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Sharon Stone Eats Chinese!!!

5/31/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Stone is making up for her idiotic Chinese earthquake remarks ... one Chinese person at a time.

Last night she dined at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills but had nothing to say to us outside. If only she kept her mouth shut in the first place.


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what does tens of thousands of innocent children who died in the quake has to do with the Chinese government, lead toys and oil prices? It's the innocent people who died, not the Chinese leaders!

a racist, heartless bitch who can't even think properly!

2301 days ago


164. This time, the earthquake happened in a region where thousands of Tibetans reside. I am very grateful that the Chinese government and military are not selfish at all and still extend their helping hands to rescue the Tibetan victims. This made me cry. It was a big lesson to me, that
sometimes you have to learn to put your face down and be a dog to the person who aren't nice to you. And that is a big lesson to me. Just in case if those morons claim Tibet was invaded and occupied by China. Study history you idiots. If Tibet was ever a country, tell me why no any other countries have ever recognized it? The US did not recognize China until the Carter Adminsitration and why they did not recognize Tibet before? Tibet never had any diplomatic relationships with any countries throughout history, NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE COUNTRY and the Dalai Lama had never claimed Tibet was a country before the Communist rule. If you study history, you will know that even before the Communist goernment took over China, the Nationalist government was already ruling Tibet. For those morons who believe in the Dala Lama's lies, I only feel sorry for you because 1) you are a racist, 2) you are very lazy, 3) you are very ignorant and 4)I am sure you don't have any college education. For any Dalai Lying Lama's believers, just go to Tibet anytime you want to take a look if Tibet is really like how it describes! I am qualified to say such thing because I am from Tibet, born and raised there. I am not saying the Communist government is good but Tibet is really not the way how the Dalai Lama describes. By the way, the Nationalist government and the Communist government are rivals; they never agreed upon anything but if you go to Taiwan today, you will see that Taiwan states that Tibet is part of China too. I just came back from Taiwan so I guess I have much more qualifications to say this than any of your lazy idiots do.

Posted at 5:35PM on Jun 1st 2008 by Tibetan

Many U.S people are stupid and hateful.....well, that's why Bush is the president!

2301 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Many people who respond to statements on this site have no appreciation for the
amount of irony and sarcasm for remarks made. 90% of what is written is not even
believed by the people who write it. Go Karma! Let me win the lottery for the time
I was nice to the check out clerk.

2301 days ago


Sharon Stone made NO MISTAKE, the truth hurts............

2301 days ago

New found land    

I think Sharon Stone and Mr.Cafferty are basically the same son of bitch they've been for the last 50 years.

2300 days ago


I think she was totally wasted when she made those moronic coments.

2300 days ago

Don't believe in karma    

Matt Gratz - I wonder if you would sing the same song if YOU lost your child or loved ones in a horrible, senseless tragedy and then some fool comes along and says - oh well, you deserved it - it was simply your karma. Try to put yourself in the position of others for a change instead of just living in your little comfortable world. What makes you think that your little comfortable world couldn't just as easily be turned upside down by any random act. Anyway it is a good thing that most people don't feel the way you do and as a result she is certainly suffering the consequences of her cruel words. Some of you people on here need to grow a heart and try to develop a little empathy and compassion for your fellow humanity - but I guess that will never happen until something horrible happens to you - then you will see that you are just as vunerable to something this horrible just like the rest of humanity. What makes you think it couldn't happen to you just as easily. Sometimes it takes personal experience of something like this for some stupid people to learn that they are NOT ABOVE things that other people are subjected to.

2300 days ago

Granny Pants    

My Darlings, she is nothing more than a crotch with a SAG card.

2300 days ago

A Nagai    

She is washed out actress who cannot find job in Hollywood and that's why this bitch has gone crazy. People, unemployment can screw your brain ans so is the Dalai Lying Lama.

2300 days ago


Just to let Sharon Stone and all the idiots who support the Dalai Lying Lama to know, the Indian police arrested 5 high ranking members of the Tibetan exile government, including the head of the Tibetan Youth Congress, for committing terrorist acts yesterday. Over half of the members of Tibetan exile government are members of the TYC. Just about a month ago, the Tibetan Youth Congress told reporters in Italy that they were training suicide bombers to kill innocent tourists in Tibet. For those morons who are fooled by the lies of the Dalai Lying Lama, now you know he is NOT a religious figure as he claims, he is nothing but a terrorist! I wouldn't be surprised if the Indian police will arrest the Dalai Lying Lama's ass for committing terrorist acts soon!

2299 days ago
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