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Country Star: I'm Big, Tasty and McPissed

6/5/2008 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a nugget for you. A country music dude is suing McDonald's because he's convinced ... he's the guy on the Big 'n' Tasty box.

Let's review why this is ridiculous. First, the picture could be anyone. Second, the guy's name is Ira Dean -- why would a C&W artist go by Ira? And third -- do you really need a third?

BTW, Ira used to play for Trick Pony. McDonald's couldn't immediately be reached to cackle.


No Avatar

just curious    

Some people will look for any reason to sue.

2300 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

I was going to sue Micky-D's bacause I think they used my likeness for the Hamburgerler. I'll tell ya what.

2300 days ago


I have no idea who that is but perhaps you should put a picture of him on here so we could compare?

2300 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I just don't see any bassist for this lawsuit.

2300 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

If I were Carman Electra I would sue Micky D's because they clearly used her boobs for the outline of the Double-D Golden Arches, you know what I'm talking about.

2300 days ago


I am the "Grimmace", nothing can stop the grimmace.

2300 days ago

Bratwurst Schmeckenhauser    

Can someone please go and check on the well-being of Prince von A-Hole? I´m afraid he might have died, he was nowhere to be seen for a week, you got me concerned here.

2300 days ago


Gummi Bear is also MIA........what's up with that?? Did TMZ have a falling out with the Gum Meister?

2300 days ago


If you don't know what you're talking about.....don't comment. That looks EXACTLY like Ira Dean from Trick Pony. He plays just like that, same instrucment, same hair, hat, position, etc. If that was your image and you weren't getting one cent from McDonald's, you'd be the first ones to moan. Search for some Trick Pony pictures and you'll see that image is as close as exact that you can get.

2300 days ago

truth teller    

TMZ is acting pretty retarded in this one... who are they to decide whether or not his likeness is being used?

They don't know, they've never seen a picture of him... and to say that this pic could be anybody has to be the stupidest fu**ing thing I've ever heard. It's not often that long-haired country rockers have edgy pics taken of them playing a stand-up bass. Oh, well, his name's Ira, so automatically this is ridiculous? tMZ, get rid of the immature wannabe-quirky writers, they fu**ing suck.

Sure people will sue for anything, but to just assume that this is a frivolous lawsuit because the defendant is Mc$hit is ludicrous.

2300 days ago


Oh, who cares anyway? Another frivilous lawsuit. No wonder other countries laugh at us.

2300 days ago


What??? Was he stoned when they saw the billboard on the highway - Dude!! that looks just like me!!!

LMAO - I looked at all the google pics (all 2 1/2 pages) - not one pic looks like this ANIMATED PICTURE of ANY GUY USA that plays a BASS!!!

Dumbass!! He actually kind of resembles Bucky from American Idol!!!

2300 days ago


Maybe he uses the name Ira because that is his name.

I mean, who in Hollywood uses the name Harvey?

2300 days ago


The "artwork" on the packaging might be just crisp enough to be a plausible for litigation

2300 days ago


This guy should be punished for wasting the courts time. This is an obvious money scam.

2300 days ago
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