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Diddy's Off-the-Cuff Dispute

6/2/2008 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean "Diddy" Combs is a multi-millionaire mogul who leads a life most can only dream of. So why is he pissed off at a rinky-dink website that sells cufflinks?

We're told Diddy unleashed his big-time lawyers on a website called, a small, family-owned cufflink seller. They fired off a letter telling them that the business' name was way too similar to his. Wait -- didn't he change his name to Diddy years ago?

We hear the business gets its name from the owner of the company -- he's just a proud dad who sells cufflinks.

The owner of the company tells us they are going to post a disclaimer on the site to minimize any confusion about the name. They also say they hope to resolve this with Diddy's lawyers as quickly as possible, and are in no way trading on his name-- they're just trying to run their small business.

Reps for Combs did not return our calls for comment.


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God, this reminds me of when the car manufacturer Nissan tried to sue another company (I am going to get this wrong probably, but I think it was a computer manufacturer) for using the name Nissan in their title. IT was only the guy's LAST NAME but big bully Nissan the car people claimed customers would get confused!!....Pathetic. People need to get over themselves.

2297 days ago

Joan_Crawford Biatch!    

When is he not suing someone? Now he's picking on some mom & pop business??? Get an effing life!

2297 days ago


Everyone needs to boycott anything that Puke Diddy endorses.

2297 days ago


GET OVER YOURSELF..p diddy, puffy, puff daddy, sean, sean john, sean combs, sean "puff daddy" combs...have i left ANYONE out??!??!! please....

2297 days ago


Get over yourself, you tool.

2297 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Who buys cuff links anyways? Paper clips work just as well, plus you can use them to
"jimmy" the handcuff locks when they arrest you. The guy that owned the Cuff Daddy
website probably made two or three bucks profit a month, but thinks to God, errr Puff Daddy
he will probably make a nice income and send his child to college.

2297 days ago


Thats really shiddy!

2297 days ago


He is a sissy boy.

2297 days ago

Baby Puffy    

Doesn't he have anything better to do than pick on a Mom and Pop business? When I heard the name Cuff-Daddy, Sean John Puffy Diddy Combs was the last thing I thought of. Mom and Pop businesses are the backbone of this country. If Cuff-Daddy is successful, Sean John Puffy Diddy Combs should just leave them alone.

2297 days ago


Does PDiddy or what ever the moniker for the day is actually believe this guys is cutting into his action? Diddy is filthy rich and he wants to stop a little mom pop (well compared to him) family operation? NO CLASS. I bet it gets thrown out of court as it should.

2297 days ago


"It is impossible for capitalism to survive, primarily because the system of capitalism needs some blood to suck. Capitalism used to be like an eagle, but now it's more like a vulture. It used to be strong enough to go and suck anybody's blood whether they were strong or not. But now it has become more cowardly, like the vulture, and it can only suck the blood of the helpless. As the nations of the world free themselves, the capitalism has less victims, less to suck, and it becomes weaker and weaker. It's only a matter of time in my opinion before it will collapse completely."

-- Malcolm X

2297 days ago


This is one self centered dude that places WAY more importance on himself that anyone else does. He whines about how sexy and classy he is all the time, but he is neither and part of the reason is because he DOES try to force himself on everyone. Attention whore to the nth degree. Beh

2297 days ago


GET OVER UR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2297 days ago


wait ... i bought a pair of dachshund cuff links from there and never once did i compare the name or think of sorry ass diddy. please. i am going shopping now.

2297 days ago

XLR Kid    

Mr. Cuff-Daddy says he is posting a disclaimer on his site. That should end any confusion (if there ever was any) and bring the matter to a close.

2297 days ago
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