke and whatever else he wants? He will never come off heroin and it will bring him down and most likely kill him in the future. So to all of us (even myself), who hate people who get off without jail time, it's only going to enable him more to do even more coke, heroin, EX, etc......and will end his life. So he's not really getting off of anything. He's just making his life worse for himself.....and the judge helped him.

2338 days ago


That's such bull! His butt should be in jail just like the rest of us would be if we did the same thing. I'm so sick of celebrities getting special treatment with the law. Money talks, celebrities walk should be the new motto of our court system. It's disgusting.

2338 days ago

me again!!!!    

i know the sentencing sounds like a easy sentence but that is normally what you are offered for a first offence drug conviction. they give you drug deversion and thats what it sounds like he recieved. your complaining about him getting deversion you should see the amount of people serving that same sentence with large amounts of drugs... onces to pounds of drugs... he had a lil personal use (not making like of it) and those people didnt even pay for a pricey attorney your count appointed public defender got them that. some people here i think believe that they are getting off easy when that is the normal time most people get for the crimes these people are commiting. Los Angeles remember our county jails are over maximum capacity.

2338 days ago


I see some people posting he got away with it and saw no jail time because he is a celebrity and yes this may be true but there are many normal people who do exactly what he did and do not see any prison time as well. We have a very messed up system and that is why there are so many dangerous people out there and the crime is so high.

2338 days ago


if that was you or me we would be in jail already

2338 days ago
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