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Pres. Bush -- Ruins Everything He Touches

6/8/2008 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was just a matter of time.
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The 152-year-old Texas Governor's mansion, where Bush once rested his head, sustained serious damage as a four-alarm fire set the mansion ablaze at 2 AM CST this morning.

100 firefighters fought the blaze -- no one was home at the time of the fire.

UPDATE: Fire investigators say the blaze was intentionally set, but there's no indication it was intended as a direct threat to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.


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Mr. Obvious    

too bad this didn't happen when GW was in the mansion.... could have saved thousands of soldiers lives and trillion$ of dollors. Say what you will people, but we are still trillions of dollars away from getting the hell out of Iraq as it is!!!!

2307 days ago

darkwing duck    

He's the president in resident,
he's kind of in charge.
He's got the whole world saying...
That's my bush!

Life is hard, that's the price of fame;
When you're President everyone knows your name.
Hey, what's happ'nin'? It's my Bush!

I can't believe he's actually in the Whitehouse.
That's our MAN!
That's my Bush!

2307 days ago


This is our governors home and a memorable home to our state. How naive and ignorant of you all to trash a person in position of authority and worse a monument to our state and its greatness.

2307 days ago

Jennifer Love Hewitts Fat Ass    

Where was 50 cent during this fire? I think he may be a serial arsonist.

2307 days ago


too bad it didn't happen 8 years ago and he was in it.

2307 days ago


It's because our douche Gov wanted a remodel. He has been staying at a house with the people of TX paying 10k a month rent while the mansion is remodeled. They notified him of the fire while he is in Europe. Did I mention the Texas Gov is a douche?

2307 days ago


yeah..but it's occupied now by a democRAT. Too bad he wasn't home...

W for We whooped your a$$ 8 years ago..

2307 days ago


Looks like Rick Perry will be using an outhouse again just like he did when he was growing up.

2307 days ago

American Pride    

Shame on TMZ for blaming the President ruining this house (since it was arson) and for those of you saying that it's a good thing that this house burned. This was a piece of history - while it may be unfortunate that this has history with Bush, it's history none the less. For what it's worth, it was the oldest executive household west of the Mississippi. Democrats have resided in this house such as former Governor Ann Richards so I guess by the standards put here, she's to blame too? So sad that people have no respect.

2307 days ago


1. LOL, wonder who did it? haha!!! Poor Bush! I would burn it to if Bush was staying there.

Posted at 12:22PM on Jun 8th 2008 by John The Head

You moron he hasn't been there in 8 years, I know you have your head in TMZ's ass but damn.. how stupid are you?

2307 days ago

Frank Davis    

Your frequent inane Bush bashing is getting very old. May I remind you that GWB has not been in the mansion for 9 years. To snarkily tie it to him, encouraging others to post that he should have died in the fire, is beyond the pale. What, do you have, a bunch of pre-pubescent public school kids on your staff?

2307 days ago


It is a sad day when someone can write a heading like this about our
President .
This is why we are so divided and disguised with each other.
This staff shows know respect for the office. And just think one day
they will be considered
leader of something. Like my President would say, you all are in my

2307 days ago


I thought the "bush tax cuts" were supposed to stimulate the economy and create more jobs?You don't think bush would lie to us,do you????It must have been opposite day when he said that.He is an embarrassment to our country.

2307 days ago


Seriously, TMZ, you should put a notice on the top of your main page informing people that your site is that of entertainment and dark humor for those of us who have to deal with reality of a craziee world on a daily basis as adults and need a good laugh. We have that right, just like those that complain have the right to, oh lets see....NOT COME ONTO THE WEBSITE. Wow, I amaze myself with my intelligence. It's simple people, if you dont like what's written here, then go to CBS or ABC sites and continue your anal attitudes there...leave us adults to play.

2307 days ago


My comment got deleted so i'll type it again.I thought the "bush tax cuts" were supposed to stimulate the economy.It must have been opposite day that day.What an embarrassment to our country.

2307 days ago
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