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Lily Tomlin: Bushwhacker

6/3/2008 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lily TomlinCops have been called to the home of Lily Tomlin over a dispute with her next door neighbor. What's that line about good fences?

LAPD sources tell TMZ the dispute is over trees -- as in Lily won't stop cutting them down. But sources on scene say there is a question as to whose property they are on in the first place.

Cops have since left the scene. No arrests were made.


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She has a phoebia with ugly sticks.

2296 days ago


It should be against the law to cut down trees, but only if they're not diseased/dying/in danger of falling.
Guess this is one celeb that hasn't jumped on the "help global warming" stage...

2296 days ago


Lily has always been into bush

2296 days ago

He's Boring now    

These rich old broad actresses, especially the comedic ones, always get way weird when they get old---especially about property kinds of things...weirdness sets in and it only gets worse. This woman hasnt been funny, nor relevant in decades, so maybe cutting trees and upsetting neighbors becomes their new medium.

God Help her

2296 days ago

jane doe    

She is Disgusting! Maybe Ellen will start crying on Her TV show for Her!

2296 days ago


Trust ME, No One is More into the Environment then Lily ! Lily is a True Humanitarian and die-hard Animal Lover !
Lily, Cares about Mother Nature and Global Warning and Fighting Hunger ! Just, because a home owner trims branches
from her own personal landscaping , hardly denotes sabotaging trees. Two-sides of every coin ! Maybe, the tree needs to
be removed or pruned back ? Who knows for Sure ? Too, Lily may not be aware of her gardner trimming in excess ?
Lily's Neighbor maybe to cheap to keep up proper maintance of the trees on his or hers property and they have to trim
to remove excessive foliage ? Everyone has had issues with a neighbor where landscaping is concerned! Believe me
My former neighbor was cheap and lazy and never maintained his property, so we were the gardner to our neighbors
property line ! Some people take pride in a beautiful yard and backyard ! Lily, doesn't have time to fight over tree trimming! I am sure, this is a story blown out of purportion.

2296 days ago

Boston Kate    

Operator - how did you come up with that angle? You're an idiot.

2296 days ago

Boston Kate    

Jane Doe - you come across as a fool.

2296 days ago


I thought she was dead

2296 days ago


Time to move into a gated community or country club with a Homeowner's Association.

2296 days ago


Oh hell, who cares? Who hasn't quarreled with their neighbors? If they're her trees, she has every right to cut them. If they're the neighbors, they'll soak her for a bundle and it will be over. This is pretty lame gossip.

2296 days ago

jane doe    

#8 "Boston Kate" Ask Me if I care!

2296 days ago


It's Me again ! from # 6 I meant to write/spell ( this story is blown out of proportion ) !
I apologize before the grammar Police Rip Me A New One !!! Anyway, Lily is One of the Most Kind Hearted People, I have
ever had the pleasure knowing ! Lily gets her Compassion from her fabulous belated Mother the *Lillie Mae Tomlin* !
Lily has a heart of gold and would never harm or destroy anything from Mother Earth, she doesn't even kill spiders ! I know,
this is false information and reporting ! For the rest of the negative comments here--- Can't say something Nice about a
Person say nothing at All ! We all have our Karma ! You get back what You Put Out into the Universe !

2296 days ago

jane doe    

"9."Boston Kate" You're got problems. Stick to the subject.

2296 days ago

jane doe    

Don't bore Me with Karma crap "ReginaPalmDesert". It's just an article calm down.

2296 days ago
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