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Mole is Pain in Butt for R. Kelly

5/31/2008 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R. Kelly denies that he is the guy in the homemade porno with an underage girl, but prosecutors brought in a forensic expert that may have busted the singer (via Chicago Tribune).

In a close examination of the video, experts located a visible mole on the man's back, which is in the same place and looks awfully similar to the one on R. Kelly's back in photos taken after his initial arrest. In another blow for the defense, an FBI expert testified that the video was not doctored or computer generated to make the man in the tape look like R. Kelly, which would be an expensive extracurricular project. Bet R. Kelly wishes he was trapped in the closet now.

Charlie Sheen Hooked, Again

Serial marriage guy Charlie Sheen got hitched last night in a small ceremony in Beverly Hills according to Us. After the first two weddings there's no need for the church and large reception hall.

Charlie proposed to real estate agent Brooke Mueller in 2007 with a $500,000 diamond ring. No wonder Denise is pissed. Close family and friends were present at the nuptials last night, wishing the new couple well. Even Charlie's two daughters with ex-wife Denise Richards participated in the festivities as flower girls. Despite rumors that the latest Mrs. Sheen is preggers, reps for the couple say there is no baby on the way.

Christian Doesn't Hate the Tranny Messes

The openly gay Project Runway winner is in a hot tranny mess of his own creation. Christian Siriano apologized for offending all the transsexuals out there after an interview where he said, "If you think of heterosexuals, they have white-trash women and trailer parks, and we have drag queens and trannies" according to People.

Christian said he meant no disrespect by his comments and that he "completely support[s] the fabulousness and amazing fashion inspiration that most transgender people provide." Now that all of that is settled, let there be peace.

Party Favors: Megachef Palmer Descends on OC ... Michael Ausiello is On the Move

We hear that Charlie Palmer, the culinary emperor whose domain extends from Aureole in NYC to Charlie Palmer at the Joule in Dallas to, well, everywhere in Vegas will finally be conquering the far West with his Charlie Palmer at Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza in Orange County. The joint was hoppin' the other night at its premiere -- and will open to the public today. ... We're also told that TV Guide's Michael Ausiello -- showbiz columnist extraordinaire for TV Guide for the last 8 years -- is taking his talents to Entertainment Weekly in a few weeks


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I am ALL for marriage however, Charlie Sheen should just stay single. It would seem that every time he say's "I Do", the relationship goes south!

R. Kelly, as Gary Busey said, "The truth will set you free"! A mole is a mole.

2305 days ago


"If you think of heterosexuals...." So I guess that part of the comment is OK, since it is against the evil straight people. All of that comment is offensive and he should apologize to heteros as well as the transgendered.

2305 days ago

Where There's Smoke There's Fire    

Tyra Banks has had it soooooooooooom Difficult..Poor Thing... Being TALL, CURVY, and BEAUTIFUL is such a struggle and the emotional pain......Oh God..The Horrors..... Poor thing.... I'll bet she had to make her own lunch for school sometimes.>.......Thank God a normal woman like her was able to make it out ...

2305 days ago

love them    

Dina, has no shame what she will do for fame and money, it is really sad, and the whole world is looking at her thinking the same thing, it is not even worth further comments, what can you say?, and she in her diluted mind thinks this is normal.

2305 days ago



2305 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Poor little Dina. What's really funny about WHOREhan is she'll say anything or do anything to get people to watch her atrocious "reality" show. Unfortunately for her, she's one of the most despised women in the US; everyone knows what an arrogant, self centered, living vicariously through her children loser she is, and are staying away from her show in droves. The same thing for denise "if I only had a brain" richards.

One of these days, the dumbass suits in hollywood will finally realize that NO ONE wants to watch a TV show that is boring or sucks up to a truly despicable person (like WHOREhan or "if I only had a brain" richards). Enough of these stupid shows; they're failing right & left now; the list is HUGE. Time to go back to programming something that actually requires people to use their brains...

2305 days ago


ahh.leave the gay kid alone,he is young and new to all this stuff,that is the way a lot of my more queenie friends talk,he was talking about fashion and taste and forgot he wasn't in the gay bar talking to the other boys.political correctness has gone way to far,people aren't aloud to have a sense of humor anymore,everybody is apologizing...too bad.i for one are sick and tired of having to watch everything i say,lesson learnt for the kid though,he doesn't seem to have much of a verbal filter,we will hear from him again, i hope he doesn't get spit out by the industry.

2305 days ago


I find it ironic that Miss Thang Girl Christian Siriano is dissing trannies when she herself looks like she likes to wear frocks.

2305 days ago


I can not figure out for the life of me why Charlie Sheen keeps getting married. He will just hire some hookers or start seening someone else. Look what he did to the first 2 wifes. People don't change and he is messed up. Denise did not mess it up charlie did both times and now maybe more kids in the middle. I don't know why anyone would trust him enough to marry him (money?) his track record says it all good luck Mrs Sheen you will need it.

2305 days ago


Punk Ass R Kelly. Wasn't R Kelly's Child molestation/statutoryrape/endangerment/pornograhpy video shot in R Kelly's house? You know the part where R Kelly had illegal sex with the visibly young and underaged little girl child/minor...the one where she danced and urinated for R Kelly and then R Kelly urinated on her? You know that video with R Kelly in it...with her, the little girl that R Kelly molsted and then gave money R Kelly's house? The bootleg compilation reel that sold on the street showing R Kelly in an office having sex with Gary Scheffield's soon to be wife...did i mention that R Kelly's face is in the video too..the video that R Kelly is denying that R Kelly is in Raping a little girl child. Why doesn't the prosecution go back to the house of find blueprints of the house in case the room was changed. It looked like a pool house or spa. the way...where is the friggin' outrage?

2305 days ago


If Christian is what's considered a normal gay person,i feel sorry for you people.He is annoying,and what the hell is up with the hair?Is that supposed to be the new cool gay look?What a fruitcake.

2305 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Mr. Siriano really does owe an apology to everyone. Imagine a name-of-straight-person-here saying: "If you think of homosexuals, they have drag queens and trannies and we have white-trash and trailer parks." Would an apology just to the 'white-trash' and trailer-park dwellers suffice? Would not--and fairly so--GLAAD be demanding an apology? If anything, his 'apology' is half-hearted, at best.

2305 days ago


Has Brooke or Charlie filed for divorce yet?

2305 days ago


Charlie Sheen getting married--again--the triumph of hope over experience.

Wish his latest soon to be ex-wife well. She is going to need it.

2305 days ago


Charlie Sheen's next victim and the PR-arranged relationship ... don't these women get that he's mental?

Please don't have children!

How did a good guy like Martin Sheen produce someone like this?

2305 days ago

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