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Charlie and Denise Battle Over Needles

6/10/2008 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our spies tell us Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are at loggerheads over whether to vaccinate their kids.
Charlie and Denise
Charlie is convinced vaccinations are poison. We're told they are now at a stalemate and may end up in court. Pretty ironic and Hollywood, that a judge may have to decide whether to make the kids cry.

Apparently, the doctor for the kids has been siding with Denise. We got hold of a threatening letter Charlie's lawyer sent to the pediatrician last month, advising him Sheen did not consent to any treatment and promising legal retribution if he doesn't listen.


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If he Charlie doesn't have joint legal custody then he absolutely has no say in his children's medical care. End of story.

And I love how everyone on TMZ is a medical expert on what we should all be doing to our kids. Do you all work for Pfizer to know the ins and outs of vaccines? I think not. Everyone's a critic. I'm so sick of people giving me their 2 cents on how to raise my children.

2303 days ago


EVC is parent of the year and everyone that doesn't raise their children like she does sucks I guess. It must be hard to be so perfect huh EVC.

Gasp, I let my child drink soda as a treat every so often, better call CPS!

2303 days ago


I love listening to anti vax people who preach MISINFORMATION and exaggrate the risk of vaccines only to run off and stuff their kids full of high surctose corn syrup and Happy Meals. There is no link between MMR and autism, other than the vaccine is given at around the same time that signs of autism may begin to present. No ones sure what causes autism but the link between the disease and vaccines has been studied enoug to leave us reasonably certian that it's not causing autism.
Is there NO risk in vaccinating? Ofcourse there is some risk, small and unfortunate, and terrible for the families that suffer those side effects, but please stop spouting half truths to scare parents who are trying to make educated and responsible decisions when it comes to vaccinating or not.

2303 days ago


EVC - Whoooooooo you have done 5 years of research! I should bow down then! Obviously, had you done accurate research with legitimate literature you would have a different view. Arguably, vaccines are the most imortant advancement in medicine EVER. Most medical experts, including the AMA hold this viewpoint. Are you a doctor? I highly doubt it. You have no clue what you're talking about. If you want to get technical about it look at the statistics. MILLIONS of children have been vaccinated. MILLIONS of children now have immunity. POLIO, DIPTHERIA, MEASLES, etc. have been ELIMINATED. Get out a history book and read about the PLAGUE! Do you want something like that to happen again? Out of the MILLIONS of children who are vaccinated, how many actually get sick from them? Maybe 1%? Sorry, but the benefits FAR out weigh the risks and you are WRONG.

2303 days ago


The "who's hurting the kids" pole question should have a third choice. BOTH OF THEM!

2303 days ago


For those of you who are un-informed. Living with Autism is like living with the dead. Stop ranting and calling those who choose to not vaccinate over safety issues as anti-vaccine. When in fact, all they want are safer vaccines. Take out the toxins! The cost to do this is only 50cents per shot. Parents of autistic children have the facts, have the lab work proving the mercury poisoning, have the results from chelation. I find it ammusing that nobody remembers how the tobacco industry lied about the effects of tobacco and recieved government support in doing so for many years. Similarly, this happened with the asbestes cover-ups. The truth will reveal itself over the next few years as it has already with the Hanna Poling case. The government did concede on this one!

2303 days ago


" EVC - Whoooooooo you have done 5 years of research! I should bow down then! Obviously, had you done accurate research with legitimate literature you would have a different view."

Five years is enough to make me feel comfortable with my decision, My research has been in medical journals, vaccine inserts, current research by MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, and the CDC Pink Book. Are you saying that those aren't legitimate sources? Then what do you consider legitimate to be?

"Are you a doctor?"

I am a doctor, however not a medical one. Are you an MD? By the way, I have consulted with medical doctors, including my daughter's pediatrician who is in FULL AGREEMENT with our decision.

"EVC is parent of the year and everyone that doesn't raise their children like she does sucks I guess. "

That is NOT what I am saying AT ALL. I am saying that parents should have the CHOICE when it comes to vaccines. Charlie Sheen should have a say in whether or not his children are vaccinated. It is a complicated issue (not just about autism, since that is what so many seem so focused on) and there are LEGITIMATE reasons to refuse vaccinations. People should make INFORMED decisions about vaccines. About anything, really. If you choose to vaccinate, eat junk food, or whatever, power to you. As long as you are aware of the risks. The way you raise your children is up to you. The way I raise my child is up to me. For me, good physical and mental health are of prime importance. End of story.

"Get out a history book and read about the PLAGUE! Do you want something like that to happen again? "

LOL, there is not now nor has there ever been a vaccine for the plague! Rather ironic then that you use this an example. It is actually a good example of why vaccines are NOT the answer to public health problems.

2303 days ago

she looks better    

Aren't vaccinations done when they are babies. All but one for my kids were before they were 2 yrs old. Although I totally agree that these kids should be vaccinated, why is she waiting until now to do it? This should have been an argument settled when the kids were born, or agreed upon before they got pregnant!! Charlie needs to get a life, and let her be a parent instead of whining over everything. They are obviously two very different people.

2303 days ago


Er, 189, where do you get your information? Those diseases are not ELIMINATED. And 1 % hurt by vaccines? Wrong again. Millions of children and adults suffer horrible side effects from vaccines, not just autism. How about cancer? No measles, but here's a little dose of cancer for you. No chicken pox, just auto immune disorders. Why must we eliminate diseases rather than creating strong immune systems to keep us healthy? Vaccines wreck your immune system and if you check the numbers, don't really work. All diseases come and go and if the vaccine makers keep mutating diseases and messing with things like the Spanish flu, we're all cooked and it'll be their fault. But hey, if you want to jab yourself or your kids with them, feel free, this is America, but I'm also free not to so everyone should just mind their business.

2303 days ago


look, it's quite obvious now that CHARLIE is the crazy one, not denise. only idiots don't have their kids vaccinated.

2303 days ago


EVC you are definitely not a doctor, medical or otherwise. You take every comment I make completely out of context! What are you? A chiropractor? Honey, that's not a doctor. No sh*t there is no vaccine for the plague. Have you ever heard of an analogy? You are pretty defensive.

Gina - Everything causes cancer. The air your are breathing right now has toxins in it. You are not very smart. Where are you getting YOUR information? There is NO LINK between vaccines and autism. It's caused by genetics, advanced maternal/paternal age and toxins already present in the environment. If you REALLY want to help out then get rid of your SUV, go green and shut your trap!

2303 days ago


Molly - How can you tell someone to go green and simultaneously defend injecting toxins that are far worse (mercury - second most known toxin to man) directly into the bloodstreams of underdeveloped immune systems in babies? No, I don't own an SUV, but as a parent of an autistic child, I can guarantee you that you haven't done the extensive research that I have done in this area. Lab results from three different Labs (one foreign) do not all lie at once!

2303 days ago


"EVC you are definitely not a doctor, medical or otherwise. "

Actually I am. I would invite you to check my credentials, but I would prefer not to give my personal information to you.

" What are you? A chiropractor? "

Nope. Guess again.

"No sh*t there is no vaccine for the plague. Have you ever heard of an analogy? "

The problem is that it is not a proper analogy At least not one that would support your argument. . You were referring to the plague as a disease that one would not like to see return and were using it as an example of why people should vax. However, there was never a vax for it so it actually refutes the point you were trying to make. Don't blame me for your blunder ;-)

2303 days ago


"There is NO LINK between vaccines and autism"

Again, why are making it all about autism? It shows how little you understand people's motives for not vaccinating. This is a motive for SOME. Not for others. Is it Charlie Sheen's motive? I don't know. You would have to ask him before making this assumption.

2303 days ago


Steve - You missed the point. Inflection and sarcasm unfortunately doesn't show up in these posts. You need to understand that pretty much everything is supposedly harmful. If you want to get rid of toxins then don't drive an SUV, etc. It doesn't mean I think everyone should start driving hybrids, it's just an idea. As far as toxins in the body from vaccines it is a risk. I have said over and over again that the benefits FAR outweigh the risks. Millions of kids get vaccinated with no problems. There is no link between autism and vaccines. It has never, ever been proven nor will it be proven. Thimerosal (mercury) has not been present in the MMR vaccine for a very long time now. It's funny how autism is on the rise but yet the vaccines are getting cleaner and cleaner. Do your research and don't take every comment out of context.

2303 days ago
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