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Graziano to Hogan -- You Screwed the Marines!

6/3/2008 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Frank Graziano, John Grazianio's older brother, had a few choice words of his own for the Bollea family today.
John Graziano
Frank was a guest on "The Schnitt Show" radio program in Tampa, Fla. -- railing against Nick, Hulk and the whole Hogan family. As you can imagine, he's not pleased.


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More power to you,Mr. Graziano.

2303 days ago


God bless the Graziano family!

2303 days ago


best not f&%k with the USMC

2303 days ago

just wondering    

The emotions of the Graziano must be unbearable on a daily basis, especially after those infamous tapes and watching the Bolleas carry on with their poor values. I can't even imagine the physical damage that their bodies r going thru , this will take a real toll on all of them. Very sad.

2303 days ago

Big Bear    

Frank you had better back off of Nick. Nick married a 350 pound gent in jail and they are in love. Bubba is Nick's husband and would not like you saying bad things about his bitch, err wife. Nick has learned all about jail love and how it works. Nick cries a lot but I am sure he loves Bubba.

2303 days ago


Nick Hogan is a punk bitch. He's lucky to be in jail for only eight months. I'd knock him on his ass if I ever saw him, for what he did to that Marine. This guy fights for our country and is brain damaged by some punk loser who spends too much time in a tanning booth who has no remorse whatsoever for what he did. Karma works in mysterious ways, hopefully Nick gets whats coming to him. Maybe he'll fry to death in a tanning bed or overload on hair product and the fumes will brain damage him so he knows how it feels.

2303 days ago


So if John passes, which God forbid, they can't retry Nick. So he should thank his lucky effing stars about that. He should feel lucky that he will be out in 8 months, while John is gonna be in a hospital bed for the rest of his life. Nick is a jerk. His family is a joke and he will get what is coming to him.

2303 days ago


joe is right, you don't F with a Marine. My husband's a marine, and I know if this happened to him, it wouldn't just be the Graziano family all out for justice. The Hogans would have to deal with a LOT of ticked off Marines. Ever seen a lot of ticked off Marines? Pretty damn scary, no matter what kind of "wresteting" family you are from.....

2303 days ago

Reality TV Sucks    

Good for Frank. God help the television station that decides to give that waste of DNA Nick a reality show. They'll be selling their airtime for a nickel if they try producing that crap. There is a limit to what people will stand for. As it is - television is already coming ridiculously close to that line. I'd never wish harm on anyone - but I hope the whole Hogan/Bollea family will someday be able to realize that the world doesn't revolve around them - and in fact - most of the world doesn't care about them either and that there are bigger travesties in life than being stuck in a cell for a few months.

But I digress and so back to my main point. Consider yourselves forewarned Networks. You air any reality show of the Hogans or Nick and not only will I not watch nor purchase anything from anyone affiliated with your network, but I'll convince everyone I know to do the same. The military is a large community lest ye forget...

2303 days ago


I am so all about accountablity and Nick deseves the jail time.. but at the same time, John chose to sit in the car without a seatbelt. John is also the one that purchased BOTH of them the beer and Nick was underage.. I feel for the victim's parents and I am a parent and I could not imagine ever going through what they are going through however, their son madebad choices too.. This is not entirely Nick's fault and it is so unfair that the media is making Nick look like he is the devil when John purchased the beer that lead to this entire accident. I admit that Linda needs to totally grow the F up and quit spoiling her baby son.. but at the same time it is not ALL NICK'S fault. He did not put a gun to John's head and force him to buy the beer and not wear a seatbelt.

2303 days ago


It is completely understandable how Frank feels, he is right. I don't know how the Graziano family copes day to day, especially with the released phone calls. We have seen the "Hogan" families true color. They are not good people!!! Everything this family does in the future should be boycott.

2303 days ago


The Bollea family is a complete disgrace. Little Nicky wants to be in reality shows but funny how he can't handle his own reality of a cell. This loser better get on his knees everyday and thank God almighty that he is only serving 8 months. This kid wouldn't last a day in general population. Semper Fi Frank!

2303 days ago

jesse lee cook    

boycot vh1 boycot the hogans!!the graziano's will have their day in court i hope the calls from jail and the way they are treating the graziano family are let in the hearing's!Sad a very sad interveiw!!!!!!jesse lee

2303 days ago


Has there been any retribution to Hulk's career? Or was i finally forced into retirement? Also isn't there supposed to be a new reality show staring Brooke? Will that be put into the dumpster too? (where the whole selfish family belong) After knowing all the facts, will people still watch, or botcott?

2303 days ago


God bless the Graziano family.

I would like to know why the networks continue to give the Hogan's tv shows? This family should be made to go into hiding and live in shame.

2303 days ago
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