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Clay Aiken E-smack-ulates

6/2/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken showed a flair of masculinity last night as he went after our D.C. photog who wanted some info on the Claby.


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You are a moron pimp. I hope nature makes it so you are not able to have children as you can not even spell the word "maybe" correctly. Clearly dumb people shouldn't be allowed to have their gene pool continued.

pimp: "I think people like Clay want it all, be gay and have kids."

I think you shouldn't say things like that because it's clear you aren't able to think and shouldn't pretend like you do.

2332 days ago


he is so gross. i wouldnt want him anywhere near me.

2332 days ago



What planet are you living on??? TMZ has done nothing but ridicule Aiken. Keep watch. The usual suspects are out of sight right now and Harvey and those high school dropouts he has writing for him can't sleep at night for thinking of a new way to trash Aiken.

I am not going to have a pissing match with you. I am off to a gentler, kinder place.

2332 days ago

jane doe    

PIMP, You are so right!

2332 days ago


IF the story about Jaymes Foster's pregnancy bears any truth at all (which the "TMZ spies" could only have obtained ILLEGALLY by breaking HIPPA laws of confidentiality at a medical facility privy to such details as gender of the baby) I think Jaymes needs to take 'em to court, clean 'em out & close 'em down! How rude, how nosy, how intrusive!!! IF there is a pregnancy, her age puts her at high risk, and she doesn't need to be dealing with this kind of harassment. NO ONE involved in her pregnancy has announced anything, and have no obligation to, either. Who's to say Clay's the donor, even if he has agreed with his best & trusted friend to be an active part in the rumored child's life!

To TMZ, I say grow up. get your heads out of your a**es and out of other people's private decisions!!! Stop feeding the lowest elements of civilization with gossip and trashtalk, and find someplace to do some good in the world!

2332 days ago

Wind Goddess    

Good for Clay! TMZ is a SMUT rag and only FOOLS and ignorant people believe the crap they put out. I think it's so sad that people automatically think they know Clay's orientation even though he's said so many times before that he's straight. There are quite a few effeminite males who are totally hetero, I know, I was married to one. Do you know they even said that David Cook was gay recently? Geez, everyone must be gay, then! Does anyone know for a fact that Clay and the woman tried to get pregnant naturally and due to her age the only way she could concieve was through artificial insemination? It's so funny how people just assume the worst of someone and live by it! It truly is ridiculous.

SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE YOU, CLAY! Whether this story is true or not (which Clay or Jaymes has not confirmed themselves AND other sources have denied this), you're still a great, handsome and talented guy with CLASS. NO ONE can take that away from you!

2332 days ago

jane doe    

To Nelah, Homosexuality is a choice. God didn't make people with confused genitals!

2332 days ago

jane doe    

WayTo Go Clay!"NO ONE involved in her pregnancy has announced anything, and have no obligation to, either..." HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW????

2332 days ago


No, I am not wrong. I so love it that I was blessed with intelligence. I feel sorry for people like you, who are too stupid to understand the larger picture. How boring and meaningless your pathetic life must be. Homosexuals do not choose to be that way. It is genetic and also caused by hormones present while the mother gives birth. Ask every single homosexual if it is a choice and they will all respond with an emphatic "NO." You are a total moron. Go read a book.

2332 days ago


CLAY/ Stop being so defensive. If you don't accept who you are, you will end up nasty like 'Rosie'. Actually looks like that has already started.
Rosie agressiively says she accepts being gay but I get the sense emotionally she doesn't. Clay is still firmly in teh closet and feels threatened by everyone.
If he actually knew, no one cares!!!!!

2332 days ago


I am proud of Clay, and many other celebrities who have, of late, started trying to stand firm against these vile and vicious attacks. Occurences such as this truly make me wonder if the same persons behind the cameras, or those writing the malicious slander, who do so without so much of an ouce of human integrity and feeling, would feel the same way if the attack was against their own sister, daughter, or anyone for that matter that they loved or cared about, especially an innocent child. (as the case may be, if this is indeed true or not a fabrication). I hope that some day soon those who genuinely respect life, truth and journalism, no matter whom it may involve, will become more the 'norm' again not only within our press/media, but in our society, as well. I would like to see integrity, humanity and professionalism as a norm in our journalists once again, instead of 'gossip' mongers and paparazzi, both of whom are the no more that the equivalent of vulchers and parasites. Those in our society who propagate this type of bullying and cruelty are, in my opinion, the lowest of the low.

2332 days ago


For some people, this site is entertainment and a way to relax a few minutes out of the day. Majority of us go in knowing that most of these stories are exaggerated. But what I am truly trying to understand is why people come here if they hate this site...This obviously isn't even entertainment for you so why are you here? Is there really nothing else in your life that you can find to do to sit and relax for a few minutes other than come to a site that you hate??

2332 days ago


"I am not going to have a pissing match with you. I am off to a gentler, kinder place.

Posted at 12:12PM on Jun 2nd 2008 by getalife"
funnily i just watched a movie last night where Meg Ryan always had to get in the last word.

2332 days ago

jane doe    

To Nelah, Go back to school! Try not to be mean yourself!

2332 days ago

jane doe    

54. "I am proud of Clay"--WHY? because He's having a baby with a Gramma?

2332 days ago
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