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The Snake to Cops: Schlitz Happens

6/9/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alabama cops sacked legendary NFL QB Kenny "The Snake" Stabler over the weekend for driving under the influence.

Robertsdale, Ala. PD pulled him over around 1:00 AM Sunday morning for what they said was a routine traffic violation. Kenny's no stranger to this drill -- this is the third time he's been popped for drunk driving. He posted $1,000 bail and was released from jail.

"The Snake" is the only QB from the NFL's ALL-1970's team not to be inducted to the Hall of Fame. This probably doesn't help.

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Downtown Donnie    

Everyone needs to stop judging "The Snake". Heavy drinkers have rights too, you know. Besides...winning both a National Championship in college and a Super Bowl in the pros should give you a free pass to do anything illegal the rest of your life. We're talkin' about only a handful of people in that elite club, folks.

2272 days ago


I used to ddeliver pizzas to this guy. He is cheap as hell. Bastard.

2272 days ago


I know the Snake personally. He's a wonderful person with a huge heart. Don't believe everything you read!!

2272 days ago


He's been stopped several other times for drinking and driving but not arrested. It's the "do you know who I am" deal to the cop and they let him bounce. He's a pompus ass. I'm glad the Robertsdale cop locked his behind up. He needs to learn he's not above the law. Roll Tide or not!

2272 days ago


Wow...a Baldwin County party on TMZ.. I think TMZ should do a segment on Baldwin County.....with the Brangelina rumors and all. If it had been true, wouldn't it be crazy to have wild paps roaming the streets of downtown Fairhope? I was hoping for a little excitement.

2272 days ago

Illinois person    

Wow, booze and father time have not been on this man's side. How old is this guy? 85? Doesn't look like he can even afford a hair cut.

2271 days ago

bama mike    

Kenny Stabler has done many events for benefits, not for himself ,but to civic and charitable organizations. No one is more willing to give of himself and his time than is Kenny Stabler. Kenny makes himself available to kids for autographs, easily approachable, not like a Bo Jackson, who doesn't step up like Kenny for charity or to talk with kids and sign their footballs, cards and pictures. While Kenny has always done these type of "good" things, but I agree that does not excuse some of his behavior, such as the drinking. That does not belittle all the good things Kenny has done for others either. I am not saying turn your head to Kenny's behavior, but neither am I saying lock him up. Kenny Stabler belongs in the N.F.L. Hall of Fame, no question about that. He also deserves our support. Maybe all of us should pray for Kenny instead of jumping up and down and calling him a drunk. That he is not. I prefer to remember him as the All-American and All-Pro Q.B. that thrilled all of us, weather you were for or against him. Kenny will come back from this a better man...that's Kenny "The Snake" Stabler's way!

2271 days ago

Illinois person    

To #22, you say, you're not saying - you say, you're not saying. Good Lord, make up your mind. You can remember him as you want, but it seems we know him for who and what he is too, a drunkard!

2271 days ago


That's fine that he does all of this charity work. I appreciate everything this man gives of himself. Being a drunk is his personal busienss. But, when he's on the road drink, there lies the problem. I like to tie one on real tight but you won't see me out driving. Botton line is that he didn't get arrested (finally) for being drunk. He was arrested for being druink while driving an automobile. The laws are there to not only punish the offenders, but to protect the innocent from misjudgement. I hope he gets some help. Maybe some jail time will make a new man out of him.

2271 days ago


Without a doubt, drinking and driving is a bad idea and I'll never say that certain people should be allowed to skate by based upon their fame. It's a law (and a sensible one, at that)and we should all abide by it. I'm not a "square" by any means, and I occasionally do things that "bend" the law a bit, so long as it puts no one but myself in danger. I don't advise this kind of behavior to anyone unless you are prepared to face the concequences.

That having been said, I find it amusing that some people wish to impose their own will and sense of morality upon Mr. Stabler, "He needs to get help..." That's a pretty arrogant and righteous statement. Mr. Stabler has always been open and honest about his lifestyle choices. Whether or not you agree with his actions, it IS his choice. Again, the drinking and driving has got to be stopped but other than that what he does is his own business.

Ken Stabler "The Snake" has, by his own admission been a guy who enjoys partying. He's lived that lifestyle from his days playing for Bear Bryant in Alabama to the days in Oakland as a Raider and finally Houston under Bum Phillips. He makes no bones about playing hard, on and off the field. He's also been one of the most accessible guys in the NFL.

While other players thought themselves too good to indulge in the public's admiration, too good to shake hands with admirers or toss back a beer or two at a local bar with the fans, Mr. Stabler has always been humble and just plain "down to earth" where the PR is concerned. He loves fans and when you speak to him, he's very generous with his time.

Sometimes we hold our heroes to standards that are too high or unrealistic. When they fail, we revolt in shock, horror and disbelief. Tiger Woods is a classic example. He's been the golden boy of golf for the last decade and when we discover that he's all too human, we're more than happy to crusify him. The fact is that his extramarital affair had NOTHING to do with the sport of golf and was quite frankly...none of our business.

Again, Mr. Stabler has been upfront and honest about who he is. I like guys like this. There is no b.s. Men like him are far more honest than many in today's spotlight. We've become so politicaly correct, so worried (thanks all you lawyers) about anything we say or do that we often hide the ral people we are. This is fast becomming a nation of feminized men. We don't fight wars the way we used to(think WWII) we don't even follow gender roles anymore. It's all becomming a unisex environment.

Men like Mr. Stabler may not have a lifestyle that is p.c., but it's HONEST. Far too little honesty today.

1391 days ago

K Jordan    

To me, the snake can do no wrong....I will always be a big fan! he gave us so many memories in the 70's. The Sea of Hands, Ghost to the Post, The Holy Roller, so on and on. You mean to tell me Kenny "The Snake" Stabler ain't in the Hall of Fame? Then no QB should be there! This man should be honored for what he accomplished on the field...not off!!!

1332 days ago

Dave Casper    

Snake you should tip the pizza delivery man better!

1232 days ago

Eric Young    

Being from Oakland California, I grew up watching Ken Stabler's heroics with the Raiders on the football field. And he prtied hard off the field. But I agree that he is way too old for that now. And while I don't agree with the constant DUI's, the cause of it may have to do with the fact that certain sports writers like Paul Zimmerman have kept him out of the Hall Of Fame. I personally don't understand why. He was a winner through out most of his football career. He even has better stats than a lot of other Quarterbacks that are already in the Hall Of Fame. Stabler has won more games than Joe Namath (whom is already in the Hall Of Fame), and has thrown for more touchdowns. Its just sad that Paul Zimmerman and (possibly) Peter King have such a personal vendetta against the Snake. I'm Praying for Ken Stabler. Even if the rest of you wont. And as far as I'm concerned The Pro Football Hall Of Fame has no "REAL" credibility until KEN "SNAKE" STABLER is inducted.

1158 days ago
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