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Clay Aiken E-smack-ulates

6/2/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken showed a flair of masculinity last night as he went after our D.C. photog who wanted some info on the Claby.


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Not true!    

Clay's upset cuz the story is not true!

What also cracks me up on these posts is that now Jaymes is gay as well as Clay! None of you have any clue!

2297 days ago


Brad sounds so positive that Caly is gay. Therefore, Brad must have had sex with Caly Aiken. Tell us all about it Brad you homo freak! Deatils please!

And Jemima, you "get the sense emotionally she doesn't"? WTF does that mean? I get the sense emotionally that you're mentally stunted and spiritually challenged. Therefore it must be the truth.

"I get the sense emotionally"! I can't believe that someone actually posted something so sublimely ridiculous. LOLOLOLOL

2297 days ago


This guy is pathetic! He's as close to a nobody as a 'celebrity' can get yet he's acting like some prima donna. I sure hope he's not gay...he'd give the rest of us a bad name! Hey Clay...remember where you came from (and go back there)!

2297 days ago


Why the hell do you think he went after that photographer? Because for the last few days he has been the brunt of some incredibly cruel jokes! I would be pissed off too! He has had enough and I don't blame him, gay, straight, whatever this is going way behind human cruelty! Just because TMZ has stated this whole story as fact, does not make it true! And even if it is, why is it necessary to make him the butt of every joke out there? I don't think he is the one with the problem, but there are a lot on here that obviously have one! Wow, talk about the state of humanity? The human race has sunk this low to go after a guy who just sings, has never asked for these ridiculous stories to be printed about him either. He seems to live a quiet life, does not go out partying, drinking or sleeping around....OMG there must be something incredibly wrong with him... Does this does make any sense whatsoever? Please move on to someone who is out there on a daily basis making an ass out of themselves and deserves their business to be splashed around like it is entertainment!

2297 days ago


For those who question this man's celebrity and talent. I have seen him perform, several times and he is actually quite entertaining. I have seen a lot of great musicians over the years and he is one heck of an entertainer. That is really what this should be about. He has a real gift of song and stage presence. Forgot all this garbage, because he does not seem to ask for it. He is just about being an entertainer and trust me he is one of the best. Please get past this garbage and let the man do what he does best.

2297 days ago

ClayFanf rom Miami    

Go Clay! I'm so happy he did that!! If this baby thing is true...leave him alone! its not like this is shocking, make you-want-to-scratch-your-head news, Having a baby is a wonderful, loving experience

2297 days ago


True or not true, it wouldn't be terrible if TMZ wasn't reporting the "baby news" in such a negative way. There's a line between being funny and just being totally inappropriate, as most of your headlines regarding Clay are. You're so excited about being the site that broke the story, and if it's true, it obviously wasn't supposed to come out like that, so of course he's not exactly going to try to be polite for your cameras, since your stories obviously aren't trying to be polite about him. Why should he give you common courtesy when you show none to him?

Good for Clay. He deserves so much better than this negative media over something that should be happy.

2297 days ago


Aiken may not be father
'I can guarantee it is not Clay Aiken's baby'
Tom McMillan, Canwest News Service
Published: Sunday, June 01, 2008

The sister of record mogul David Foster is certainly pregnant -- but pop crooner Clay Aiken may or may not be the father.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ reported Thursday that Victoria resident Jaymes Foster is due in August with the former American Idol star's baby. But Foster's former sister-in-law says the rumour is "ridiculous."

"Jaymes is definitely pregnant, that much is true," said B.J. Cook, the ex-wife of David Foster. "I can guarantee that it's not Clay Aiken's baby."
Earlier reports said Clay Aiken had artificially impregnated 50-year-old Jaymes Foster, but several people close to Foster deny the claim.View Larger Image View Larger Image
Earlier reports said Clay Aiken had artificially impregnated 50-year-old Jaymes Foster, but several people close to Foster deny the claim.

Foster, 50, is a music producer who splits her time between Los Angeles and Victoria. She has worked with several artists, including Josh Groban, Michael Buble and Aiken, 29, who is best known for placing second on American Idol in 2003.

The two met when Aiken's management company asked Foster to work on his followup album to 2003's Measure of a Man. Aiken told Jam! Showbiz the two "got along famously" from the beginning and called the producer "absolutely wonderful."

The two have reportedly become friends and U.S.-based TMZ says "multiple sources" have confirmed they are now having a baby.

"We're told Foster was artificially inseminated," the website wrote. "Clay is a lot more than sperm -- we're told he will have an active role in raising the child."

However, controversy continues to swirl. Earlier, quoted David Foster's agent, Bill Vigars, confirming the reports. Vigars has since denied making the remarks and asked People to pull the article.

Cook flatly denies the rumours. Foster is due in August, she said, but Aiken is not involved.

"She's been pregnant for a while, and kept it under wraps until we knew that everything was going to be healthy and fine," Cook said. "I'm sure she'll be interested to know people are saying its Clay's baby."

Calls to Jaymes Foster were not returned. When reached by phone, David Foster refused to comment on the rumours.

There has also been no comment from Aiken, who has been dogged by questions about his sexual orientation since becoming famous.

Last month, Aiken told the television show Access Hollywood there was no need to address his questionable sexuality because people "don't want stuff like that pushed in their face."

2297 days ago


Quote from "Confessions of former idol Clay Aiken"

“It” includes rumours that the 29-year-old singer has had plastic surgery and is actually gay but afraid to admit it.

”That’s what’s so great about America,” he said, laughing. “One of our valuable amendments to the Constitution — freedom of the press — is also one of the crappiest. You can write anything you want. You don’t need to have any proof or any truth to what you write.”

And people are wondering why Clay is so sick of the press?!!! What he did? I say, GOOD FOR YOU CLAY!!!

2297 days ago


The only mistake Clay made was by not kicking the crap out of this photographer!!!

2297 days ago


I wish every celebrity would shove your TMZ videographers. All you would get is people shoving cameras back into your faces. I wish celebs wouldn't even talk to you TMZ jerks.

2297 days ago


""66. For some people, this site is entertainment and a way to relax a few minutes out of the day. Majority of us go in knowing that most of these stories are exaggerated. But what I am truly trying to understand is why people come here if they hate this site...This obviously isn't even entertainment for you so why are you here? Is there really nothing else in your life that you can find to do to sit and relax for a few minutes other than come to a site that you hate?? ""

66, (or is that 666?)
If you consider trashing other people's lives as relaxing entertainment, then you seriously need to stop coming to this site and all other sleazy tabloids. If I could identify who you are, hiding behind a ficticious name, I'll bet there are many aspects of your life that would make some very 'entertaining' situations that we all could 'relax' with. Get a life!

PS Since you say these stories are exagerated, then i expect the camera zapping incident is just made up. If it was true, it would have appeared on every "news" outlet by now. Even the National Enquirer has not copied any of this. And, I thought they were the sleaziest rag on earth. Guess, I was wrong. TMZ is.

2297 days ago


What I SHOULD say: Violence solves nothing. Ignore the riffraff. Stay above the lowclass slime that calls itself media.

What I WANT to say: You shoulda knocked him on his ass, Clay! You rock, baby!

2297 days ago


1st Comment - Clay is nuts. All the guy did was ask him if he'd picked out
a name for his baby. There was no reason for him to go ballistic.

Posted at 10:42AM on Jun 2nd 2008 by jello

2nd Comment - Oh, really? No reason??? Do you suppose that all the nasty stories
TMZ has been posting about him MAY have had something to do with his
anger? Do you suppose that he knew that the photog was just after
another picture to add to another story to ridicule him? Whatever
your opinion of Clay Aiken, the man is intelligent and will never
give the time of day to the lowlifes of this world.

Posted at 11:16AM on Jun 2nd 2008 by getalife [/i]

3rd Comment - Sorry, but I haven't seen any stories lately that ridicule him. They
just reported the news that has been confirmed. I don't think pushing
the camera into that photographers face shows any intelligence at all,
but shows a lack of it.

MY COMMENT - Get real now. How can you wonder why Clay finally had enough and shoved this cameraman? TMZ reported a story that may or may not be true. The story has not be confirmed by either Clay or Jaymes. The only person that supposedly confirmed the story was a rep of David Foster and he has since said he was misquoted. A Canadian paper says that David Foster's ex-wife stated that no way is the baby Clay's. So with all these contradicting reports, there is no way of knowing if this story is true or just another lie that TMZ has told. TMZ is no more trustworthy than any tabloid.

Even if the story is true, what right did TMZ have to report a personal/private event in their lives. Let's see how you would react if the most personal of your stories was picked up by dozens of media sites for the world to see. If the story is true, apparently they were not ready to make it public for whatever reason, and TMZ is the lowest of life for taking it upon themselves to be the ones to spread this story which was quickly picked up by practically every other tabloid and even reputable media. TMZ makes their living by making people's lives miserable. Every person who works for TMZ should undergo the same reporting of their most personal of personal life events. What a bunch of jerks to do this. What right do they have? Absolutely none. And don't give me the "freedom of speech" right. You can't convince me our forefathers had this in mine when they penned those words. WIth rights comes responsibility, and TMZ is nothing but irresponsible in their reporting.

WIth all this said, giving the TMZ reporter a push as Clay did shows great restraint to me. He'd had enough after 2 days of these guys spreading this around. And then they have the nerve to be waiting to pounce on him when he comes out of a dignified event of singing at a Gala for the President along with other top notch stars. You commenters can say what you want, but Clay is a class act person who is thought highly of by people who count. Broadway was extremely impressed with him in his recent role in Spamalot. He just received an award for that show. UNICEF praises him for the work he does with them. How many of you have been to Indonesia after a tsunami, to Uganda to check on children who are kidnapped on a daily basis there and have to leave home every night and sleep elsewhere to keep away from the kidnappers, to Afghanistan to work with children, including girls who never had a chance before, who are being educated, and Mexico after the flooding last year to comfort and inspire the people there? Which of you has a foundation for children with disabilities that is improving the lives of these children by spreading the word of inclusion and making inclusion possible for them?

You commenters have no clue at all who Clay Aiken is. You have a preconceived idea about him which is as false as the stories that TMZ report. You sound like grade school bullies. Thankfully, Clay stands tall and doesn't let people such as you bother him.

I would love to see someone sue the living daylights out of TMZ. A class action suit by all the stars who have been verbally assaulted by them. Put them out of business once and for all. The world would be a better place.

2297 days ago

love them    

why do his fans keep saying you go '''''Gay oops. i mean clay,? where do they want him to go?, to hell or maybe home away from everybody else. because he do not get a pass for acting like a diva, or an ass, he went over board, he should be glad someone wanted to take a picture of that ugly mug, how bad of a behavior does this freak have to have before people realize, that he is just like every other diva, people have made this guy/girl think that he is the cats meow, but clearly he is not, next time he strikes someone for no reason, they need to bring his prissy azz up on charges really, he is not that great of a talent i went to one of his concert early on and was really disappointed, people make him big because they feel sorry for him, after seeing his action, he is no better than Britt, in fact worst, she never behave that way.

2297 days ago
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