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Spike to Clint:

'We're Not on a Plantation!'

6/7/2008 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Director Spike Lee has done what no one thought would ever happen. He's brought back Dirty Harry!

After complaints from Spike Lee claiming that Clint Eastwood didn't include black soldiers in his two Iwo Jima films, Eastwood decided to come back on the controversial director with some words of his own saying, " A guy like him should shut his face."

Lee then further fueled the drama fire saying, "First of all, the man is not my father and we're not on a plantation either. He's a great director ... I didn't personally attack him. And a comment like "A guy like that should shut his face," come on Clint, come on. He sounds like an angry old man right there."

Missing your afternoon nap would make you cranky too!


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98. So why did Clint not show black soldiers in both movies? Why could'nt he just answer the accusation instead of berating the man?

I find Clint's words childish and shows that there was some truth to what Spike said or he woul dnot have reacted the way he did.

Spike is right, times have changed, Clint is not above reproach.....Dirty Harry, what do you have to hide?

Posted at 8:17PM on Jun 7th 2008 by mildbrew

Clint is 100% correct, Spike is wrong. Clint is speaking of Historical facts, and how to make the movies accurate to WWII and the events portrayed. You don't just randomly decide I need to add a Black platoon when there wasn't one at the flag raising. Letters from Iwo Jima had nothing to do with Black soldiers - Ask the Japanese. Clint is simply responding to nasty allegations Spike made at the Cannes Film Festival about his movies, Clint is referring to Spikes lack of knowledge and historical accuracy. Spikes words were extremely childish and meant to generate publicity. Good for Clint for giving it to him.
Perhaps you need to go back to school and read a few history books.

2292 days ago


spikey is a racist and is just trying to drum up publicity for his movie that no one is going to see, he says Clint is acting angry, but he was the one who said something first, It is just jealousy.

2292 days ago


Team CLINT!!!

2292 days ago


Spike Lee is just copying Obama. Every time Obama needed a win in a primary, he had his people call Bill and Hillary racists. It worked like a charm.

2292 days ago


Go ahead Spike...Make Clints Day moron!

2292 days ago


Better an angry old man than a whiney, I-am-always-a-victim loser bitch like Spikie Lee.

2292 days ago


Ok Spike--work that race card baby! Hide behind it, attack with it, use it to deflect critical attention to your movies. Clint told you to "shut your face". Its a racially neutral way of telling a blowhard to shut up. Blowhards come in all colors, sizes and they are not all relegated to working on plantations. Heck, i really don't see where this plantation thing came from other than maybe Spike needs to incite a little hatred to lend credence to his outrageous argument. Spike is a little hate monger who has alot of issues

2292 days ago


The movie was about the men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima and their company. It mainly focuses on their lives and how they went about their lives after World War II. Have you ever been to the Marine Corps monument in Arlington? It is those five who raised the flag.

2292 days ago


Sorry, it was 6 men:
From Wiki:

"Of the six men depicted in the picture, three (Franklin Sousley, Harlon Block, and Michael Strank) did not survive the battle; the three survivors (John Bradley, Rene Gagnon, and Ira Hayes) became celebrities upon their identification in the photo. The picture was later used by Felix de Weldon to sculpt the USMC War Memorial, located adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery just outside Washington, D.C."

2292 days ago


Clint has the right to be "angry." Spike has impuned Clint's intergity with lies and half-truths and a mistaken belief that anyone on this side of the "plantation" gives a hoot about what Spike says. Spike, go back to school and study American History.

2292 days ago


Lee is doing this simply because he wants to get attention for his upcoming WWII film. Mr. Eastwood's films, Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima were released over 2 years ago, so bringing this up at this time is suspicious to say the least.

Lee is SO playing the race card with that pathetic "plantation" line.

Eastwood is a master filmmaker. He's one of the greatest working today.

And Eastwood is not a racist. His film, Bird, had a predominantly black cast and is one of the best films ever made about jazz. Even Charlie Parker's widow loved the film. Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby starred Morgan Freeman, and he won the Oscar for the latter.

Lee has no class or tact. Eastwood has it in droves.

2292 days ago



America is sick of black people whining and crying phony racism. Black people are like 2 year olds who cry and whine when they don't get their way.

You cannot talk to or do business with black people because the moment they don't agree with something they'll call you racist or sue you for racism, etc

You can't have it both ways. You want equality, but you don't want to be held to the same standards and setbacks in life the rest of us face.

2292 days ago


#123 is so right:

Spike Lee is just copying Obama. Every time Obama needed a win in a primary, he had his people call Bill and Hillary racists. It worked like a charm.


Obama barely got the nom, and only because he's black. Obama is not on the high road. He had his staffers do all kinds of dirty tricks behind the scenes.

2292 days ago

mickey lou    

Spike is nothing but a race baiter! Clint has more class in his pinky than Spike will ever have!

2292 days ago


Spike Lee is the biggest racist behind John Singleton. Sure, he has lots of white people in his films, but look how he portrays them-- usually as stupid Italians with no brains. I believe this ios also the same man who would only allow black press to interview him after releasing "Malcom." Hmm.

2292 days ago
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