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Gloria's Client: I Won't be D**ked Around

6/5/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was jock blocked from the Bev Hills Hotel for dressing like a man was overcome by emotion as she explained the humiliation of getting s**tcanned from the can.


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Anyone who hires her as a lawyer is looking for press. Shes a media wh0re.

2241 days ago

I'm starting to like this guy.    

As a woman, I would definitely find the site of that person in the woman's restroom threatening.

If you look like a man, sound like a man, and wear Old Spice cologne, NOBODY will let you into the Woman's loo.

2241 days ago


Oh good grief. If walks like a duck and quacks like a duck clearly.......
The she/man even sounds like a man. What would you expect the security people to think dressed and sounding like that. That Gloria sure know's how to pick her clients. She's one step from ambulance chasing.

2241 days ago


Gloria exactly how much money would make that boo-hooing go away?
Dress like a woman, if you are one.

2241 days ago

Big Bear    

Tanya is a man or woman?? The only way to tell what it is would be a genetic test. Tanya has not done a good job with her dressing after the surgery now has it err she??

2241 days ago


I'd rather have it in my bathroom than gloria...... one scary bitch

2241 days ago


Gloria how would you have reacted if you were squatted in the rest room and that dude/woman/tranny walked by?

2241 days ago

leanne w.    

Um, if this is supposed to be a woman, then I have the biggest penis in the world, and I AM a woman! Who does this person think he is fooling? And would someone take this Allred whore out?? PLEASE?? I remember, once upon a time, when Gloria Allred had a somewhat decent reputation. Now she has turned into a parody of herself. She can't be serious with this case! That is a man, straight up. I want to see this person naked if he insists that he is a SHE, and if this does go to trial, I hope a judge makes this freak strip down to nothing, to prove that this is a man. Living in the Bay Area, I know there are a lot of lesbians who dress this way, as the "man" in the relationship, but this is a man. No question in my mind whatsoever.

2241 days ago


Do it - sue the hotel so they can counter sue you two gold diggers.
100 out of 100 juries are going to award the hotel damages that you two will need to pay.

In fact, I should sue you for making me lose 1 minute of my life redaing this BS.

You're a clown Gloria.

2241 days ago


If it looks like a duck and quakes like a duck, it is a duck. Trans whatevers haven't any right in the women's restroom. And this person say words like humili-ized and axed? Neither of these two words exist in proper King's English. The guards did the right thing.

2241 days ago


IN the words of Austin Powers "Thats a man baby".

2241 days ago


hey have no problem with this "thing" wanting to be a man so why not use the male restroom. I mean if you feel that you are a man and therefor dress like one why the hell not use the appropiate restroo. Besides lots of lesbians look female yet their prefrence is female and in that case they can use the female restrooms. This just a load of crap and cheap publicity i hope it gets thrown out of court and this gloria looney should be disbarred for having the courts waste so much time.

2241 days ago


Really Its KFED

2241 days ago


COMPLETE INSANITY! You want to dress/look like a man and are offended when people think you are one? Unreal! Sorry, but this is completely staged. Get a life and Gloria Allred, get a real job. You're the white, female version of Jesse Jackson...someone who's existance is completely and utterly pointless.

2241 days ago

good grief!    

hey can anyone explain to me what "bushman" means?

2241 days ago
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