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K-Fed -- Papa-Zao of the Year!

6/4/2008 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yes, you will read this right: Kevin Federline is getting an award for being the Father of the Year ... from a Las Vegas nightclub.

People reports that the Federdaddy –- who as far as we can tell has been tending quite diligently to his four-strong brood of kids over the past year –- is getting the informal honor from Prive Las Vegas. And he'll get to celebrate at a party there on June 13, presumably without the kids.

Last year, he got another Daddy of the Year of the award from Details magazine, along with Larry Birkhead.

Angelina's Faux-ssistant Unmasked!

So that false "ET" story that TMZ debunked the other day about Angelina Jolie having her twins? Looks like it was the work of an impostor assistant.

Rush & Molloy report that Angie has hired the legal commandos at Lavely & Singer to make media outlets aware that "a random impostor" using a fake email address has been giving out "fictionalized tips" – including the one that duped "ET." Jolie's real assistant's name is Holly Goline, and her people have located the hoaxer.

Levert's Widow Files Wrongful Death Suit

The widow of R&B singer Sean Levert has filed suit against jail officials who she accuses of failing to look after his medical condition.

Levert died March 30th after falling ill abruptly in jail. The exact cause was determined to be "natural causes" – Sean had high blood pressure. His widow, Angela Lowe, says that jail officials didn't look after his medical condition properly and is seeking unspecified damages.

Sean was serving a 22-month sentence for skipping out of child support. His brother Gerald died in 2006 of "acute intoxication."

Party Favors: Rosie Calls "View" a Women's Prison ... Chicago Reporter Won't Be Jailed in R. Kelly Trial

Rosie O'Donnell is still mining "The View" for yuks – FOX News says that during her set on the True Colors tour, Ro said the show started "as a tea party and wound up like a women's prison movie. There were shivs out on the table." ... Longtime Chicago Sun-Times music critic Jim DeRogatis won't be arrested for failing to show to court to talk about the R. Kelly sex tape, but he will have to show up today to talk about it.


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    


They were considering Mr Fritzl for this award, too!

2295 days ago

Im just sayin'...    

You know what sucks? There are SO many great dad's out there that would be honored and deserving to have this award but because they are not a "celebrity" they dont get recognized like this. its like these establishments pool a handful of famous dads together and decide who is not as crappy as the rest of them of them voila! They get an award. I dont argue that K'Fed has done an admirable job as a parent, but Father of the Year SHOULD signify taking it up a notch in some measurable way.

To all of the dads out there who have NOT filmed an Allstate Insurance commercial as a fry cook - keep up the good work! Your kids love you.

2295 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

A nightclub awarding a 'father of the year' award? And how does one win that--by being there for two-hundred consecutive nights or what?

2295 days ago


PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO HATE. Who cares about Rosie? She is so freak'n ugly. Ugly ain't descriptive enough. And stupid. Stupid, fat and ugly. And who cares about the View? Stupid bitches. Still don't know why Whoopi lowered herself to that level. Oh, yea the money.

2295 days ago

love them    

Rosie get under my skin too, but, it has nothing to do with her sexual orientation, although i don't agree with it, it is none of my business,/the reason is, she has made a fool out of herself and of everybody else and still she gets air time, they need to just stop showing her and she will get the message and go away. she just can;t keep that big mouth close always starting trouble.

2295 days ago


That's so funny. A nightclub awarding Father of the Year. Who in their right mind thinks that is an honor - IT'S NOT.
Plus I never heard of this Details Magazine that gave Larry Birkhead an honor - they must be one of those free giveaway magazines. . Awarding someone who uses a child for explotation tso he can make a buck. What a joke.

2295 days ago


Was the jail aware of Levert's medical condition? Was Levert aware of his medical condition?

It was Levert's responsibility to make the jail aware of his medical needs...............they don't read minds!

2295 days ago


Only in Vegas!...and wasn't that guy like 500 lbs or something? it does tend to wear on your heart..*rme*

2295 days ago


I think it's more acceptable that KFed is awarded Father Of The Year than it is for Dina Lohan to be awarded Mother Of The Year.

Somehow, someway, someday, everyone will ignore Rosie so we don't have to hear about her bitter past. We didn't care then, we don't care now. Shut up and just go away, please...

2295 days ago


Who says ANGELINA JOLIE is having girls? I think she got artificial insemination to get a boy for Brad. They always get what they want.

2295 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Rosie is a beautiful and honest person. Stinking filthy liars who lust over other people's suffering can't handle someone like her. Rosie is one of the greatest human beings this planet has to offer.

2295 days ago


Wouldn't a lesbian like Rosie just LOVE to be in a women's prison? It would be like a smorgasbord for her.
You mean the things we've heard about them aren't true?

2295 days ago


Yeah, a nightclub is great for deciding on Father of the year- what's next rehab decides Mother of the year?

2295 days ago

by me    

Enyways back to the subject I would not dought Angelina Jolie doing that. She loves attention you can tell. She probably
don't get enoght at home so she needs every one else attention. That's why she wen't topless. REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2295 days ago


I guess Levert's widow has to get money somewhere since she couldn't get him to take care of his kids. How sad to have a father who died in jail because he didn't take care of his responsability.What a legacy to pass on to your grandkids.
And K-Fed give me a break,why do people think its something special for a man to take care of his kids. Just because he sees them everyday does not mean he is taking care of them. Without Brits money I'm sure they would be a statistic living with the grandparents like a lot of other kids.

2295 days ago
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