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Diddy's Ride Gets Plowed?

6/10/2008 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A guy got passed-out wasted and plowed into a fleet of super-pricey whips in NYC the other night. Too bad for him, that $400,000 Maybach he hit belonged to Diddy!
P. Diddy
Cops tell TMZ they popped jackass Charles Lorenzo for DUI last Friday after he slammed into several cars -- including Diddy's sweet ride -- in front of Manhattan hotspot 1Oak. Diddy's peeps tell us that his car is just fine and that the Maybach that got nicked was someone else's.

Get this -- cops say Lorenzo was so drunk when they showed up, he was ass up, passed out face down on the ground.


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Tiff Kiff    

Don't forget to check out Solange on TRL on Thursday Airs Weekdays at 3:30 p.m. ET/PT and then Friday on 106th & Park... & Michelle on Fri. TRL!!!!!!!

2327 days ago


They are all double parked, taking up the road...they are all pompous asses. Too bad Diddy Daddy wan't in the car when it got plowed. Knock thos ugly ass teeth right "outta his mouf....."

2327 days ago


anyone who thinks its karma is an idoit. im sure he was crying because he cant afford 50 more. you jealous insecure idiots will say anything to make yourselves feel like the universe will get back at successful people whom you deem as bad people.

2327 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Bust out da bondo.

2327 days ago


To all of you that are HATING on Diddy, saying that its' a good thing that his car was in this accident...... you all need your heads examined!!!! It is never a good thing when a DRUNK runs into anyone’s car. PERIOD. Not only are you sick, you have your priorities messed up. Why not comment on Charles Lorenzo from the show jackass for being a "jackass" and crashing into multiple cars. If you really hate Diddy, you are just mad because you aren’t him. Apparently you are lacking the dedication and desire to do what you have to, TO MAKE IT HAPPEN for yourself. If you thought about it, and put yourself in Diddy’s shoes, that's right you couldn't fill them. But, for argument sake, if you tried, do you think any of you after attempting to have a nice evening were to come out of a club a notice that someone not only wrecked your car, they are still there so drunk they couldn't even crawl to get away. And not to mention your insurance for getting your car fixed, that's right you think getting a Maybach fixed is like getting a little Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla repaired. Like him or Hate on him; no one deserves to be kicked when they are down. Or to be applauded for driving drunk. At least think about this, something must be done in this society where “an actor” who drives drunk can make the daily news, but get world wide airtime and more attention for crashing into a mega-star. This attitude and perception is so wrong on so many levels.

2327 days ago



2327 days ago


I can't stand this douche!!

2327 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Maybe he should send his vehicle to "Pimp Your Ride"... Diddy is a dope. He needs to ride something big enough for his enourmous a dump truck.

2327 days ago

HoTcHiCk 23    

I agree w/ #1 .......Karma all the way.
and what else?........ oh yeah , HA HA HA

2327 days ago


Just buy another ONE!

2327 days ago


With the ride the gut is in, he can probably afford to fix the others.

2327 days ago


Doesn't matter whose car it is - it's a Maybach! Anyone who appreciates a beautiful car would cringe at the thought of this fender bender!!! I know that a scratch on a Maybach bumper costs $15,000 to repair - and I see damage to more than the Maybach in this pic - this guys' insurance will SKYROCKET - maybe an incentive to stop driving while loaded!? Glad to hear that noone was hurt...

2327 days ago


Hoping that KARMA is finally goin to visit this DIDDIOT!!

2327 days ago

Keep it Honest    

To # 20 - you must be on his payroll. True, having someone run into ANY car you own, risking injury to others is no good. Wishing ill on someone isn't good either. But think about who you are defending. What has he represented over the years? That is why people don't like him.

2327 days ago


Why do all these rappers feel the need to show off material things all the time? Lack of Self Esteem... If they didn't have any of this, they would be worthless inside.

2327 days ago
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