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Brangelina Shows J.Lo Who's Baby-Ballin'

6/9/2008 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may have spent a whopping $50K on their twins' nursery, but that's seriously Lo-budg compared to what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending for their babes.

Rush & Molloy say that Brangie racked up a $140,000 bill putting together their nursery at Petit Tresor. They got everything from organza bassinets to "Versailles-style" cribs (guillotine not included?) to a $4,500 armoire, and two matching pink crystal chandeliers for $899 each.

And then there were all of those cashmere baby toys – the ones that are so easy to get the slobber out of.

Swayze Gets Back on "Beast"

Patrick Swayze, stricken with pancreatic cancer just a few months ago, is already getting back to work on a new TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Swayze is starting work on "The Beast," an FBI-themed strip that will premiere on A&E in 2009. The show is set to go into production this summer in Chicago.

Swayze has been battling cancer at Stanford University for the past few months, and his doctors have cleared him to get back to acting.

Jessica Alba Has the Cash Baby

The coronation of the World's Luckiest Man continued its inexorable progress this weekend.

Jess Alba gave birth to her baby with retired P.A. Cash Warren, reports People: Honor Marie Warren was born June 7 in Los Angeles, according to her rep, Brad Cafarelli. It's the first spawn for the couple, who met on the set of the "Fantastic Four."

They were married May 19 at a Beverly Hills courthouse.

Party Favors: Criss Angel Gets a Black Eye ... Kelly Ripa Unloaded a Ton of Baggage ... Run on Orlando's Hard Rock Parks ... Dept. of We Are Getting Too Old: You Won't Believe Who Just Turned 50.

Magician Criss Angel had a "run-in" with a 2,000-pound Brahman bull a couple weeks ago, and all he got was a shiner under his right eye, reports Vegas Confidential. Unclear why the bull went easy on Angel. ... Kelly Ripa has been auctioning off a bunch of her bags over the past couple weeks on eBay, teaming up with Electrolux -– yeah, the fancy vacuum people -- to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and she's aiming to raise $500K. ... MTV's Sway and DMC –- the initialed half of Run-DMC – rocked the grand opening of Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach last week. But do the water rides have swim-up bars? ... And doves will surely cry upon learning that Prince turned 50 years old this weekend.


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Somebody tell Angelina how to Braid the little Black Girl's hair, or hire a nice Black Nanny . It always look Nappy.

2237 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Devonne...EXACTLY!!! Because there is money being made off this pregnancy from fotos of a pregnant Angelina to the price of the very first baby fotos of the twins...if Brad and Angelina had faked this pregnancy, they would be guilty of committing and perpetuating a fraud against the American people! Say all the nasty things you want to of them as people, but they aren't about to go to jail when Angelina is happy to get pregnant, to be pregnant and to have more kids, along with Brad Pitt. Sorry, but that just doesn't fly! IF you think it is true, then demand that the government investigate this couple for committing a fraud against the American people or accept that the pregnancy is real!

2237 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I really have to wonder about the lives of people who need to bash a celebrity soooo bad that they'd stoop to claiming that celebrity was committing an illegal act, one that can so easily be try and bring that celebrity down! And the new Forbes Celebrity HOT 100 list is out. It's based not only on movie sales, but on magazine stories, fotos, and web site hits that they all calculate to determine the celebritie's "Hot" ranking. You need to do more than boycott their movies! You can't read any articles about then in magazines or on the internet nor can you look at fotos of them! If you truly don't want to support them, you must IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY! Check out FORBES! Oh, I forgot, thats REAL NEWS, not mere GOSSIP. In your world, there is no room for REAL NEWS!

2237 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And yeah, that's it! Get the REAL Michael Moore on this case! I'm sure he'd take time out from bringing down the Bush Administration in order to go knock on Brad and Angelina's door to determine if they are 1. pregnant and 2. did they spend that much money on a nursery and 3. just how many nannies do they have exactly. LOL! There's your answer! Get Michael Moore on this case and before the week is out, he'll have all your answers as I know he knows the Jolie-Pitts personally!

2237 days ago
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