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Ashley Tisdale Positively Healthy

6/7/2008 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A rumor about Ashley Tisdale's health spread faster than reports of her new nose. Multiple Internet sites said the "High School Musical" star contracted a disease when she had her nose job last year, prompting loyal Ashley fans to speak out on YouTube, but it is completely false (via People).

There was no need to panic. The tween musical franchise will continue and Ashley is in perfectly good health. Her rep denounced the rumors calling them "completely untrue".

Sharon Osbourne: You Can "X" This

Everyone knows you don't mess with Sharon Osbourne. After four years judging the hit British show, "The X-Factor," Ozzy's wifey told the show to take their contract offer and shove it. The exact words Sharon used are unclear, but if her reality show days are any indication, it had to be a colorful selection of words.

Sharon's peeps insist she was just tired of doing the show after four years and wanted to move on, but the London rumor mill says she was jealous of her much younger and perky co-host, Danni Minogue, and her constant flirting with Simon Cowell. Sharon was sick of competing for attention and when the show didn't meet her financial demands for next season, she walked, according to the Daily Mail.

No need to worry. There is no bad blood between Sharon and Simon. She'll still be a judge on "America's Got Talent" this summer.

Miley Wannabe Won't Put Out

15-year-old Miley Cyrus wannabe, Selena Gomez, says she is saving herself for marriage (via Extra). The rising Disney star is breathing down the scandal plagued Hannah Montana's back, and appealing to tweens and their homely moms across the country.

Selena says she told her Dad she wanted a promise ring and he got it blessed at the church so she can set an example for other kids. That's what Britney Spears said. It's just a matter of time before Selena and Miley really go wild.

Party Favors: Billary Says: Bye, Bye, Bye ... Vin Diesel Cast as Baby Daddy
It's finally over. Hillary Clinton made a good attempt to become the first woman president, but she hit a ceiling. After a never ending political season, Clinton will concede to Barack Obama this afternoon and suspend her campaign in the same venue she danced the night away with Hubby Bill when he won the White House (via NY Daily News). ...Not only did Vin Diesel knock up his girlfriend, he somehow managed to become a father without anyone in LaLa Land even knowing. In April, the action hero actor premiered his latest project, a little girl according to Us.


No Avatar

KWAI-TV3 Los Angeles    

Blah. Vin D. is just as washed up as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is.

2306 days ago


Can we sing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead for Hillary?

2306 days ago


Hillary Clinton's accomplishments are many. Disparaging remarks about her are pushing her supporters to McCain, writing Hillary in, or not voting.

What you WON'T get with McCain is health care for most Americans, the end of the wars, or some security with social security when you need it down the line.

The only reason Obama decided to challenge Hillary was he saw a chance to be the first black president (even though his mother was a white Kansan--I wonder if he knows). I heard recently he really wasn't that interested in becoming president but was pushed by his contemporaries to do it. Now that he has the nomination wrapped up, he can't bash Hillary anymore--he has to be a big boy and beat McCain by himself. If Michelle lets him.

2306 days ago


Wow. Talk about hypocrisy! You urge people not to bash Hilary and then launch into a public emasculation of Obama. NOTHING is going to make the staunch Hilary supporters vote for Obama. There are videos of them everywhere threatening to vote for McCain. Crying like little babies because they didn't get their way. So what do they do? Run to the party that talks about them like DOGS. Go ahead, be the dummies Rush and Bill always call you over the airwaves. I don't think the country is screwed up enough yet. We need four more years of Republican domination to keep making the rich richer, the poor poorer, and eroding the middle class altogether. Besides, if Hilary is so much "better" than Obama, why is she now at his doorstep with her hand out begging for cash? Wow, I trust HER to get the country out of our crushing debt.

2306 days ago


Ashley Tisdale does have HIV. she got it when she had her nose done. I heard she is secretly suing the hospital for negligence.

2306 days ago


I heard the hospital already settled with ahley tisdale on the conditon she doesnt say she got HIV from them...

2306 days ago



2306 days ago


I get sick of people saying Hillary Clinton should be president because she's a woman, or "experienced" at something or other. I bet these people don't understand Whitewater, don't have a clue who Vincent Foster was, never read any of her early witings, have no idea the White House even has a travel office, and wouldn't know a pork belly if they slid on it. There is no perfect candidate in either party, but at least know something about who you're voting for besides their own propaganda.

2306 days ago


You guys are so totally pessimistic. I'm glad to see a young girl trying to set a good, positive example. Let's hope she keeps it up. Lord knows our kids need a few!

2306 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

What a vulgar, lowlife headline about a 15 year old girl-borders on child abuse. Now that we've seen what some of TMZ's staff looks like, you shouldn't have the unmitigated gall to say anything about anybody's looks.Some of your faces could scare the sh#t back into your own asses.

2306 days ago


She'll just be one of those "technical virgins". Anything and everything except coitus.

2306 days ago


What you call a ceiling in this article, we like to refer to as a "Protective Barrier"....

2306 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Careful, lost girl, that's one of the 7 deadly-envy. Loosen your drawers, get off the floor, then we'll talk.

2306 days ago


Kay, we know everything there is to know about Hillary; she is like an open book. Some good, some not so good. What about Obama how much do we know about him, Do you know what his dark dirty little secrets are.? Oh, that's right we can't ask grandma because she is a bigot. We can't ask his wife because she is also a bigot. Oh well vote for him any way because we are not as smart as a fifth grader, are we?

2306 days ago

Let's all spell alcohol    

Dear TMZ- A rumor about Ashley Tisdale's health spread faster THAN, not then. What school did your writer's learn that?
Smarter than
Dumber than
Sweeter than
better than Get it now?

2306 days ago
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