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Xtina to Newborn Son: Lullabye Bye Bye

5/28/2008 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera's not like regular moms, she's a cool mom -- one who'd opt for club hopping instead of listening to a baby monitor all night.

With her 4-month-old son Max sleeping at home, Xtina and her hubby got their party on again at Villa -- her second time out this week, sixth this month. She'll cap it off by hosting a party at LAX in Vegas this weekend. A mother's work is never done.


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SoCal Razzles    

53. SELFISH WH0RES; you are exactly why the country is full of criminals. Why didn't you do your child and society a favor and WAIT UNTIL YOU WERE READY TO PROPERLY CARE FOR A CHILD TO HAVE ONE. Our society is full of selfish cows that $hit out kid after kid and leave day care providers to raise them. Them they wonder why they have piles of $hit for children. Kill yourself and your nasty uncared for child.

Posted at 4:37PM on May 28th 2008 by KEEP YOUR LEGS SHUT WH0RES


WOW... Don't hold back on our account! Jeez! I hear a new Camp in Training somewhere...

Sounds like someone (KYLSW) needs some meds and a bit of therapy in a padded room...take it easy, just because you had a bad day doesn't mean we all have to...CHILL!

2337 days ago

it takes a molester    

If this was Britney WAAH WAAH WAAH you'd be RIPPING HER APART and calling her an unfit mother because she is. Why play favorites TMZ? But then you're RIGHT! WAAH WAAH WAAH!

2337 days ago


Christina can go out with her husband and bond with him. She not doing drugs , Hooking up with loser men like britney and striping in clubs. She is a great mom who loves that little guy,and She is just having fun.

2337 days ago


Who freaking cares if she goes out 6 times a month? That's 6 out of 31. Big freaking whoop! They're allowed to have adult time. I'm a mother and if I didn't have some alone time I would go crazy. You have to take care of yourself to. Besides that, the kid is sleeping. I'm sure he'll grow up and think he had crappy parents because they weren't there to listen to him snore over a baby monitor. Yeah right.

2337 days ago

sammy banana    

This just in: Johnny Bonanza, age 28, father of one - out SIX times this month!!!! PLUS, he's hosting a party at JFK!!! What will he try to do next? Fly the space shuttle? Has this man no SHAME?

2337 days ago


What doe everyone expect her to do, stay at home bare foot and child bearing 24/7? Momma's need some party time too. Give that gal a break!

2337 days ago


At least Christina isnt off shaving her head.... I have a 3 month old, everyone needs a break sometimes.

2337 days ago

it takes a molester    

whats the bet that if it were Britney, TMZ would be condemning her as an unfit mother? Britney is an unfit mother. The courts took her kids away from her.

2337 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

17. She is a nasty wh0re who never wanted that kid to begin with,
Posted at 3:21PM on May 28th 2008 by This skank is absolute trash


And you know this how? Pray tell, let us in on it!

2337 days ago



She left her kid alone for a few hours 6 days out of 30??!!


Come on.

2337 days ago


Thats what most celebrities and people with money do. They let everyone else raise their kids-the nannies-housekeepers-managers and who ever else is on there payroll. Then these so called celebrites shower the kids with gifts and money to cover up their lack of parenting skills and the kids grow up to be selfish useless morons like their parents

2337 days ago


I am not conservative or old fashion in any way but I think she probably needs to get her priorities straight. Six times this month plus sleeping in to recover the next day is a lot of time you could be spending bonding with your child. I grew up with a mother who was a drunk and went out twice a week (same amount christina and hubby) and it was really hard on us. So dont kid yourself if you are a parent who parties on a weekly basis. it's not cool and sooner or later drinking will catch up to you.

Some of you see this as taking a break and it is essential to have time away. Dinner and a movie with your husband or a shopping trips, spa or happy hour with the girls should suffice. To unwind by partying till 3am twice a week is too much. Not long ago she needed help walking out of a club.

Bigger stars have had families and disappeared from the limelight and have had a great come back. Lord knows she does not need the money so bad that she needs to stay out at all hours, drinking and partying twice a week. She has a husband and a child and should be happy for that. Kids grow up so fast and become independent with a blink of the eye. Hold on to your kiddos and appreciate them.

2337 days ago

it takes a molester    

Anyone remember how much crap Britney got for going partying after Jayden was born?
And notice how LITTLE crap Christina's getting for going partying after giving birth?
Just saying Britney got caught by her bodyguard doing drugs that's why.

2337 days ago

Me in DC    

I don't have any problem with her going out clubbing, I am sure that the baby is being well taken care of. What I have a problem with is: How come she is listed as such a good mother and Britney Spears was listed as such a bad mother because she was going out at night?

2337 days ago


What a selfish woman. Most first-time mothers that I know, have to be dragged away from their infants, especially at night when the risk of crib death is most common. They want to spend all the free time they have with a new baby - the novelty usually wears off after the second or third, but the first born is 'normally' idolized, every breath it takes counted, a hiccup cause for concern.
Shows where this woman has her priorities, her needs obviously mean much more than bonding with her baby. Very sad....with her money, she doesn't have to worry about day-care, sitters etc. she can enjoy the luxury of a baby all to herself. How often do you see Jennifer Lopez out partying, and staggering drunk after she had her babies?

2337 days ago
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