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Fiddy's Urination Sensation

6/6/2008 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you're at a gas station and you gotta GO -- but unlike Britney Spears, you ain't going near the grody bathrooms. What do you do? If you're 50 Cent, you piss all over the sidewalk.

50 and his boys were cruising in his sick Lambo in Queens the other day when he needed to sneak a leak.

Hope he washed his hands.


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I hope he has some handi-wipes. Nothing like a man with pissy hands lol

2333 days ago



thankfully he's a solo artist here;

did you want to give him a hand ?

2333 days ago


You know, I had at least SOME respect for this guy realizing all he went through. Now, forget about it. You are a star yet you act like a piece of trash using the world as your urinal. Screw you.

2333 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

He should have recycled.. this goon should be shot. Oh.. thats right.. he already has been. Now he IS a has been.

2332 days ago

just wondering    

Come on, he is watering the rocks!!!! geesh

2332 days ago


I just think it's funny that there are "fiddy" comments. Oh well I ruined that.

2332 days ago

Ms S    

50 is in his natural habitat. Dogs always pee outside. This isn't news.

2332 days ago

love them    

the racist jerk who claims (Brothers can't swim,) you just showed your ignorant a**, narrow minded sick piece of crap, see, how do you like it?, and please, i seen people do this all the time, passing them on the freeway and a lot of decent places, i don't condone this eighter, but maybe the rest rooms were not sanitary, he is lucky to be a man at that time, btw my two boys are excellent swimmers, so there goes your stupid theory.

2332 days ago

Beachcomber Bill    

It's better than peeing on yourself.

2332 days ago


14. Oh please...we all know guys that do this. I don't condone it, but isn't this pretty invasive?

Posted at 1:41PM on Jun 6th 2008 by Melina


Brilliant, Melina. You must be one of 50'd braindead fans.

2332 days ago


just goes to show that just cuz you're famous, doesn't mean you have intelligence. (look at all the idiot 'stars' here at TMZ for example. They have fame and money, just no intelligence.) Just another stupid b@st@rd who has zhit for brains.

What's really revolting is how many kids look up to this cretin as a role model.......

2332 days ago


CLASS act..
as my granny always said, "money can't buy you class or good taste" example...

2332 days ago


Him and his boys (as in plural?) in his Lambo. That's a 2 seater, what are they doing taking turns sitting in each other's laps? Pissing on the sidewalk...sigh...get a life you freakin heathen.

2332 days ago


Real CLASSY! Couldn't he have stopped at a restaurant or any other clean public place that's up to his standards??? Hollywood. They are such class acts. Granted, there are SOME good entertainers as well as athletes, but their so called talents do not warrant their pay check or their privileges. The entitlement they feel they deserve. Has gotten so out of hand. Unfortunately, in reality who's to blame. WE pay to see them perform; buy their products, etc. etc.

2332 days ago


I'm not sure what's worse, taking a leak in public or 'grown' men wearing pantyhose on there head as a fashion statement.

2331 days ago
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