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Dr. Laura Fills Cheating Prescription?

6/7/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. LauraThe super conservative radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger may put the smackdown on lazy parents, but some members of her yacht club are ready to lay down some smackin' on her!

Last weekend, Dr. Laura participated in a regatta run by the California Yacht Club. Sources tell us she accidentally sailed the wrong course because of a changed weather mark -- which gave her a 2nd place finish -- but she still refused to drop out of the race because it would hurt her chances of winning the competition! Maybe she was trying out for "Survivor."

Sources say Dr. Laura was competing in a series of races and anything less than second place would hurt her overall chances. They claim she initially would not hand over her title, but after many in the competition cried foul she reneged. For her part, Dr. Laura was never formally asked to withdraw from the race.

Dr. Laura's rep claims she withdrew from the race on her own, and she wasn't cheating -- it was a mistake, and she was happy to do the right thing.

Sailing is getting almost as cutthroat as shuffleboard!


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2235 days ago


I would have loved to read the TMZ headline, "BITCH OVERBOARD!!!!"

2234 days ago


WRW, You must get paid to be at your computer. Why be a crybaby about crybabies?

2234 days ago


Our fat, slobby asses HATE the SIN. Not the SINNER. Our boss allows breaks and likes to do this with us. As long the work gets done.

2234 days ago


Pity Dr Laura Schlessinger.
Not one of her followers can intelligently defend her.

Because of all her lies.

Most of her followers are just name callers with limited language skills. They don't say anything new or answer direct. It is pathetic.

She spent years being a vicious dominatrix to the most vulnerable. Her show had strict screening. It was planned for ratings and money. She literally lives off the misery of others. Taking advantage of those who believe in fantasies, like she's a Dr. of medicine, psychologist or she maintains legitimate credentials. Her act about morals is just that, an act. She is not the religions she pretends. The public is only growing more disgusted with the harm she does to earn a buck.

She put "it" out, she needs to take "it". Too bad she's in a bubble and doesn't know to see the world is changing.

Don't you think she'll reap as she sows?

2234 days ago


Her followers can't deal with the Doctorate in phys ed part. The ones that can, also spin as much as her handlers. What's crazier yet, she never so much as taught phys ed. She was trained to play-act on air by a boyfriend. The same old man who bragged about her expertise in bed, took the pictures and got her work.

The MSM has failed America for not exposing all these frauds.
TMZ will at least cover celebrity flap jaws. They could leave out the Dr. or have a disclaimer.
Human beings are harmed by this kind of phoniness.

2234 days ago


Mike @ 59. DO KEEP IN MIND
It is far worse, it's not under investigation. It's evidence destroyed. Why is no one asking questions and looking into what the Pentagon did? Why was evidence destroyed? This is critical, and no one is inquiring. Dr. Laura is motivating youth to risk life and limb. When the truth is revealed the military and Dr. Laura will need a new public relation spew.

2233 days ago

L. Bishop    

this response from Marylyn Hoenemayer, the Regatta’s Co-Chair…

STATEMENT: “Dr. Laura was unaware of any controversy regarding the race until after the California Race Week regatta was over and trophies were handed out. When, subsequent to being awarded 2nd place in the 5-race regatta, she discovered that in the 3rd race she and several other boats had accidentally sailed a different and longer route, she voluntarily sent a request to Retire After Finish to the Race Committee. At no point did the Race Committee request she do this. There was never any protest made against her at the regatta or after.”

2229 days ago


Marylyn Hoenemayer, the Regatta’s Co-Chair, didn't relay the whole story.
She might be naive or lack candor. There were e-mails.
Laura Schlessinger lost the respect of many of her competitors before this event.
In the end this was resolved to everyones satisfaction. All is well that ends well.

2227 days ago


I can appreciate her laying-it-out-there style. Most of society wishes they could be able to speak out like that. So, instead, most get angry and try to pick apart that individual. But, truthfully, it IS the job she chose. And it's many who made it possible for her to profit from this. Now, after all this time, you're ready to drive that stake through the heart. Lest we not forget WHO created this image and permitted it's longevity by watching, reading, and listening.

1434 days ago

grandma beck    

The spirit of this woman's attitude has long been so rude and
inappropriate thank goodness we are rid of her as her stereotype
of a mean old white women must go away.

1434 days ago


Cheating, lying and stealing is what conservatives do when they're not at work degrading people, creating scapegoats, and cramming their infantile understanding of religious beliefs on people as a distraction from their cheating, lying and stealing

1427 days ago
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