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Dog-Killer Vick Not Worth Grilling

6/10/2008 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virginia doesn't want Michael Vick on its mind until he's done serving his first sentence for dogfighting.

A county prosecutor in Va. says that Vick's not worth the jack it'll take to spring the canine-killin' QB out of federal prison and try him on state charges -- then return him and his fellow defendants to their separate big houses. (And we don't mean their mansions.)

MV is serving a 23-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy and dog fighting.

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No Avatar

shes nuts    

May he rot in hell.

2303 days ago

who cares    

make dog food out of his sorry ass
what a poor excuse for a human
stay in prison you creep

2303 days ago


Oh let the guy alone. He's quietly doing his time unlike other celebrity inmates, who are in jail whining & crying trying to get out or to make things better for them. Mike admitted what he did & hes doing his time. Other celebrities need to look at him & do as he does, sit back & shut the f--- up.

2303 days ago

King of Kings    

Vick was letting his old pals from the hood influence him too much, and they basically put the screws to him. There was an excellent article about the whole Vick situation in Sports Illustrated months ago. He will be let back in the NFL and some team will pick him up for a back-up role.

2303 days ago


You know, he is doing his time. Time well deserved. Once he's out he can probably pick up the pieces(what's left) and
continue with his life. Unless, he continues hanging out with the same hoods that got him in that predicament. Bad influences equals= 0$,no career. He ought to make a considerable donation to local shelters in different states atleast
as a good gester,

2303 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! This guy WAS one of the best players in the NFL and one of the highest paid. Yet he saw a need to make a little pocket change on the side with dog fights. I hope this 23 months in the pin teaches his dumb A$$ some common sense. Hopefully he will select a better bunch of FRIENDS also........geeez.

2303 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Vick looks like a dog I had one time. Of course, my dog had more sense. I hope the NFL doesn't let the monster back in.

2303 days ago


It amazes me that "humans" who are imperfect can be so judging and unforgiving of others as if they have never done wrong themselves. Vick is doing his time(which in my eyes is excessive)..but like PLIES says they want to give us 100 years..give Vick a break..FREE MIKE VICK!!! He will be back and all you HATERS will buy his jersey the first time he runs for another touchdown!!

2303 days ago

Sue Wong    

What about all the pitbulls tearing people to shreds and killing little children? Gimme a break!

2303 days ago


I have one question for all you MV haters, has dog fighting stop?
Some of you are dumb enough to believe it has , if you really care about DOG FIGHTING do us all a favor go find some more
DOG FIGHTING criminals, PUT YOUR WORHTLESS MV HATING Money where your mouths are.Like I thought you all just want to hate....LOL

2303 days ago


arguably considered to be a superior race.

taught and trained to be angry.

locked up and treated like animals and beaten or executed.

once considered to be a highly prized and profitable possession.

an INMATE is a terrible thing to waste......

2303 days ago


Actually, I think it's great. He'll serve his time on federal charges, be let out, and then have to go back for another trial and do state time. I'm from Va. trust me, the state is gonna throw the book at him for everything they can make stick. The state and local guys didn't look so good as they waited until the feds went first with charges and it made plenty of people mad because it appeared that they weren't doing anything about the situation.
MV is a thug and after Va. gets through with him, we all hope he finds another place to live!

2303 days ago


oh please, Vick has paid dearly,

You people act like he raped and killed your daughter.

For 1 minute try to understand where his crime (dogfighting) stems from.
Dogfighting like Chicken fighting is cultural. He probably saw his first dog fight before he was 5.
Believe it or not, Dogs are animals. I've never seen a dogfight. But I can't Imagen it being any worse then what I saw my second week working in animal control. I was dropping off about 5 stray dogs at the shelter. I arrived to find the shelter worker sticking a needle into the heart of some of the dogs, there were dogs everywhere, some convulsing, some barely walking, staggering until they fell over, others panting laying on the floor, waiting to die. 15-20 dogs all killed, put in plastic trash bags and stuffed into a freezer to wait for someone to take them to their final resting place, the county land fill.
Mike Vick is a Man, he had his life in order far better then I do. He made a mistake, that was bread into him, rather through family, peers or both. Maybe oneday we will see Hunting or Fishing is inhumane. I mean taking a living creature, stuffing it to hang on your wall?
I've seen people get serious DUI or DWI offenses where people are hurt, child molesters, drug dealers, and burglars not get punished the way Mike Vick has been.
VA. should give Vick time served on any of the changes it intends to bring.
There are hundreds of other animals being abused in Va. Get off of Mike Vick so that he maybe able to heal his life. Maybe he will see Dogfighting with a new heart and will be able to change the hearts of others.

2303 days ago

Joe Mama    

Tell e'm Rob in va.

2303 days ago


Mike Vick Rocks!!! Yea, I agree leave him alone. He IS doing his time. And I also agree that he let his friends from the hood influence him - it happens except that his boys were P*ssy and dropped dime on him. Vick admitted to his crime, like a man and is doing his time. There are way more people, that are not celebrities that engage in dog fighting - I am totally against it but he isn't the only person doing it. Unfortunately he just got caught. I look forward to seeing Mike back in the NFL.

2303 days ago
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